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To grow crops in Rune Factory 5, you'll need to buy seeds from Serendipity General Store or Flowerstruck. These stores have a small initial stock that expands as you complete requests or upgrade them at Studio Palmo. After completing a certain request, the stores will stock higher level crops and seeds as you ship them.

There are no season restrictions for when you grow a crop, but there are better or worse times of the year to plant certain things.


Growing Crops

Crops can be planted in the field behind Rigbarth Outpost, or on any of the Farm Dragons. In order to grow successfully, seeds must be watered every day.

After planting a seed, you can check its progress with a magnifying glass. Every morning at 6AM, the hidden days counter is increased by a specified amount. When that value reaches the required growth time of the crop, the crop will become harvestable. The amount of time it takes a crop to grow can be sped up by using formulas, or if growing on a Farm Dragon, feeding the dragon an Earth Crystal.

Crop Level

New crops begin at level 1 and can be raised to level 10. Higher level crops sell at higher prices, make higher level food and medicine, and have stronger effects when fed to monsters. Stores will stock the highest level crop/seed that you have shipped. You can ship either the crop or the seed and the appropriate store will then carry both the crop and the seeds of that level.

Store crop and seed levels only rise if you ship crops that you yourself have raised.

Raising Crop Levels

To raise crop levels you'll want to obtain and plant higher level seeds. To do this, use a sickle on a fully grown (100% [Grw.]) crop. You should get a seed that is 1 level higher than the crop was. You can plant this seed or ship it; if you ship it before 8:00 AM, then you will be able to buy another of the same level on the same day.

Note that low-level crops often leave behind higher level seeds when harvested. If you plant half a a field of level 1 turnips, you will likely get many level 2 turnip seeds after harvesting them. Additionally, as your soil quality improves (a natural process that occurs as you harvest crops), your regularly watered crops will sometimes grow to be be a higher level than the seed you planted. This will allow you to skip several levels at once, especially for long-growing crops. Soil quality can be improved by using Greenifier and Greenifier+ on it.

Giant Crops

The basic steps of growing giant produce are simple. First, plant 4 of the same crop onto a marked 2x2 plot of land. Then, sprinkle Giantizer on these crops. Water the crops every day until they are fully grown, and then after an extra day or two they will merge into a single gigantic crop.

Crops planted out-of-season are harder to giantize than crops planted in-season. Plants have an easier time giantizing on high quality soil; you can give soil a quality boost (up to +2.00%) with Greenifier or using Earth Crystals. Maximum soil quality raises permanently as you harvest crops. It may also help to restore the HP of your soil and/or plant with Withered Grass, Corn, or Clover.

Starfall Crops

First introduced in Rune Factory 5, Starfall Crops are a new type of giant crop that can only be grown from Starfall Seeds. Meteor seeds can only be obtained by mining meteorites, which can be found the day after the extremely rare Star Shower weather.

Fruits and Vegetables

Regular Crops

Image Japanese Name Item Name Good Seasons Bad Seasons Grow Time Regrows Buy Price Sell Price
RF5Turnip.png カブ Turnip Summer / Fall --- 3 No 200G 30G
RF5Pink Turnip.png サクラカブ Pink Turnip Spring --- 11 No 700G 200G
RF5Potato.png ジャガイモ Potato Spring / Summer Winter 7 No 600G 90G
RF5Spinach.png ホウレン草 Spinach Fall --- 2 No 300G 65G
RF5Daikon Radish.png 大根 Radish Fall Summer 5 No 1580G 360G
RF5Leek.png ネギ Leek Spring / Fall Summer 9 No 4800G 1600G
RF5Corn.png トウモロコシ Corn Spring / Summer Winter 7 No 3000G 1000G
RF5Yam.png サツマイモ Yam Summer / Fall Winter 8 No 450G 140G
RF5Carrot.png ニンジン Carrot Fall None 10 No 2600G 380G
RF5Cucumber.png キュウリ Cucumber Spring / Summer Winter 5 Yes 250G 68G
RF5Pumpkin.png カボチャ Pumpkin Spring / Summer Winter 7 Yes 420G 110G
RF5Green Pepper.png ピーマン Green Pepper Summer Winter 7 Yes 700G 150G
RF5Tomato.png トマト Tomato Spring / Summer Winter 7 Yes 1800G 540G
RF5Eggplant.png ナス Eggplant Spring / Summer Winter 7 Yes 950G 190G
RF5Bok Choy.png 白菜 Bok Choy Fall Summer 5 No 1900G 420G
RF5Cabbage.png キャベツ Cabbage Spring / Fall --- 8 No 2800G 680G
RF5Onion.png タマネギ Onion Fall --- 18 No 6700G 800G
RF5Pink Melon.png オトメロン Pink Melon Spring / Summer Winter 7 Yes 5000G 850G
RF5Hot-Hot Fruit.png ほかほかの実 Hot-Hot Fruit Winter Summer 31 No 7000G 900G
RF5Pineapple.png パイナップル Pineapple Summer Others 28 Yes 8500G 1600G
RF5Strawberry.png イチゴ Strawberry Spring / Fall --- 16 Yes 800G 135G
RF5Orange.png オレンジ Orange Spring / Fall Winter 22 Yes 500G 80G
RF5Grapes.png ブドウ Grapes Spring / Fall Winter 50 Yes 650G 120G
RF5Apple.png リンゴ Apple Spring / Fall Winter 62 Yes 850G 150G
RF5Gold Potato.png 金のジャガイモ Gold Potato Winter Summer 50 No 30,000G 6000G
RF5Gold Pumpkin.png 金のカボチャ Gold Pumpkin Winter Summer 70 No 20,000G 4000G
RF5Gold Cabbage.png 金のキャベツ Gold Cabbage Winter Summer 90 No 50,000G 11,500G
RF5Gold Turnip.png 金のカブ Gold Turnip Winter Summer 120 No 100,000G 20,000G
RF5Starfall Corn.png 流星のトウモロコシ Starfall Corn Summer Others 12 No 50,000G 10,000G
RF5Starfall Pumpkin.png 流星のカボチャ Starfall Pumpkin Fall Others 12 No 50,000G 10,000G
RF5Starfall Potato.png 流星のジャガイモ Starfall Potato Winter Others 12 No 50,000G 10,000G
RF5Starfall Strawberry.png 流星のイチゴ Starfall Strawberry Spring Others 12 No 50,000G 10,000G

++The tree will not regrow if chopped down. However, once fully grown, Grapes, Orange, and Apple trees produce fruit daily.

Giant Crops

Image Japanese Name Item Name Good Seasons Bad Seasons Grow Time Regrows Buy Price Sell Price
RF5Tyrant Turnip.png おおきなカブ Tyrant Turnip Summer / Fall --- No 800G 200G
RF5Princely Potato.png 超ジャガイモ Princely Potato Spring / Summer Winter No 1600G 500G
RF5Sovereign Spinach.png 大ホウレン草 Sovereign Spinach Fall --- No 1000G 350G
RF5Doom Pumpkin.png びっくりカボチャ Doom Pumpkin Spring / Summer Winter Yes 1560G 550G
RF5Noble Radish.png 王様大根 Noble Radish Fall Summer No 5400G 2000G
RF5Legendary Leek.png Legendary Leek G G
RF5Sultan Strawberry.png スゴイチゴ Sultan Strawberry Spring / Fall --- Yes 2500G 700G
RF5Lordly Yam.png 王様サツマイモ Lordly Yam Summer / Fall Winter No 2200G 800G
RF5Colossal Pink.png おおきなサクラカブ Colossal Pink Spring Winter No 3200G 1000G
RF5Kaiser Cucumber.png カイザーキュウリ Kaiser Cucumber Spring / Summer Winter Yes 980G 350G
RF5Royal Carrot.png 皇帝ニンジン Royal Carrot Fall --- No 7000G 2000G
RF5Gigantic Corn.png 大トウモロコシ Gigantic Corn Spring / Summer Winter No 20,000G 7500G
RF5Green Pepper Rex.png ビッグピーマン Green Pepper Rex Summer Winter Yes 2300G 800G
RF5King Cabbage.png キングキャベツ King Cabbage Spring / Fall --- No 12,000G 3400G
RF5Ultra Onion.png 超タマネギ Ultra Onion Fall --- No 16,000G 4000G
RF5Boss Bok Choy.png 大白菜 Boss Bok Choy Fall Summer No --- 2250G
RF5Emperor Eggplant.png おおきなナス Emperor Eggplant Spring / Summer Winter Yes 3500G 1000G
RF5King Pineapple.png キングパイナップル King Pineapple Summer Others Yes 28,000G 8000G
RF5Titan Tomato.png ラージトマト Titan Tomato Spring / Summer Winter Yes 8000G 3000G
RF5Conqueror Melon.png キングオトメロン Conqueror Melon Spring / Summer Winter Yes 5000G 850G
RF5King Hot Hot Fruit.png キングほかほかの実 King Hot Hot Fruit Winter Summer No 16,000G 4500G
RF5Golden Doom Pumpkin.png びっくり金のカボチャ Golden Doom Pumpkin Winter Summer Yes 80,000G 18,000G
RF5Gold Prince Potato.png 超金のジャガイモ Gold Prince Potato Winter Summer No 100,000G 27,000G
RF5Gold King Cabbage.png キング金のキャベツ Gold King Cabbage Winter Summer No 200,000G 52,000G
RF5Gold Tyrant Turnip.png おおきな金のカブ Gold Tyrant Turnip Winter Summer No 500,000G 90,000G


Item Name Seed Buy Seed Sell
RF5Turnip Seeds.png Turnip 20 G 2 G
RF5Potato Seed.png Potato 80 G 8 G
RF5Spinach Seed.png Spinach 60 G 6 G
RF5Pumpkin Seed.png Pumpkin 200 G 20 G
RF5Radish Seeds.png Radish 120 G 12 G
RF5Strawberry Seed.png Strawberry 400 G 40 G
RF5Yam Seed.png Yam 250 G 25 G
RF5Pink Turnip Seeds.png Pink Turnip 160 G 16 G
RF5Cucumber Seed.png Cucumber 320 G 32 G
RF5Carrot Seed.png Carrot 400 G 40 G
RF5Corn Seed.png Corn 450 G 45 G
Icon Item Crops 297.png Leek 680 G 68 G
RF5Hot-Hot Seeds.png Hot-Hot Fruit 1200 G 120 G
RF5Green Pepper Seed.png Green Pepper 800 G 80 G
RF5Cabbage Seed.png Cabbage 980 G 98 G
RF5Onion Seed.png Onion 1480 G 148 G
Icon Item Crops 298.png Bok Choy 1000 G 100 G
RF5Eggplant Seed.png Eggplant 720 G 72 G
Icon Item Crops 300.png Golden Pumpkin 4,500 G 450 G
RF5Pineapple Seed.png Pineapple 2800 G 280 G
Icon Item Crops 305.png Apple 7000G 700G
Icon Item Crops 306.png Orange 5000G 500G
Icon Item Crops 307.png Grapes 6000G 600G
RF5Tomato Seed.png Tomato 1,880 G 188 G
RF5Pink Melon Seed.png Pink Melon 2120 G 212 G
Icon Item Crops 301.png Golden Potato 4000 G 400 G
Icon Item Crops 299.png Golden Cabbage 5000 G G
Icon Item Crops 302.png Golden Turnip 10000 G 1,000 G
Icon Item Crops 281.png Fodder 30G 3G
Icon Item Crops 310.png Sword Flower 1500G 150G
Icon Item Crops 311.png Shield Flower 1500G 150G
Icon Item Crops 308.png Twinkle Tree 3000G 300G
Icon Item Crops 325.png Starfall Seeds ---

Other Plants

Image Japanese Name Item Name Good Seasons Bad Seasons Grow Time Regrows Buy Price Sell Price
File:RF5Fodder.png Fodder --- --- 4 Yes
File:RF5Twinkle Tree.png Twinkle Tree --- Winter 38 No
File:RF5Sword Flower.png Sword Flower --- --- 12 No
File:RF5Shield Flower.png Shield Flower --- --- 12 No

+++The Twinkle Tree (grown from a Shining Seed) produces no fruit, but can be chopped with an axe for Lumber and Glitter Augite. You can do this as long as the Twinkle Tree has HP. HP can be restored by hoeing Withered Grass, Corn, or Clover onto the plot of land where the Tree is planted.


Regular Flowers

Image Japanese Name Item Name Good Seasons Bad Seasons Grow Time Buy Price Sell Price
Icon Item Crops 157.png トイハーブ Toyherb Spring Winter 4 250G 65G
Icon Item Crops 167.png ピンクキャット Pink Cat Summer Winter 6 450G 110G
RF5Moondrop Flower.png ムーンドロップ草 Moondrop Spring / Fall Winter 7 400G 115G
Icon Item Crops 172.png チャームブルー Charm Blue Fall Winter 8 800G 220G
Icon Item Crops 190.png サクラ草 Cherry Grass Spring Winter 10 700G 230G
Icon Item Crops 195.png ランプ草 Lamp Grass Winter --- 16 2000G 650G
Icon Item Crops 212.png 鉄千輪 Ironleaf Winter Summer 21 4444G 1111G
Icon Item Crops 241.png 花紅葉 Autumn Grass Fall Winter 29 6000G 1800G
RF54-Leaf Clover.png 四つ葉のクローバー Four Leaf Clover Fall Summer 28 4000G 980G
Icon Item Crops 223.png 野之花火 Fireflower Summer Winter 42 10,000G 2800G
Icon Item Crops 246.png タンポイズン Pom-Pom Grass Fall Winter 14 1500G 440G
Icon Item Crops 235.png ツリー草 Noel Grass Spring Summer 33 6600G 2000G
Icon Item Crops 201.png 青水晶 Blue Crystal Spring Others 55 40,000G 15,000G
Icon Item Crops 229.png 緑水晶 Green Crystal Summer Others 70 48,000G 17,000G
Icon Item Crops 252.png 赤水晶 Red Crystal Fall Others 80 56,000G 20,000G
Icon Item Crops 258.png 白水晶 White Crystal Winter Others 90 80,000G 22,500G
Icon Item Crops 207.png 金剛花 Emery Flower --- --- 120 500,000G 55,000G

Giant Flowers

Image Japanese Name Item Name Good Seasons Bad Seasons Grow Time Buy Price Sell Price
Icon Item Crops 158.png 超トイハーブ Ultra Toyherb Spr Win 4+ 1500G 350G
RF5Ultra Moondrop Flower.png 大ムーンドロップ草 Ultra Moondrop Spr/Fall Win 7+ 2000 650G
Icon Item Crops 168.png キングピンクキャット King Pink Cat Sum Win 6+ 2200G 600G
Icon Item Crops 173.png 大チャームブルー Great Charm Blue Fall Win 8+ 4000G 1,200G
Icon Item Crops 191.png キングサクラ草 King Cherry Grass Spr Win 10+ 3800G 1,200G
RF5Kaiser Lamp Grass.png カイザーランプ草 Kaiser Lamp Grass Win --- 16+ 8500G 3250G
Icon Item Crops 213.png 超鉄千輪 Super Ironleaf Win Sum 21+ 22,222G 5,555G
RF5Great 4-Leaf Clover.png 四つ葉の大クローバー Great 4-Leaf Clover Spr/ Fall Sum 28+ 20,000G 5,000G
Icon Item Crops 224.png おおきな野之花火 Big Fireflower Sum Win 42+ 50,000G 14,000G
Icon Item Crops 236.png ラージツリー草 Large Noel Grass Win Sum 33+ 33,300G 10,000G
Icon Item Crops 242.png 大花紅葉 Big Autumn Grass Fall Win 29+ 30,000G 9,000G
Icon Item Crops 247.png キングタンポイズン King Pom-Pom Grass Fall Win 14+ 7000G 2,300G
Icon Item Crops 202.png おおきな青水晶 Big Blue Crystal Spr Others 55+ 200,000G 67,500G
Icon Item Crops 230.png おおきな緑水晶 Big Green Crystal Sum Others 70+ 240,000G 76,500G
Icon Item Crops 253.png おおきな赤水晶 Big Red Crystal Fall Others 80+ 280,000G 90,000G
Icon Item Crops 259.png おおきな白水晶 Big White Crystal Win Others 90+ 400,000G 101,500G
Icon Item Crops 208.png 大金剛花 Great Emery Flower --- --- 120+ 1,000,000G 250,000G


Item Name Seed Buy Seed Sell
Icon Item Crops 268.png Toyherb 60G 6G
Icon Item Crops 267.png Moondrop 250G 25G
Icon Item Crops 274.png Pink Cat 180G 18G
Icon Item Crops 280.png Charm Blue 370G 37G
Icon Item Crops 282.png Cherry Grass 420G 42G
Icon Item Crops 283.png Lamp Grass 740G 74G
Icon Item Crops 286.png Ironleaf 600G 60G
RF5Clover Seed.png 4-Leaf Clover 960G 96G
Icon Item Crops 288.png Fireflower 5000G 500G
Icon Item Crops 290.png Noel Grass 2700G 270G
Icon Item Crops 291.png Autumn Grass 2500G 250G
RF5Pom-Pom Grass Seeds.png Pom-Pom Grass 510G 51G
Icon Item Crops 285.png Emery Flower 50,000G 2500G
Icon Item Crops 284.png Blue Crystal 30,000G 1000G
RF5Green Crystal Seed.png Green Crystal 30,000G 1000G
RF5Red Crystal Seed.png Red Crystal 30,000G 1000G
RF5White Crystal Seeds.png White Crystal 30,000G 1000G


This list includes all wild plants which appear on your shipping record under "Crops". These cannot be cultivated from seeds but can be collected in other ways, such as from the wild or from fallow fields.

Most wild crops will, once shipped, appear for sale at one or more of the town vendors . No matter what level wild crop you ship, shops will always sell level 1 wild crops. There are 3 crops you can never buy: Monarch Mushroom, Mealy Apple, and Ayngondaia Lawn.

Image Japanese Name Item Name Buy Sell Field? Location
RF5Bamboo Shoot.png タケノコ Bamboo Sprout 200G 40G yes Farm,
Icon Item Crops 130.png きのこ Mushroom 2,000G 10G no Forres Forest Area
極上きのこ Monarch Mushroom - 10,000G no Dropped by Death Fungus, Tricky Muck
Icon Item Crops 151.png 無力のリンゴ Mealy Apple - 3000G no Dark Griffin (spawns during Meteor Weather)
Icon Item Crops 174.png 薬草 Medicinal Herb 80G 8G yes Farm,
Icon Item Crops 175.png 毒消し草 Antidote Grass 150G 6G yes Farm,
Icon Item Crops 176.png 黒い草 Black Grass 120G 5G yes Cherub Volcanic Area
Icon Item Crops 177.png だいだい草 Orange Grass 120G 5G yes Forres Forest Area, Remains of Thief King's Hideout
Icon Item Crops 178.png 赤い草 Red Grass 120G 5G yes Gadius Plain
Icon Item Crops 179.png 黄の草 Yellow Grass 120G 5G yes Gadius Plain, Basara's Hideout
Icon Item Crops 180.png 青い草 Blue Grass 120G 5G yes Forres Forest Area, Gadius Plain, Cloudheim
Icon Item Crops 181.png 緑の草 Green Grass 120G 5G yes Forres Forest Area
Icon Item Crops 182.png 紫の草 Purple Grass 120G 5G yes Meline Ice Cave
Icon Item Crops 183.png 藍の草 Indigo Grass 120G 5G yes Cherub Volcanic Area, Cloudheim
Icon Item Crops 184.png 白い草 White Grass 120G 5G yes Lake Yumina, Thunder Wilderness
Icon Item Crops 185.png 雑草 Weeds 30G 1G yes Farm,
Icon Item Crops 186.png 枯草 Withered Grass 100G 1G yes Farm,
Icon Item Crops 260.png シナナサ草 Ayngondaia Lawn - 33G no Skull Dragon drop
Icon Item Crops 261.png エリ草 Elli Leaves 3,500G 250G no Cloudheim