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First Generation Requests

I Dropped Something...

"I, um, dropped my amulet, and..."

Reward: 100G

The location of Dorothy's amulet

Quick Guide:

  1. Talk to Dorothy

  2. Get the Amulet from the docks in Alvarna - Port. It's on the stone pier.

  3. Give the Amulet to Dorothy in Cherry Blossom Square

Find Dorothy in front of the inn and ask about her request.  She will try to tell you, but become too nervous and run off only mentioning her amulet.  Kyle is left wondering what she happened but gathers that she must have lost it.  Rosalind walks by and notices Kyle standing there.  He tells her about Dorothy's missing amulet, and she suggests looking around the docks.  Kyle thanks her and heads off.

Find the amulet at the docks and give it to Dorothy (she can be found at Cherry Blossom Square).  Dorothy will thank you and reward you with 100G.

I Did It Again...

"I dropped my Ruby Brooch and... it's, um, really important to me and, well..."

Reward: Sweetie Potato

Quick Guide:

  1. Speak to Dorothy.
  2. Retrieve the Ruby Brooch from Trieste Forest - Spring Clearing near the brown boulders.
  3. Give the Ruby Brooch to Dorothy.

Speak to Dorothy and inquire about her missing brooch. She will at first try to wave you off, but you manage to get the full truth out of Dorothy.  She says that she dropped it in Trieste Forest.  The brooch can be found on the ground at Trieste Forest - Spring Clearing (where the Orc Archers are).  Pick it up and return it to Dorothy for your reward.

I'd Like Some Wool, But...

"Um, well, I need a Wooly Furball, and, well, I'll tell you more if I see you..."


Quick Guide:

  • Talk to Dorothy
  • Go to Trieste Forest - Spring Clearing after 6:00 PM and defeat Woolies until one drops a Wooly Furball
  • Give the Wooly Furball to Dorothy

Dorothy claims that her doll, Fern, has a fever. She wants a Wooly Furball to help repair Fern's stuffing. Kyle theorizes that the fever could be caused by friction in the cotton moving around, but this idea distresses Dorothy so he tells her to disregard it.

If Kyle already has a Wooly Furball in his inventory, he can give it to her right away. Otherwise, he has to fight Woolies in Trieste Forest - Spring Clearing (they appear after 6:00 PM) until one drops a Wooly Furball. As this can preclude you from doing other quests that day, it's adviseable to get the furball before accepting this request, or take on this request near 6:00 PM.

I Want to Ask You Something...

"There's, um, something I want to talk to you about..."

Reward: Toyherb Seed

Quick Guide:

  1. Talk to Dorothy
  2. Choose "To help everyone as much as I can"

Dorothy claims that her doll, Fern, has a question for Kyle. Speaking through the doll, she asks about the driving principle that guides Kyle's choices. Kyle wonders if she is testing his values. He can choose between two responses.

  1. "To help everyone as much as I can"
    • Dorothy is pleased and says that is a good attitude. "Fern" asks Kyle to please stay friends with Dorothy
  2. "To take care of myself first
    • Dorothy frowns and "Fern" says this is a very selfish attitude. She says the world would be awful if everyone thought like that, and tells Kyle sternly to rethink his attitude. Kyle will not receive the reward if he chooses this option.

Can You Do Me a Favor?

"Could you maybe come over here for a little while?"

Reward: LP

Dorothy tries to ask Kyle to go for a walk with her, but stammers too much to be understood. She asks through Fern instead, and arranges for Kyle to meet her in front of the Church the next day. There, she speaks through Fern again. The doll tells Kyle that Dorothy has trouble expressing herself, but wants to get better at talking to people. This is because she wants to become a nurse, and communication skills are vital to nursing. She asks if Kyle will help Dorothy open up her heart to others.

After this, Dorothy tries to talk to Kyle without fern, but only apologizes for taking up his time. Kyle realizes that to help Dorothy talk with others, she needs to learn to speak without using Fern. He resolves to help Dorothy speak for herself.

Something about the Future...

"I want to be a nurse, but, well, I don't really have any self-confidence and..."

Reward: LP

Quick Guide:

  1. Talk to Dorothy
  2. Choose "Let's start with an introduction"
  3. Choose "What do you like?"
  4. Choose "What's the name of your doll?"
  5. Choose "What's the best way to maintain health?"
  6. Choose "Do you have a very close friend?"

Dorothy calls Kyle over for help preparing for the nursing exam. The exam includes an interview, which will be difficult given Dorthy's communication problems. She asks Kyle to give her a practice interview, and tries to speak through Fern, but Kyle encourages her to try talking without the doll.

Kyle can choose between different questions, some of which are easy and will help Dorothy build confidence, and some of which are difficult or which remind herself of the parts of herself that she doesn't like. If Kyle chooses three or more of the latter questions, Dorothy says her confidence has been totally destroyed. If he takes it easy on her though, she says she has found some confidence and is grateful for his help.

First Question:

  1. "Let's start with an introduction."
    • Dorothy says her name, and Kyle comments that this question was easy, encouraging her to keep going.
  2. "Let's start with your self-analysis."
    • Dorothy freezes up, and Kyle comments that this question was probably too difficult, and suggests they just carry on.

Second Question:

  1. "What do you like?"
    • Dorothy says she likes Cymbidium orchids, and tells Kyle some facts about this plant with startling speed and confidence. Kyle is surprised and Dorothy shyly explains that she really likes flowers.
  2. "What don't you like?"
    • Dorothy stammers a bit, and Kyle comments that this question seems too hard for her, saying they should carry on.

Third Question:

  1. "Will you lend me that doll for a moment?"
    • Dorothy frowns and says she's sorry, but she can't do that. Kyle apologizes for making her uncomfortable, and asks her to forget about it.
  2. "What's the name of your doll?"
    • Dorothy says the doll's name is Fern. Kyle asks if she chose that name herself, and when Dorothy says she did, compliments the choice as pretty and unique.

Fourth Question:

  1. "What's the best way to maintain beauty?"
    • Dorothy freezes up, and Kyle apologizes, saying it's not really a health question anyway, and asking her to forget about it.
  2. "What's the best way to maintain health?"
    • Dorothy answers that you should go to bed early and wake up early. She tells Kyle not to push himself too hard, and he thanks her for the advice.

Last Question:

  1. "Do you have lots of friends?"
    • Dorothy remains quiet, and Kyle reflects that this question might have been a little cruel.
  2. "Do you have a very close friend?"
    • Dorothy says she does, and that his name is Kyle. Kyle says he's happy to be her friend. This compliment causes Dorothy to freeze up in shyness again, but is nevertheless the positive choice.

It's about Cammy...

"Cammy's been going out a lot lately and I'm not really sure where. If you could do me a small favor..."

Reward: Glazed Yam

Quick Guide:

  1. Talk to Dorothy
  2. Talk to Cammy
  3. Talk to Dorothy again

Dorothy is concerned that Cammy is going into the forest, which is dangerous because of the monsters who live there. She says that Cammy doesn't really listen to her, so even though she's the older sister, she needs some help. She asks Kyle to confront Cammy and get her to stop going to dangerous places.

Cammy admits she's been going into Trieste Forest to have adventures. She says it's fine because she can just run away from monsters, but Kyle reminds her that a monster could ambush her, or she could become injured while running. She tries to compromise by saying she'll just get Kyle to go with her next time, but eventually she reluctantly agrees not to go at all. Upon returning to Dorothy, the older sister expresses relief and says there's a lot she can learn from Kyle. She thanks him and gives him a Glazed Yam as a reward.

I Made Some Cookies

"I tried making some cookies, so if you want, come over and try them for me? I'll be waiting..."

Reward: LP Quick Guide:

  1. Talk to Dorothy
  2. Choose "These are delicious"

Dorothy has decided to get better at cooking, and after at least eight failed batches, has some chocolate cookies that she thinks might be fit for Kyle's consumption. The dialogue choices in this request are interesting, as you get to decide whether the cookies are actually good or not, rather than only what Kyle says about them.

  1. "These are really good!"
    • Dorothy is elated that Kyle likes her cooking. He asks for more and she happily says she'll bring him cookies every day. But as he eats, they are interrupted by Cammy, who eats most of them herself and then takes the last one to bring to Roy. Dorothy apologizes for her sister and says she'll make more cookies next time. Kyle is excited to eat more of her cooking, and Dorothy says this makes her a little nervous, but she says it with a happy face.
  2. "These are awful."
    • Kyle asks what is in these cookies that makes them taste so strange, and Dorothy says she put in, among other things, scorpion pincer and tuna. Kyle gags and, when Dorothy claims she followed the recipe exactly, asks to see the cookbook. Upon examination, he notices that many of the ingredients seem to be penciled in, and that the handwriting is that of a small child. Cammy happens along and when asked, admits she altered the cookbook when she got bored, and didn't think anyone would actually try her additions. Dorothy is embarrassed, moreso when Cammy comments that she "really got you good!" Dorothy comments that Cammy can do "terrible things" sometimes because she's so naive, and seems very embarrassed. She promises to make better cookies next time.

It's about Fern...

"Fern has been acting kind of funny lately. Come over and help please? For me?"

Reward: LP

Quick Guide:

  • Talk to Dorothy

Dorothy is worried because Fern hasn't been talking to her lately. She is worried that she's done something wrong. Kyle reflects that Dorothy has been using the doll to communicate, and that this might mean her skills have grown to the point where she doesn't need it any more. He tells her this is probably because she's grown closer to her other friends, and tells her that Fern is happy to have helped her so far and will still be by her side, watching over her. Dorothy is happy to hear this. She says Fern will always be important to her, but that she's happy to have gained some confidence, and thanks Kyle for his help.

I... Have Something... to Say

"There's, erm, something I want to talk to you about..."

Reward: Charm

Quick Guide:

  1. Talk to Dorothy
  2. Meet Dorothy at the docks anytime after 6:00 AM
  3. Choose "Dorothy"
  4. Choose either "How are you?" or "How long have you had Fern?"
  5. Choose "Someone very kind" or "Someone good at cooking."
  6. Choose "I'd really like to see your whole face."

Dorothy musters her nerve to ask Kyle for a date. This makes her nervous, and she says her heart is beating so fast that she feels faint. She asks him to meet her at the docks the next day.

When she gets there, Kyle comments that she's early, and she says she couldn't wait. She suggests they talk and watch the ocean. They then exchange questions. Based on his choices, Dorothy either comments that Kyle is a nice person as she suspected, that he isn't as shallow as he thought, or that he's "a pretty unusual person." Regardless, she says she finds him more attractive now, but only if Kyle chooses the options provided in the Quick Guide does she give him a reward and say she wants to see him again.

"Umm, Kyle, is... Is there anyone you're fond of?"

  1. Mana
    • Dorothy seems sad, and comments that she can understand, because Mana is very pretty. Kyle quickly clarifies that it's only because his farm is technically owned by Douglas, Mana's father, and that he's in the shop often for seeds.
  2. Dorothy
    • Dorothy blushes and stammers, and Kyle says not to worry about it, and to pretend he didn't say anything.
  3. Julia
    • Dorothy is surprised, and says he didn't realise Julia was his type. She comments that Julia is very fashionable, and has great communication skills, being able to get along with everyone, so it makes sense he would like her. Kyle says he was only joking, and Dorothy seems relieved and tells him not to scare her like that.

Kyle's First Question

  1. "How are you? You seem more outgoing."
    • Kyle comments that Dorothy is speaking without Fern, and that she's come a long way. Dorothy is happy to hear that he's noticed her progress. She says she used to be afraid to talk to people, but since she opened up a little, she's realized that most people are actually really nice. She tries to credit Kyle for this shift, but he tells her that she changed herself, he just helped her along.
  2. "How long have you had Fern?"
    • Dorothy says she's had Fern since she was little.She's not sure exactly how long, but she can't remember a time when she didn't have her. She says that Fern is very special to her.
  3. "You don't have many friends, do you?"
    • Dorothy quietly protests that she's friends with Rosalind and Julia, and that being close with your friends is more important than having lots of them. Kyle will respond that this is true, but that Julia is really impressive because she gets along with absolutely everyone. Dorothy sadly agrees, saying she's a little envious of Julia's ability to make friends so easily.

"Umm... Kyle, if... if you were to get married... What kind of person do you think you'd get married to?"

  1. "Someone good at cooking"
    • Dorothy says that she does most of the cooking around her house, but isn't sure if she's good at it. Kyle says he wants to eat her cooking, and Dorothy happily declares that she will cook her best for him.
  2. "Someone very kind"
    • Dorothy is happy and says she feels the same, that she would want to marry a kind person. She adds that she believes Kyle is a kind person, and he teases her, saying that he could be concealing his true personality. Dorothy starts to get frightened by this idea, so Kyle changes the topic.
  3. "Someone who's a good listener"
    • Kyle says he wants to marry someone who will listen to every word he says. Dorothy comments that this seems somewhat egotistical, but Kyle argues that there's no point in a relationship with someone who doesn't listen to you. Dorothy remarks that his future wife has her work cut out for her.

Kyle's Second Question

  1. "I'd really like to see your whole face."
    • Kyle comments that he's never seen Dorothy's face, and asks if he could have a peek. Dorothy is surprised and unsure, and makes Kyle promise he won't laugh. He agrees and she shows her face. Dorothy's face isn't shown, but Kyle is amazed and says she's really pretty, and should show her face more often. Dorothy says she's too embarrassed, and that this should be their secret.
  2. "I'd really like to see your figure."
    • Dorothy is embarrassed and refuses. Kyle says he was only joking, but Dorothy remarks that it didn't sound like a joke.

I've got something for you (Gordon)

"I've got something I want to give you. Come get it."

Reward: Blessing Pendant

Quick Guide:

  • Talk to Gordon

Gordon calls Kyle to talk to him about Dorothy. He says Kyle has probably already noticed, but that Dorothy has a shadow over her heart and doesn't open it up to others. He says he's tried to be her strength, but he's never been able to help her open her heart. He noticed that Kyle seems to have succeeded where he could not, and says he'd be proud to call Kyle his son, granting his full blessing if Kyle marries Dorothy.

Gordon says Kyle doesn't have to marry her if he doesn't want to, but that regardless, he wants him to have the Blessing Pendant. Gordon says he has crafted this pendant to protect Dorothy from disaster. He reveals that all the items he's had Kyle fetch for him have been for this, that he hoped its protection would help her feel safe to open up to others. Now he wants Kyle to have it, as it will mean more coming from him.

Second Generation

A Delivery for Julia

Reward: 400 G

Can You Get Some Medicinal Herbs?

Reward: Vital Gummi

Deliver Cold Medicine to Yue

Reward: Vital Gummi