no bulletin box requests

Mail's box requests

Request 1: Lumber Help

I'm out of materials for my art! Oh no! I need an assistant to come to my aid.

Objective: Bring Daria 3 Lumber

Request 2: Weeding Help

I'm almost out of paints! I need my assistant ASAP!

Request 3: Help wanted

My shelf broke. I need my assistant to help repair it!

Request 4: Someone...

Help me...Hurry...

Request 5: Want assistant

I need an assistant to help me with my work!

Request 6: Want assistant

Hurry up, my dear assistant. I'll test your artistic vision.

Request 7: Study time

You're a valuable assistant. I think it's time I introduce you to them.

Request 8: Rainbow dream

So fleeting...

Request 9: Golden