First Generation Requests

I Dropped Something...

Reward : 100G

"I, um, dropped my amulet, and..."


Find Dorothy in front of the inn and ask about her request.  She will try to tell you, but become too nervous and run off only mentioning her amulet.  Kyle is left wondering what she happened, but gathers that she must have lost it.  Rosalind walks by and notices Kyle standing there.  He tells her about Dorothy's missing amulet, and she suggests looking around the docks.  Kyle thanks her and heads off.


The location of Dorothy's amulet

Find the amulet at the docks and give it to Dorothy (she can be found at Cherry Blossom Square).  Dorothy will thank you and reward you with 100G.

I Did It Again...


"I dropped my RUBY BROOCH and... it's, um, really important to me and, well..."
Speak to Dorothy and inquire about her missing brooch. She will at first try to wave you off, but you manage to get the full truth out of Dorothy.  She says that she dropped it in Trieste Forest.  The brooch can be found on the ground at Trieste Forest - Spring Clearing (where the Orc Archers are).  Pick it up and return it to Dorothy for your reward.

I'd Like Some Wool, But...

Reward : A plant's nutriment, Greenifier, and 100 pieces of wood

I Want to Ask You Something...

Reward : Toyherb Seed

Can You Do Me a Favor?

Something about the Future...

It's about Cammy...

Reward : Glazed Yam

I Made Some Cookies

It's about Fern...

I... Have Something... to Say

Second Generation

A Delivery for Julia

Reward : 400 G

Can You Get Some Medicinal Herbs?

Reward : Vital Gummi

Deliver Cold Medicine to Yue

Reward : Vital Gummi