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Dolce (ドルチェ, Dolce) is a bachelorette in Rune Factory 4 and Rune Factory 4 Special.



Dolce is usually very quiet and classy in nature and in style. She is known to wear a straight poker face; however that contrasts with her sarcastic and somewhat catty personality and manner of speech. Dolce can come off as very blunt and she won't hesitate to speak her mind. Underneath all of this, however, she is very warm-hearted. That itself is one of her stronger points, especially when it comes to dealing with her ghost friend, Pico. She plays the "Straight Man role" towards Pico's shenanigans, usually putting a stop to said antics. Despite this, Pico is very precious to Dolce, as both of them have known each other since youth.

Dolce's softer habits are more evident when at home. In one instance, Nancy has told Lest/Frey about Dolce's apparent excitement over her preparing apple pie at one point. She's also very skilled at knitting, something she's often seen doing in public. She usually ends up giving the materials she knits to other people as presents, one example being her giving Nancy an apron she sewed as a birthday gift.

Dolce can also come off as very self-conscious when Pico reveals information about her towards others. In one dialogue, Pico has commented about Dolce getting Jones a gift, something she answered to in a flustered manner. Much of Dolce's reactions towards various situations are measured up by either Pico's antics, Lest/Frey's decisions, or whatever information her said ghost friend is capable of unveiling in a conversation.


Unlike the rest of the Guardians, Dolce has no monster traits related to her monster form, like Amber's butterfly wings and antennae, Dylas' horse-like mane and tail, and Leon's fox ears and tail. Most of her monster traits are more related to Pico. However, her ears are pointed, similar to Margaret's, and since she is human that may be an effect of her monster form.

Dolce is the only villager/bachelorette in Rune Factory 4 to start off with a Headgear. Typically, her Headgear is already naturally on top of her head when you pass by her, or shown in her sprite when you talk to her. Regardless of whether or not you bring her into battle, she will always have Silk Hat on, unless you give her a different Headgear type.

Her monster form is some sort of puppet, which also seems to look like Pico.


Dolce was born to unnamed parents hundreds of years before the main plot. As a baby, she noticed Pico and held her hand. From then on, Pico had been with her.

If you speak to her right before starting the Quiz Festival on Winter 13, Pico tells the player she knows more about about her friend than both Nancy and Jones together. When you ask her to carry on with her information, she will describe Dolce as someone who is "truly kind, easily hurt, and gets lonely quickly". adding on that she is "a little clumsy and can be a crybaby".

Furthermore, she tells the player Dolce "gives names to all her dolls and needs to hold a stuffed toy or [else] she can't fall asleep". Afterwards, she says her friend is "not good at cleaning up [and] doesn't mind books" before telling the player where Dolce keeps her underwear. At this point in the conversation, Dolce herself jumps in and shuts Pico up.


The Running Sign

Shortly after rescuing Dolce, residents will report graffiti on the entrances of both Porcoline's restaurant, Lin Fa's inn, Blossom's grocery and Illuminata's shop, albeit the writings providing compliments to the goods of the stores. Upon Forte's investigation, the culprit is rumored to be a ghost. Eventually, the rumors find their way to several travelers, who also report the ominous appearance of a girl from Obsidian Mansion.

Although Dolce hears these murmurs, she states to Lest that they are of no big deal to her. While the pair talk, a ghost, in the form of a sign, appears before Lest and states that her harsh tone was actually a thanks for Lest's concern. As soon as Dolce yells "Pico!", the sign flees with Dolce giving chase. Their chase soon takes them to the city's square, where Forte discusses the incidents with Vishnal and Clorica, believing that Pico is the one responsible.

While Doug and Dylas are arguing, Dolce breaks the two, but the sign returns; claiming that Dolce found that it nice that two were close enough to argue all the time. Once again, Dolce begins chasing after the sign. Eventually, a tired Dolce asks Xiao Pai if she's seen the sign, only to get a confusing response. As Dolce explains that Pico cannot stray too far, the sign reappears and the chase continues. As the pair leave, Xiao Pai notices a new set of writing, "Please be kind to Dolce. She wants more friends".

Lest eventually runs into Forte in front of the clinic, but she is startled when both the sign and Dolce arrive to continue the chase again. After the pair disappear, Pico suddenly appears and states that she had been throwing an old sign around. Off-screen, Dolce begins to cry about losing Pico. When Pico comes in, Dolce traps and chokes Pico for her prank.

After the incident, Dolce asks Pico if she was responsible for the graffiti, but Pico denies having any knowledge of such.

This event can be triggered by Frey.

The Language of Flowers

The Language of Flowers DiaryIcon.png
Requirements Complete 3 dates with Dolce, be level 10 or higher relationship with Dolce, clear The Running Sign
Participants Dolce, Pico, Nancy, Jones
Reward 3 Moondrop Flowers, 2 Pink Cat, 2 Charm Blue

When speaking with Kiel, Kiel tells Lest of an old charm where couples write their names on the foot of Leon Karnak to strengthen their bond. Kiel suggests that Lest go to the tower with Dolce, and the pair are soon joined by the sign, who wishes Lest good luck. When Lest brings this idea to Dolce and Pico, they remark that their time had the same rumor. Lest then asks Pico if she was playing around with the sign, but Pico once again denies.

After Kiel spreads the rumor across town, Pico remembers that Dolce had written their names at Leon Karnak before, and Lest offers to take them to the location to see if their writing had survived. Before leaving, the group is met by Nancy, who asks them to stay safe on their journey. Pico gets mad at Dolce for being rude at Nancy when she offers to provide some extra supplies, but Dolce responds that they mean no real harm, and that she has a hard time picking her words.

Upon reaching the tower, Pico is unable to find their names, and Dolce will reminisce of times she spent with her mother. Dolce then shares a story to Lest of how Pico never turned her back to a Moondrop Flower she received from Dolce for fear of the flower wilting. Whenever Pico slept, Dolce's mother would swap the Moondrop Flowers to make it seem like it never would wilt. Although Pico knew the obvious trick, she was still touched by the effort made by Dolce's family. The pair then wonder if Dolce's mother continued to change the flower after their disappearance.

Once the group returns, Dolce returns to making a Floral Decoration for Jones and Nancy as thanks for their hospitality. At this time, Dolce senses that Nancy is sick and refuses to accept her help as a rough way of telling her to get some rest. The next day, Lest arrives in the clinic to see Jones' desk and the clinic's bed filled with flowers from Dolce. The pair soon remark that they had also heard of Kiel's rumor and Lest suggests for them to write their names with Dolce at Leon Karnak as well.

The next day, however, it is revealed by Pico that Dolce had rejected the offer flat. Pico soon tells Dolce that she needs to be more accepting of her place with them as well as being more honest to herself. Later on when Lest visits Dolce, he finds her with an unconscious Nancy, and Dolce nervously states that Nancy, in spite of her sickness, had insisted on continuing to cook until she suddenly collapsed. Dolce soon leaves to inform Jones while Lest remains with Nancy.

Nancy later wakes up and is relieved to hear from Lest that Dolce was worried about her, as she had feared that Dolce was avoiding her. Nancy later admits that she got too carried away with doting and treating Dolce as a daughter, and that a parent's greatest fear is if they were hated by their child. Nancy then tells Lest of how she had met Jones:

As a nursing student, Nancy had first visited Selphia, but she was considering on quitting due to being depressed by the fact that she would never be able to save all her patients no matter how skilled she would be. When she was nearly killed by a nearby landslide, Jones, the doctor on the scene, was the first person that held her hand, and she was asked if she was alright. Nancy soon explains that holding one's hand at the time was like speaking to her soul, so she shouted "I'm not alright!" but was deeply grateful that Jones was there and was caring for her. She admits that she did not know how to deal with death, but for the brief moment she shared with Jones, she was ready if it was needed. Because of this, she sympathizes with Dolce bottling up her emotions.

After Nancy falls back asleep, Jones arrives and thanks Lest for caring for Nancy. Lest later meets with Dolce and takes her back to meet Nancy. To their surprise, Nancy is once again attempting to cook while ill, she is immediately scolded by Lest, Pico, Dolce and Jones, but she collapses once again from overexertion. After moving her back to bed, Jones takes her hand and provides Nancy with Fried Rice, the first meal she had ever made for Jones, as well as giving her a story of his own:

In the past, he was an inexperienced student studying a magical medication when a landslide struck. He soon despaired as he could only provide one woman with emergency treatment and was about to lose all confidence. Yet despite this, the woman woke up and thanked him wholeheartedly. This woman's words brought hope back to him when he considered quitting.

While Dolce, Lest and Pico return to Dolce's room, she states that such business doesn't concern her. An outraged Pico soon demands to know why Nancy and Jones' struggle shouldn't involve them. Lest asks Dolce what Jones and Nancy are to her, but she is unable to respond. On the next day, Pico privately speaks with Lest, and she states that Nancy's struggles were no less than that of a true parent, and discusses with Lest of how Dolce's heart is still conflicted in her place as a member of another's family. Pico then reveals that she had held on to Dolce's hand for her entire stay as a Guardian in Obsidian Mansion waiting for the day she would wake up. Pico tells Lest that while Dolce's heart would be strong enough to accept the change, she still needed a trigger to push her into acceptance.

Later on, Dolce will tell Lest that she is making a new dress for Pico to make up for their last argument. Dolce later opens to Lest that she is personally not sure if she can adapt given all the trouble she has caused. Lest replies that Dolce has her own way of expressing things, just not in words. The next day, Dolce is making clothes, when Nancy arrives to see what Dolce is doing with Lest. Pico then provides accessories that Dolce had made for Nancy and Jones. Nancy soon offers Dolce any help she wishes and to not hold anything back to her.

In response, Dolce snaps back at Nancy stating that she should be none of Nancy's concern and that she was not Nancy's child. When Lest and Pico demand an answer, Dolce shouts that she isn't even blood-related with Jones and Nancy and they might as well be strangers to one another and demands to know what a ghost like Pico would know of her struggle. Pico responds that under such logic, she would just be a stranger to Dolce, and that unlike Dolce, she was nothing but a corporeal existence while Dolce had already been accepted as a true family member.

Dolce finally breaks out that she had always been scared. Since waking up to an unknown town in an unknown time, she was happy to have been accepted into a family, but she was always scared of forgetting about her original home, her original family; the only legacy left behind being merely her memory of them and that she only wants to return to the place where she truly belonged to. Dolce then runs off leaving a stunned Pico.

Pico then opens to Lest that in spite of hundreds of years of being a ghost and being mostly ignored save for a few that could see her, and that her heart had become cold thanks see constantly seeing others pass away. Pico noticed that Dolce was among those that could see her and hesitantly reached out to Dolce before attempting to pull back for fear of emotionally harming herself. To her surprise, the baby Dolce was able to grab her, and the pair were inseparable ever since.

When Lest chases after Dolce, she reveals that Pico had actually been tricked into writing her name with the rest of Dolce's family at Leon Karnak as she was unsure if she should actually be considered as family at the time. Taking Dolce's hand, Lest asks Dolce that if she's scared of her family being forgotten, if she would share her memories of them with him. After being able to tell Lest everything, a consoled Dolce returns back to Jones and Nancy to apologize. Pico, however, is not in the clinic and had gone missing in search of Dolce and Lest.

Fearful that Pico may disappear permanently if she is too far from Dolce for too long, the pair scour town in search. Forte finds the pair and states that Pico had begun searching out of town but has little leads as to where she would go to. The sign soon appears before Lest and Dolce, but Dolce confirms that the sign is not actually Pico. The sign tells them that Pico has gone back to "the place of memories". Realizing that she had left for Leon Karnak, the pair rush over to the tower's foot to find Pico searching for their names once again, but now attempting to bring a flower back as she was unable to locate their names once again.

After the two tearfully reconcile, Lest will wonder who was the real person behind the sign that guided them if Pico was not the one. While deliberating, a new message is etched onto Leon Karnak's foot reading: "Thank you, Lest. Stay happy together, my children.". Dolce soon tears up, realizing that her parents had still lingered on as the sign.

The group finally return back to Selphia, where they are greeted by both Nancy and Jones, having been informed by Forte of what had occurred. Jones decides to hold a big meal for the group, and Dolce asks that Lest join them since he "might become a part of her family after all".



Nancy is very affectionate towards Dolce and gradually considers her as a daughter. Dolce herself is very hesitant to show it, but she loves Nancy equally as much. While Dolce's relationship towards Jones is much more subtle, she cares for him as much as she does towards Nancy and vice-versa. Her relationship with Pico is much different: the two are always seen together, but Dolce expresses annoyance at the little ghost girl's presence. Nonetheless, they both care greatly for each other.

Dolce gets along with relatively most of the bachelorettes in town. She seems to hold a mutual sort of respect towards Forte as a trusted ally. While Amber can come off as awkward towards her, Dolce is actually very fond of said butterfly girl. In fact, seeing Amber in one of her cheerful fits has brought a warm smile and an affectionate giggle from her. In addition, she particularly seems to be good friends with Xiao Pai, as both characters often make references to each other from time to time. There are times where Dolce comments on Clorica's narcoleptic tendencies, although she gets along pretty well with her. She can also be seen visiting Margaret's house several times a week, just like the other bachelorettes.


Loved Dolce: "[Item]? That's almost a child's snack food."
Pico: "Your mother made it a lot back then, didn't she?"
Dolce: "Yes, because both you and I loved it. W-well, since you were thoughtful enough to make some, I guess I could enjoy it later. Thank you. Oh, and this is handmade, too. Not bad."
RF4Flan.png Flan, RF4Pumpkin Flan.png Pumpkin Flan, Cake, Apple Pie, Chocolate Cake, Cheesecake
Liked Yes? Is this for me? Thank you. It looks like it may be very useful."
Medicine, Hot Chocolate, Hot Juice, Relax Tea, Hot Milk, Sewing Material, RF4Moondrop Flower.png Moondrop Flower, RF4Ice Cream.png Ice Cream, Cookies and Other desserts
Neutral Dolce:"[Item]? I guess I'll take it."

Dolce: "Thank you. I don't particularly like it, but I guess it'll do.
Pico:"Dolly would've liked it a lot more if you'd given her some baked sweets, though."
Dolce:"Pico, that was unnecessary."

Strawberry Milk, Fruit Smoothie, Veggie Smoothie, RF4Ketchup.png Ketchup, RF4Butter.png Butter, Prelude to Love
Disliked Vegetables: "A vegetable? I choose to get the nutritional value of vegetables from another source."
Drinks: "I'm not fond of cold drinks, you know."
Trash: "...This is trash. Just like the person who would toss this at someone."
RF4Cabbage.png Cabbage, RF4King Cabbage.png King Cabbage, RF4Pink Turnip.png Pink Turnip, RF4Pink Melon.png Pink Melon, RF4Onion.png Onion, RF4Pumpkin.png Pumpkin, RF4Cucumber.png Cucumber, RF4Kaiser Cucumber.png Kaiser Cucumber, RF4Corn.png Corn, Giant Corn, RF4Tomato.png Tomato, RF4Yam.png Yam, RF4Potato.png Potato, RF4Princely Potato.png Princely Potato, RF4Carrot.png Carrot, RF4Green Pepper.png Green Pepper, RF4Turnip.png Turnip, RF4Tyrant Turnip.png Tyrant Turnip, RF4Radish.png Radish, RF4Leek.png Leek, RF4Bok Choy.png Bok Choy, RF4Bamboo Sprout.png Bamboo Sprout, RF4Mushroom.png Mushroom, RF4Tomato Juice.png Tomato Juice, Grape Juice, Orange Juice, RF4Scrap Metal.png Scrap Metal, Trash, Rock, Branch


25 1500 56 22 56 35 83
Weapon Type Default Shield
Staff Friendly Rod





  • Dolce's name means candy/sweet in Italian. Her monster form's name Marionetta means puppet in Italian.
  • Dolce's tastes for things that she likes may allude to her personality, such as the fact that she claims she likes "Cold weather more than warm" and that she likes "Hot drinks but not cold" showing that she can be quite mean and cold-hearted on the outside, but sweet and warm-hearted on the inside.
  • Dolce's quote when fighting Fiersome by telling Pico to use 'Thunderbolt' is a reference to the game, anime, and manga series Pokemon.
  • Dolce's Another Episode is the only one that is not focuses on a romantic life, instead focusing more on her relationship with Pico