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  • "Lest... I'm your only girlfriend... right?"
  • "... you're not going out with other people who you don't love, right?"
  • "I hear it's a girlfriend's job to wait for her boyfriend to get out of the bath..."
  • "I'm not so ungrateful as to forget the name of my life saver."
  • "Some like it hot. I do not."
  • "Seems there's a festival tomorrow."
  • "If I didn't love you, I wouldn't bother with you..."
  • "It's almost 9..."
  • "Oh, going out together?  How nice for you..."
  • "I want to keep on smiling."

Battle Quotes


  • "Go back to where you belong!"
  • "How's this!?"
  • "Does it hurt!?"
  • "Are you sorry now!?"
  • "Yah!"
  • "There's much more!"
  • Knock out: "I... need to rest..."


  • "Let me help!"
  • "Double Attaaack!"
  • "I've got your back!"
  • "Special Attaaack!"
  • "Take this!"
  • Knock out: "Dollllly...!"

When you take her to Maya Road to beat Fiersome:

Dolce: Pico!  I choose you!  Use 'Thunderbolt'!

Pico: "...I don't think I have that skill.  But I'm sure it would be super-effective if I did!"

Battle Invitation

Acceptance: "All right. Shall we go, then?"

Declined Invitation/Too many people: "Sorry, I can't right now. Maybe some other time."

Title Screen Dialogue

"Rune Factory... but which one? I'm not telling..."
―Dolce's dialogue at the title screen.

Normal Dialog