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Dorothy (ドロシー, Dorothy) is a bachelorette in Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



Unlike her sister Cammy, Dorothy rarely ever speaks and is quite an introvert, with crippling social anxiety. Rather than speaking to people herself, Dorothy talks through her doll, whom she has named Fern, and carries Fern around at all times.

She also lets her bangs cover her face. However, she wants to overcome her shyness and become better at talking to people. She dreams of becoming a nurse, and understands the value of communication for a healthcare worker.


Dorothy has a light complexion and light green hair. She always has her eyes covered, except on her wedding day when her hair will still be tied in pigtails but her bangs are parted to reveal her beautiful, pink eyes.


Gordon, the town priest, is Dorothy's father. Gordon has a sheltering attitude toward Dorothy, and while he expresses concern to the player over her introversion, Dorothy never complains of his being controlling or overbearing the way Alicia and Mana complain about their parents, indicating that Dorothy might have a better relationship with him. She is also the older sister of Cammy, but Cammy's mischievous and reckless personality often causes her stress.

Dorothy doesn't have many close friends due to her extreme shyness. However, Rosalind and Julia both come to her home behind the Church. Secretly, Dorothy is somewhat jealous of Julia's apparent ability to make friends so easily. It's possible that she eventually found out that Julia's outgoing nature is due to a crippling fear of being forgotten, as the two seem closer in the second generation.

She can often be seen hanging out with Barrett in Cherry Blossom Square. She also accompanies him to Falling Star Path on festival days. In her introductory scene, Dorothy fights against her shyness to initiate a conversation with him, but he brushes her off.

Dorothy is training to be a nurse in the first generation, and has a working relationship with Natalie, the town doctor. In the second generation, she has taken over as Ray's nurse. Neither of these characters mention Dorothy in their dialogue, so it can be assumed that their relationship is only professional-level.

If Kyle didn't marry her, Dorothy will be Leonel's mother, which might account for his shy, introverted nature.


First Generation

When Kyle first meets her, Dorothy suffers with social anxiety. She is training to become a nurse by shadowing Natalie at the clinic, but her trouble communicating gets in her way. Her father Gordon describes it as "a shadow over her heart" that prevents her from opening up to people.

During this time, Dorothy can only speak through her doll, Fern. When "Fern" is speaking, her dialogue is much more confident. Through her friendship with Kyle, he can help her become more confident. She begins to speak without Fern and speak up for her own wants.


Dorothy's engagement item is the Blessing Pendant, which can be obtained from Gordon's 5th request. When Kyle gives the Blessing Pendant to Dorothy, he can choose whether or not to marry her. If Kyle chooses not to, this choice can be prompted again by giving the pendant to her.

The rival for Dorothy is Barrett, and the two will marry in the third year on Fall 17th if Kyle doesn't marry Dorothy or anyone else before that point. If Dorothy gets married to Barrett, she will become Mayor Byron's daughter-in-law and Leonel's mother.

Second Generation

By the second generation, she has developed her communication skills enough to pass the nursing exam and serve as Alvarna's nurse and Ray's assistant. She no longer speaks through Fern - though she still carries her around - and no longer stammers in conversation. She is more confident as she speaks to Aaron/Aria, chiding them to be safe and look after their health.


Dorothy has some picky gift tastes. Her favorite gifts are the expensive and long-growing Emery Flowers, and she also likes Char, which can only be caught on Blessia Island - Center. Dorothy hates insect skins, something that her younger sister, Cammy, likes.

Birthday Strawberry Jam

"How beautiful... EMERY FLOWER are my... favorite flower...Th-thank you..."

Emery Flower

"That...that's for me...? I really...really like CHAR..."

Char, Char Sashimi, Salted Char

"Is that a present for me...?" OR "A present for me...? Th-Thank you..."

Trash, Fruit, Insect Jaw

"Uwah....! Why...why for me...? This is the kind of thing...the kind of thing that Cammy would prefer, I think...

Insect Skin


First Generation

Dorothy works at the clinic between 9:00AM and 5:00 PM on weekdays, but she hangs out with Julia and Rosalind at the Church before work on Tuesday and Thursday. On Festival days, she hangs out with Barrett on Falling Star Path. She also sometimes visits with Barrett in Cherry Blossom Square on sunny days.

Second Generation

During the second generation, Dorothy keeps her job as a nurse, with the same hours. However, her location before and after work are different. If Kyle married her, she is in the Farmhouse. If not, she is at Mayor's House 1F with her son, husband, and father-in-law.




  • Her personality is the exact opposite of Cammy's while it reflects Tori's personality from Rune Factory, as they're both shy and tend to trail off whenever they're speaking to someone.
  • She shares the same birthday as Kiel from Rune Factory 4.
  • Her doll, Fern, appears to be a Furpy toy