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"Rainbow! It's incredible! It's beautiful! This is the piece that'll show everyone what a staggering genius I am! I'll finally be world famous! People will be lining up to interview me! I'll give lectures to packed houses! I'll be invited to famous parties! But if I get too busy, then I won't be able to work on my art anymore. That would be tragic. I'll need assistants! Probably a hundred of them! Hmm... I'd better start looking."

Daria (ダリア, Dahlia) is an overzealous and exuberant artist who is passionate about her work.

Daria is a lone elf who lives in Privera Forest. She is older than anyone can remember, but still young for her race. She loves her art and rainbows. She is constantly asking Micah if she can paint a various assortment of things 'rainbow.' She sees Micah as her assistant. She puts her statues in Privera Forest just to make it her 'Daria Rainbow Garden'. Unlike a 'normal' artist, she uses her hammer as a brush. Some of her art even appears to be alive. It is widely believed that her sister is Margaret from RF4. She, along with Kuruna, are the oldest bachelorettes that Micah can marry in the game.


Unity Festival

Before Annual

Daria: Tomorrow's Unity Festival. I wonder if there'll be an artist.



Daria: What?! What's this?! I can't take it now!


"Daria": Ooh, this is beautiful! You're even more artistic than me! "Micah": Will you marry me? "Daria": Yeah! I totally love you too! "Micah": I love you. "Daria": I'm super happy right now! Now you can be my assistant for life! "Micah": ... "Daria": Or better yet, my partner!

Battle Information


  • Default Weapon: War Hammer
  • Gift Weapon Type: Hammer
  • Rainbow magic

Techniques: Rainbow Mjolnir

Approaches the nearest target and usually attacks with a 2-hit combo which flings the target in the air then use Grand Impact skill by temperance. She still leaves herself to get occupied by ranged attackers.

[Melee]>Artistic Whim (regular attack)

[Melee and Mid-range]>Sculpt Breaker (majorly)

Special Skill: Whim of Spectrum and Rainbow!

Daria will emits her signature glow of circular rainbow, it usually raises her awareness and focus as well as movement speed fondness.

Daria Battle Level Health Attack
8 127 46
Defence Magic Attack Magic Defence
0 0 0
Strength Vitality Intelligence
25 18 17
Default Weapon War Hammer
Weapon Type



  • "RAINBOW!"
  • "I wanna draw something."
  • "Very artistic."
  • "Evening."
  • "Wowzers!"
  • "Aww."
  • "Hmm..."
  • "Here comes my assistant!"


  • "Beautiful attack!"
  • "Marvelous attack!"
  • "Daria attack!"
  • "Special attack!"
  • "Rainbow!"


  • "So many rainbows..."

When reloading game with Daria in party:

  • "Did you miss me, my dear assistant?"
  • "You have returned!"

Title Screen:

  • "Rune Factory RAINBOW!!!"


  • Living alone and in a dungeon, Daria sees the arrival of Micah as an opportunity to make a friend . This is why it is very insistent that Micah becomes her assistant.
  • Daria is one of the few people who knows of Blaise's wine incident. She mentions she overheard Wells and Marjorie talking about it. She ends up blushing when trying to tell the player what happened.
  • During one of her requests, Daria asks for a Ruby Ring. This is interesting because she would normally dislike these items for their "lack of taste."
    • The Engagement Ring also requires a Ruby to make.
  • She considers Evelyn a rival.
    • In one instance she considers becoming partners with her.
  • She is known as "Rainbow Girl" by Sofia.
  • Daria usually breaks the fourth wall during her conversations.
  • It is implied that she may be Margaret's sister.
  • Is a elf from the northern forests.