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Danaan Cave (ダーナ洞窟, Dana Doukutsu) is a location in Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.

Danaan Cave is the seventh dungeon in Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon. To obtain access to the dungeon, defeat the boss of the Kasmir Ruins, and talk to Godwin to get Danaan Cave pass.

Season: Fall


Map danann.png


Location Monster(s) Drop Items
Area 1 Arch Demon Devil Blood, Fire Crystal, Broken Box
Leafball Plant Stem, Fireflower Seeds

Area 3

Hunter Wolf Quality Skin
Area 4 Blood Panther Angered Fang, Tech Bottle
Area 5 Necro Skull, Poison Ring
Little Wizard

Magic Crystal, Wind Crystal,

Water Crystal

Area 6 Plantcore Strong Vine, Pom-Pom Grass Seeds
Area 7 Mini Golem
Area 8 Tricky Mushroom Poison Powder
Tortoise Water Crystal, Turtle Shell


Battle Tank.png

Boss: Battle Tank

  • HP: 2000
  • Def: 12
  • Mag. Def: 40
  • Fire Def: 80
  • Wind Def: 80
  • Earth Def: 80
  • Water Def: 20

Fish Location

Location Fish

Area 2

Chub, Pond Smelt, Girella

Area 5 Chub, Pond Smelt, Girella
Area 7 Chub, Pond Smelt, Girella


  • There are hazardous tiles on the floor that will poison damage to the player when walked across.
  • In order to unlock the first gate, the player must grow crops on the fields within the dungeon and harvest them once fully grown. Spinach or Yam is the fastest fall crops in order to unlock a gate.