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"A mysterious girl with a ghost attached to her. (Her best friend...?) Generally has a blunt, somewhat coarse manner of speech to her, but she's a genuinely kind and thoughtful person where it matters."
―Official Website Description[1]

Dolce (ドルチェ, Dolce) is one of the bachelorettes in Rune Factory 4.

She has a sarcastic and catty personality, and her clothing is reminiscent of gothic lolita fashion. Lest/Frey saves Dolce by defeating her monster form, Marionetta, in Obsidian Mansion under Pico's request. She moves into the Little Bandage after being forcefully dragged there by an excited Nancy

Dolce takes up a job in the Little Bandage Clinic as an apprentice nurse after she's taken in by Jones and Nancy. Nancy is very affectionate towards Dolce and gradually considers her as a daughter. Dolce herself is very hesitant to show it, but she loves Nancy equally as much. While Dolce's relationship towards Jones is much more subtle, she cares for him as much as she does towards Nancy and vice versa. Her relationship with Pico is much different: the two are always seen together, but Dolce expresses annoyance at the little ghost girl's presence. Nonetheless, they both care greatly for each other.

Dolce gets along with relatively most of the bachelorettes in town. She seems to hold a mutual sort of respect towards Forte as a trusted ally. While Amber can come off as awkward towards her, Dolce is actually very fond of said butterfly girl. In fact, seeing Amber in one of her cheerful fits has brought a warm smile and an affectionate giggle from her. In addition, she particularly seems to be good friends with Xiao Pai, as both characters often make references to each other from time to time. There are times where Dolce comments on Clorica's narcoleptic tendencies, although she gets along pretty well with her. She can also be seen visiting Margaret's house several times a week, just like the other bachelorettes.

Unlike the rest of the Guardians, Dolce has no monster traits related to her monster form, like Amber's butterfly wings and antennae, Dylas' horse-like mane and tail, and Leon's fox ears and tail. Most of her monster traits are more related to Pico. However, her ears are pointed, similar to Margaret's, and since she is human that may be an effect of her monster form.


Favorite Gifts:

Dolce: "[Item]? That's almost a child's snack food."
Pico:"Your mother made it a lot back then, didn't she?"
Dolce: "Yes, because both you and I loved it. W-well, since you were thoughtful enough to make some, I guess I could enjoy it later. Thank you. Oh, and this is handmade, too. Not bad."

Pumpkin Flan, Cake, Apple Pie, Chocolate Cake, Flan, Cheesecake


'Yes? Is this for me? Thank you. It looks like it may be very useful."

Medicine, Hot Chocolate, Hot Juice, Relax Tea, Hot Milk, Sewing Material, Moondrop Grass, Ice Cream, Cookies and Other desserts


Dolce:"[Item]? I guess I'll take it."
Pico:"Dolly would've liked it a lot more if you'd given her some baked sweets, though."
Dolce:"Pico, that was unnecessary."


"A vegetable? I choose to get the nutritional value of vegetables from another source. I just hate what I hate. Some flan might put me in a more forgiving mood."


Dolce:"I'm not fond of cold drinks, you know."
Pico: "Milady doesn't need a drink to be any colder."
Pico:"I-I meant physically, milady. N-not emotionally. Honest!"

Cold Drinks (eg Pineapple Juice)

"...This is trash. Just like the person who would toss this at someone. "

Trash, Scrap Metal


Dolce is usually very quiet and classy in nature and in style. She is known to wear a straight poker face; however that contrasts with her sarcastic and somewhat catty personality and manner of speech. Dolce can come off as very blunt and she won't hesitate to speak her mind. Underneath all of this, however, she is very warm-hearted. That itself is one of her stronger points, especially when it comes to dealing with her ghost friend, Pico. She plays the "Straight Man role" towards Pico's shenanigans, usually putting a stop to said antics. Despite this, Pico is very precious to Dolce, as both of them have known each other since youth.

Dolce's softer habits are more evident when at home. In one instance, Nancy has told Lest/Frey about Dolce's apparent excitement over her preparing apple pie at one point. She's also very skilled at knitting, something she's often seen doing in public. She usually ends up giving the materials she knits to other people as presents, one example being her giving Nancy an apron she sewed as a birthday gift.

Dolce can also come off as very self-conscious when Pico reveals information about her towards others. In one dialogue, Pico has commented about Dolce getting Jones a gift, something she answered to in a flustered manner. Much of Dolce's reactions towards various situations are measured up by either Pico's antics, Lest/Frey's decisions, or whatever information her said ghost friend is capable of unveiling in a conversation.

If you speak to her right before starting the Quiz Festival on Winter 13, Pico tells the player she knows more about about her friend than both Nancy and Jones together. When you ask her to carry on with her information, she will describe Dolce as someone who is "truly kind, easily hurt, and gets lonely quickly," adding on that she is "a little clumsy and can be a crybaby."

Furthermore, she tells the player Dolce "gives names to all her dolls and needs to hold a stuffed toy or [else] she can't fall asleep." Afterwards, she says her friend is "not good at cleaning up [and] doesn't mind books" before telling the player where Dolce keeps her underwear. At this point in the conversation, Dolce herself jumps in and shuts Pico up.

Marriage Sub-Event: The Language of Flowers


The event is first triggered when Lest speaks with Kiel at the Town Square. Kiel tells Lest of an old belief, that if two people wrote their names on Leon Karnak, they'd be bound together forever, and that Lest should talk with Dolce about it. Dolce then confirms that, in the past, she and Pico wrote their names at Leon Karnak. Soon after the two recheck their names.

Soon after, they return back to the clinic, where Dolce begins making a floral decoration. Later Nancy arrives, but is promptly brushed away by Dolce. On the next day, Dolce is continuing her arrangement before Nancy suddenly collapses. Shortly after, Jones arrives after being called by Dolce. Dolce, in a panic, later went to the lower floor. She doesn't, however, hear that the belief in Leon Karnak was greatly related to the superstition during Jones and Nancy's time, in which they had to write their names in a nearby cave.

Later, Dolce makes the floral decoration, but now begins to question her relationship between herself and Jones and Nancy. On the next day, she brushes off Nancy, stating that "I'm not your child". When both Pico and Lest confront Dolce about this, she states that she really wanted to believe in both Jones and Nancy, but couldn't because they were not her real parents, who had already died many years prior. Eventually, Lest comes out and convinces Dolce to accept both Jones and Nancy, as blood ties mean nothing in the scenario. As they also try to apologize to Pico, they end up going out of town, where Forte and a ghost tell Dolce and Lest that Pico had gone off to "the place of memories". Meeting Pico again, Dolce immediately hugs Pico, and the three return together, confronted by Nancy and Jones, both very concerned regarding Dolce and Pico. The event ends with Lest and Dolce holding hands, as they return back to the clinic.

Dolce's Marriage Cutscene:

"I've always hoped for that too..." [cries] 


  • Ruu-chan (in Japanese version)
  • Dolly (English)

Battle Information

Level Health Attack
25 1500 56
Defence Magic Attack Magic Defence
Strength Vitality Intelligence
56 35 83
Default Weapon Friendly Rod
Weapon Type Staff


  • "Lest... I'm your only girlfriend... right?"
  • "... you're not going out with other people who you don't love, right?"
  • "I hear it's a girlfriend's job to wait for her boyfriend to get out of the bath..."
  • "I'm not so ungrateful as to forget the name of my life saver."
  • "Some like it hot. I do not."
  • "Seems there's a festival tomorrow."
  • "If I didn't love you, I wouldn't bother with you..."
  • "It's almost 9..."
  • "Oh, going out together?  How nice for you..."
  • "I want to keep on smiling."

Battle Quotes


  • "Go back to where you belong!"
  • "How's this!?"
  • "Does it hurt!?"
  • "Are you sorry now!?"
  • "Yah!"
  • "There's much more!"
  • Knock out: "I... need to rest..."


  • "Let me help!"
  • "Double Attaaack!"
  • "I've got your back!"
  • "Special Attaaack!"
  • "Take this!"
  • Knock out: "Dollllly...!"

When you take her to Maya Road to beat Fiersome:

Dolce: Pico!  I choose you!  Use 'Thunderbolt'!

Pico: "...I don't think I have that skill.  But I'm sure it would be super-effective if I did!"

Battle Invitation

Acceptance: "All right. Shall we go, then?"

Declined Invitation/Too many people: "Sorry, I can't right now. Maybe some other time."

Title Screen Dialogue

"Rune Factory... but which one? I'm not telling..."
―Dolce's dialogue at the title screen.


  • Dolce's name means candy/sweet in Italian. Her monster form's name Marionetta means puppet in Italian.
  • Her monster form is some sort of puppet, which also seems to look like Pico.
  • Dolce is the only villager/bachelorette in Rune Factory 4 to start off with a Headgear.  Typically, her Headgear is already naturally on top of her head when you pass by her, or shown in her sprite when you talk to her.  Regardless of whether or not you bring her into battle, she will always have Silk Hat on, unless you give her a different Headgear type.
  • Dolce's tastes for things that she likes may allude to her personality, such as the fact that she claims she likes "Cold weather more than warm" and that she likes "Hot drinks but not cold" showing that she can be quite mean and cold-hearted on the outside, but sweet and warm-hearted on the inside.
  • Dolce's quote when fighting Fiersome by telling Pico to use 'Thunderbolt' is a reference to the game, anime, and manga series 'Pokemon'.