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To grow crops in Rune Factory 4, you'll need to buy seeds from Sincerity General Store or Carnation's. These stores have a small initial stock that expands as you complete requests. After completing a certain request, the stores will stock higher level crops and seeds as you ship them.

There are no season restrictions for when you grow a crop, but there are better or worse times of the year to plant certain things.


Growing Crops

After planting a seed, you can check its progress with a magnifying glass. The second line will list the percentage growth of the crop. Hidden behind that growth % is the number of days the crop has grown. For example, an apple tree with '[Grw.] 63% means' it is 39.0 days into its 62 day growth time. Every morning at 6AM, the hidden days counter is increased by a specified amount. When that value reaches the required growth time of the crop, the crop will become harvestable.

The amount increased is a combination of 2 factors: the '[Grw.] #.#x' (where #.# is a decimal number between 0.1 and 5.0) value of the 2x2 plot of soil the crop is on and whether the season is good, bad or neutral for the crop. The soil growth value can be seen with a magnifying lens. It will be the second listed [Grw.] statistic, the one with an x instead of a % at the end. This value can be increased by Formulas. Formula A will increase the soil's growth value by 0.5. Formula B by 1.0 and Formula C by 2.0. The level of the formula has no effect on the value increased. If the crop is favored for the season, this value is then multiplied by 1.5. If the crop is disfavored for the season, the value is multiplied by 2/3. This final result will be the value added to the hidden days value at 6 AM every morning. Note if the crop wasn't watered, no increase will happen.

For example, if the apple tree with 39.0 days grown is on a plot of soil with a growth value of 3.3 and the season is fall. The hidden days value will be increased to 42.3 the next day. This will show up as 68% growth in game. If the season is winter, the value will be increased by 2.2 (3.3 * 2/3) and the tree will display 65% the next day.

Thus, the fastest way to grow a crop is to cap the soil's growth value at 5.0 and grow it during its favored season. The crop will gain 7.5 days towards their growth time every morning.

Runey weather will further multiply the increment value by 4, so that the above would gain 30.0 days at 6AM.

Crop Level

New crops begin at level 1 and can be raised to level 10. Higher level crops sell at higher prices, make higher level food and medicine, and have stronger effects when fed to monsters. After completing the Request "Ship a level 2 Turnip!", stores will stock the highest level crop/seed that you have shipped. You can ship either the crop or the seed and the appropriate store will then carry both the crop and the seeds of that level.

Store crop and seed levels only rise if you ship crops that you yourself have raised.

Raising Crop Levels

To raise crop levels you'll want to obtain and plant higher level seeds. To do this, use a sickle on a fully grown (100% [Grw.]) crop. You should get a seed that is 1 level higher than the crop was. You can plant this seed or ship it; if you ship it before 8:00 AM, then you will be able to buy another of the same level on the same day.

Note that low-level crops often leave behind higher level seeds when harvested. If you plant half a a field of level 1 turnips, you will likely get many level 2 turnip seeds after harvesting them. Additionally, as your soil quality improves (a natural process that occurs as you harvest crops), your regularly watered crops will sometimes grow to be be a higher level than the seed you planted. This will allow you to skip several levels at once, especially for long-growing crops. Soil quality can be improved by using Greenifier and Greenifier+ on it.

Giant Crops

The basic steps of growing giant produce are simple. First, plant 4 of the same crop onto a marked 2x2 plot of land. Then, sprinkle Giantizer on these crops. Water the crops every day until they are fully grown, and then after an extra day or two they will merge into a single gigantic crop.

Note: In Rune Factory 4, Giantizer affects the soil, not the crop. Specifically, it affects the stat [Sz.]+, which can be examined using the Magnifying Glass. Another stat, [Sz.], raises naturally as you grow certain crops. It is best to grow giant crops on land that has high [Sz.] and [Sz.]+ stats.

Crops planted out-of-season are harder to giantize than crops planted in-season. Plants have an easier time giantizing on high quality soil; you can give soil a quality boost (up to +2.00%) with Greenifier. Maximum soil quality raises permanently as you harvest crops. It may also help to restore the HP of your soil and/or plant with Withered Grass, Corn, or Clover.

Sincerity General Store

Weekdays: 9:00 - 18:00
Holidays: 9:00 - 13:30

The General Store stocks seeds for all crops except flowers. It also sells groceries and a rotating selection of wild crops. Blossom and Doug work here, with Doug working on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For information on how to find seeds and/or unlock them in the store, view the Requests (RF4) page.

Fruits and Vegetables

Regular Crops

Item Name Good Seasons Bad Seasons Grow Time Seed Buy Harvested Regrows Profit per Day (level 1) Crop Sell Simple Recipe
TurnipSummer / FallNone320 G2No13.3 G/d 30 G

x2=60 G

RF4Pickled Turnip.png Pickled Turnip 48 G (x2=96 G)

25.3 G/d

PotatoSpring / SummerWinter780 G327.1 G/d90 G

x3=270 G

SpinachFall None260 G235 G/d65 G

x2=130 G

RF4Boiled Spinach.png Boiled Spinach 95 G (190 G)

65 G/d

PumpkinSpring / SummerWinter 7200 G3Yes18.6 G/d

110 G/d (Second Harvest 50% Grow time)

110 G

x3=330 G

RF4Boiled Pumpkin.png Boiled Pumpkin 180 G (540 G)

48.5 G/d

180 G/d (Harvest 2)

RadishFall Summer 5120 G1No48 G/d360 GRF4Grilled Miso.png Grilled Miso 660 G

108 G/d

StrawberrySpring / FallNone16400 G6Yes25.6 G/d

101.25 G/d (Harvest 2)

135 G

x6=810 G

RF4Strawberry Jam.png Strawberry Jam 215 G (1,290 G)

55.6 G/d

161.25 G/d (Harvest 2)

YamSummer / FallWinter 8250 G5No56.2 G/d140 G

x5=700 G

RF4Sweet Potato.png Sweet Potato 240 G (1,200 G)

237.5 G/d

Pink TurnipSpring11160 G458.2 G/d200 G

x4=800 G

CucumberSpring / Summer5320 G5Yes4 G/d
170 G/d (Harvest 2)
68 G

x5=340 G

RF4Pickles.png Pickles 105 G (525 G)

41 G/d

262.5 G/d (Harvest 2)

CarrotFall None10400 G3No74 G/d380 G

x3=1,140 G

CornSpring / SummerWinter 7450 G178.6 G/d1,000 GRF4Popcorn.png Popcorn 1,800 G

192.8 G/d

RF4Corn on the Cob.png Corn on the Cob 1,860 G

201.4 G/d

LeekSpring / FallSummer 9680 G102.2 G/d1,600 G
Hot-Hot FruitWinter 311,200 G5106 G/d900 G

x5=4,500 G

RF4Formuade.png Formuade 2,500 G (12,500 G)

364.5 G/d

Green PepperSummer Winter 7800 GYes-7.1 G/d
250 G/d (Harvest 2)
150 G

x5=750 G

CabbageSpring / FallNone8980 G3No132.5 G/d680 G

x3=2,040 G

RF4Fried Veggies.png Fried Veggies 1550 G (4,650 G)

458.7 G/d

OnionFall 181,480 G5140 G/d800 G

x5=4,000 G

Bok ChoySummer 51,000 G4136 G/d420 G

x5=2,100 G

EggplantSpring / SummerWinter 7720 GYes5.7 G/d

665 G/d (Harvest 2)

190 G

x7=1,330 G

RF4Miso Eggplant.png Miso Eggplant 375 G (2,625 G)

272.1 G/d

875 G/d (Harvest 2)

PineappleSummer Others282,800 G371.4 G/d
342.8 G/d (Harvest 2)
1,600 G

x3=4,800 G

RF4Pineapple Juice.png Pineapple Juice 4400 G (13,200 G)

371.2 G/d

942.8 G/d (Harvest 2)

TomatoSpring / SummerWinter 71,880 G-37.1 G/d
540 G/d (Harvest 2)
540 G

x3=1,620 G

RF4Tomato Juice.png Tomato Juice 1000 G (3,000 G)

160 G/d

1,000 G/d (Harvest 2)

Pink Melon.png
Pink Melon
(Gold Melon)
2,120 G2-60 G/d
566 G/d (Harvest 2)
850 G

x2=1,700 G

Gold Potato.png
Golden PotatoWinter Summer 504,000 G3No280 G/d6,000 G

x3=18,000 G

Gold Cabbage.png
Golden Cabbage905,000 G327.7 G/d11,000 G

x3=33,000 G

Gold Turnip.png
Golden Turnip9010,000 G555.5 G/d 20,000 G

x3=60,000 G

Gold Pumpkin.png
Golden Pumpkin704,500 GYes107.1 G/d
352.8 G/d (Harvest 2)
4,000 G

x3=12,000 G

Giant Crops

Item Name Good Seasons Bad Seasons Grow Time Harvested Regrows Selling Price
RF4Tyrant Turnip.png
Tyrant TurnipSummer / FallNone3+2No200G
RF4Princely Potato.png
Princely PotatoSpring / SummerWinter 7+3500G
RF4Sovereign Spinach.png
Sovereign SpinachFall None2+2350G
RF4Doom Pumpkin.png
Doom PumpkinSpring / Summer Winter 7+3Yes550G
RF4Noble Radish.png
Noble RadishFall Summer 5+1No2,000G
RF4Sultan Strawberry.png
Sultan StrawberrySpring / FallNone6+6Yes700G
RF4Lordly Yam.png
Lordly Yam Summer / FallWinter 8+5No800G
RF4Colossal Pink.png
Colossal PinkSpringWinter 11+41,000G
RF4Kaiser Cucumber.png
Kaiser CucumberSpring / SummerWinter 5+5Yes350G
RF4Royal Carrot.png
Royal CarrotFall None10+3No2,000G
RF4Gigant Corn.png
Gigant CornSpring / SummerWinter 7+17,500G
RF4Legendary Leek.png
Legendary LeekSpring / FallSummer 9+8,000G
RF4Giant Hot-Hot Fruit.png
Giant Hot-Hot FruitWinter 31+54,500G
RF4Green Pepper Rex.png
Green Pepper RexSummer Winter 7+5Yes800G
RF4King Cabbage.png
King CabbageSpring / FallNone8+3No3,400G
RF4Ultra Onion.png
Ultra OnionFall 18+54,000G
RF4Boss Bok Choy.png
Boss Bok ChoySummer 5+42,250G
RF4Emperor Eggplant.png
Emperor EggplantSpring / SummerWinter 7+Yes1,000G
RF4Doom Pumpkin.png
Doom PumpkinWinter Summer 70+318,000G
RF4King Pineapple.png
King PineappleSummer Others28+8,000G
RF4Titan Tomato.png
Titan TomatoSpring / SummerWinter 7+3,000G
RF4Conqueror Melon.png
Conqueror MelonSpring / Summer7+24,250G
RF4Gold Prince Potato.png
Gold Prince PotatoWinter Summer 50+3No27,000G
RF4Golden King Cabbage.png
Golden King Cabbage90+52,000G
RF4Golden Tyrant Turnip.png
Golden Tyrant Turnip90,000G
RF4Gldn. Doom Pumpkin.png
Golden Doom Pumpkin70+Yes18,000G


Item Name Seed Buy Seed Sell Crop Buy Crop Sell
RF4Turnip Seeds.png
Turnip Seed20 G2 G200 G30 G (x2 = 60 G)
RF4Potato Seeds.png
Potato Seed80 G8 G600 G90 G (x3 = 270 G)
RF4Spinach Seeds.png
Spinach Seed60 G6 G300 G65 G (x2 = 130 G)
RF4Pumpkin Seeds.png
Pumpkin Seed200 G20 G420 G110 G (x3 = 330 G)
RF4Radish Seeds.png
Radish Seed120 G12 G1,580 G360 G
RF4Strawberry Seeds.png
Strawberry Seed400 G40 G800 G135 G (x6 = 810 G)
RF4Yam Seeds.png
Yam Seed250 G25 G450 G140 G (x5 = 700 G)
RF4Pink Turnip Seeds.png
Pink Turnip Seed160 G16 G700 G200 G (x4 = 800 G)
RF4Cucumber Seeds.png
Cucumber Seed320 G32 G250 G68 G (x5 = 340 G)
RF4Carrot Seeds.png
Carrot Seed400 G40 G2,600 G380 G (x3 = 1,140 G)
RF4Corn Seeds.png
Corn Seed450 G45 G3,000 G1,000 G
RF4Leek Seeds.png
Leek Seed680 G68 G4,800 G1,600 G
RF4Hot-Hot Seeds.png
Hot-Hot Seed1,200 G120 G7,000 G900 G (x5 = 4,500 G)
RF4Green Pepper Seeds.png
Green Pepper Seed800 G80 G700 G150 G (x5 = 750 G)
RF4Cabbage Seeds.png
Cabbage Seed980 G98 G2,800 G680 G (x3 = 2,040 G)
RF4Onion Seeds.png
Onion Seed1,480 G148 G6,700 G800 G (x5 = 4,000 G)
RF4Bok Choy Seeds.png
Bok Choy Seed1,000 G100 G1,900 G420 G (x4 = 1,680 G)
RF4Eggplant Seeds.png
Eggplant Seed720 G72 G950 G190 G (x4 = 760 G)
RF4Pineapple Seeds.png
Pineapple Seed2,800 G280 G8,500 G1,600 G (x3 = 4,800 G)
RF4Tomato Seeds.png
Tomato Seed1,880 G188 G1,800 G540 G (x3 = 1,620 G)
RF4Pink Melon Seeds.png
Pink Melon Seed
(Golden Melon)
2,120 G212 G5,000 G850 G (x2 = 1,700 G)
RF4Gold Potato Seeds.png
Gold Potato Seed4,000 G400 G30,000 G6,000 G (x3 = 18,000 G)
RF4Gold Cabbage Seeds.png
Gold Cabbage Seed5,000 GG50,000 G11,500 G (x3 = 34,500 G)
RF4Gold Turnip Seeds.png
Gold Turnip Seed10,000 G1,000 G100,000 G20,000 G (x3 = 60,000 G)
RF4Gold Pumpkin Seeds.png
Gold Pumpkin Seed4,500 G450 G20,000 G4,000 G (x3 = 12,000 G)

Other Crops

Item Name Good Seasons Bad Seasons Grow Time Harvested Regrows Profit per Day (level 1)
FodderNoneNone41Yes7.5 G/d
GrapesWinter 50/
Twinkle Tree
(Shining Tree)
38NoIf you keep restoring its HP by hoeing Corn/4-Leaf Clover/Withered Grass next to it, you can farm infinite Lumber
RF4Magic Plant Shield.png
Magic Plant ShieldNone121-41.6 G/d
RF4Plant Sword.png
Plant Sword
RF4Dungeon Seed.png
Dungeon Flower
(Field Dungeon)
18/If you keep restoring its HP by hoeing Corn/4-Leaf Clover/Withered Grass next to it, you can farm infinite Material Stone


Item Name Seed Buy Seed Sell Crop Buy Crop Sell
Grass Seed.png
Fodder Seed30 G3 G240 G60 G
RF4Grape Tree Seed.png
Grape Tree Seed600 G600 G650 G120 G
RF4Orange Tree Seed.png
Orange Tree Seed5,000 G500 G80 G
RF4Apple Tree Seeds.png
Apple Tree Seed7,000 G700 G850 G150 G
RF4Shining Seed.png
Shining Seed
(Twinkle Seed)
3,000 G300 G500 G40 G
RF4Shield Seed.png
Shield Seed1,500 G150 G/1000 G
RF4Sword Seed.png
Sword Seed
RF4Dungeon Seed.png
Dungeon Seed5,000 G500 G/

Giant Fruits and Vegetables

S216 WXfYtc8wg46BsS7Lzz3T3B4Ry6xEkU66.jpg

Other plants

++The tree will not regrow if chopped down. However, once fully grown, Grapes, Orange, and Apple trees produce fruit daily.

+++The Twinkle Tree (grown from a Shining Seed) produces no fruit, but can be chopped with an axe for Lumber and Glitter Augite. Similarly, Dungeon Flowers can be hit with a hammer for Material Stone. You can do this as long as the Twinkle Tree/Dungeon Flower have HP. HP can be restored by hoeing Withered Grass, Corn, or Clover onto the plot of land where the Tree or Flower is planted.

Trees and Dungeons can be made giant. Giant trees do not produce giant fruit. Giant dungeons have extra floors.


Weekdays: 9:00 - 18:00
Holidays: 9:00 - 13:00

Carnation's stocks seeds for flowers. It also sells nutrients and a rotating selection of flowers and wild crops. Carnation's is run by Illuminata; after she takes Amber in, they alternate workdays, with Amber taking Tuesdays and Thursdays.

For information on how to find seeds and/or unlock them in the store, view the Requests (RF4) page.


Item Name
Good Seasons
Bad Seasons
Grow Time
Seed Buy
Seed Sell
Crop Buy
Crop Sell
RF4Toyherb.png Toyherb Spr Win 4 2 60G 6G 250G 65G


17.5 G/d
RF4Moondrop Flower.png Moondrop Spr/Fall 7 4 250G 25G 400G 115G


30 G/d
RF4Pink Cat.png Pink Cat Sum 6 3 180G 18G 450G 110G


25 G/d
RF4Charm Blue.png Charm Blue Fall 8 370G 37G 800G 220G


36.25 G/d
RF4Cherry Grass.png Cherry Grass Spr 10 4 420G 42G 700G 230G


50 G/d
RF4Lamp Grass.png Lamp Grass Win none 16 3 740G 74G 2,000G 650G


75.6 G/d
RF4Blue Crystal.png Blue Crystal Spr Sum/ Fall/ Win 55 30,000G 1,000G 40,000G 15,000G


272.7 G/d
RF4Ironleaf.png Ironleaf Win Sum 21 2 600G 60G 4,444G 1,111G


77.2 G/d
RF44-Leaf Clover.png 4-Leaf Clover Spr/ Fall 28 3 960G 96G 4,000G 980G


70.7 G/d
RF4Fireflower.png Fireflower Sum Win 42 4 5,000G 500G 2800G 2,800G


147.6 G/d
RF4Green Crystal.png Green Crystal Spr/ Fall/ Win 70 3 30,000G 1,000G 48,000G 17,000G


300 G/d
RF4Noel Grass.png Noel Grass Win Sum 33 4 2,700G 270G 6,660G 2,000G


160.6 G/d
RF4Autumn Grass.png Autumn Grass Fall Win 29 3 2,500G 250G 6,000G 1,800G


100 G/d
RF4Pom-Pom Grass.png Pom-Pom Grass 14 510G 51G 1,500G 440G


57.8 G/d
RF4Red Crystal.png Red Crystal Spr/ Sum/ Win 80 30,000G 1,000G 56,000G 20,000G


375 G/d
RF4White Crystal.png White Crystal Win Spr/ Sum/ Fall 90 30,000G 1,000G 80,000G 22,500G


416.6 G/d
RF4Emery Flower.png Emery Flower none none 120 2 50,000G 2,500G 500,000G 55,000G


500 G/d

Giant Flowers

Image Item Name Good Seasons Bad Seasons Grow Time Harvested Crop Sell
RF4Ultra Toyherb.png Ultra Toyherb Spr Win 4+ 2 350G
RF4Ultra Moondrop Flower.png Ultra Moondrop Flower Spr/Fall 7+ 4 650G
RF4King Pink Cat.png King Pink Cat Sum 6+ 3 600G
RF4Great Charm Blue.png Great Charm Blue Fall 8+ 1,200G
RF4King Cherry Grass.png King Cherry Grass Spr 10+ 4 1,200G
RF4Kaiser Lamp Grass.png Kaiser Lamp Grass Win none 16+ 3 3250G
RF4Big Blue Crystal.png Big Blue Crystal Spr Sum/ Fall/ Win 55+ 67,500G
RF4Super Ironleaf.png Super Ironleaf Win Sum 21+ 2 5,555G
RF4Great 4-Leaf Clover.png Great 4-Leaf Clover Spr/ Fall 28+ 3 5,000G
RF4Big Fireflower.png Big Fireflower Sum Win 42+ 4 14,000G
RF4Big Green Crystal.png Big Green Crystal Spr/ Fall/ Win 70+ 3 76,500G
RF4Large Noel Grass.png Large Noel Grass Win Sum 33+ 4 10,000G
RF4Big Autumn Grass.png Big Autumn Grass Fall Win 29+ 3 9,000G
RF4King Pom-Pom Grass.png King Pom-Pom Grass 14+ 2,300G
RF4Big Red Crystal.png Big Red Crystal Spr/ Sum/ Win 80+ 90,000G
RF4Big White Crystal.png Big White Crystal Win Spr/ Sum/ Fall 90+ 3 101,500G
RF4Great Emery Flower.png Great Emery Flower none none 120+ 2 250,000G


This list includes all wild plants which appear on your shipping record under "Crops". These cannot be cultivated from seeds but can be collected in other ways, such as from the wild or from fallow fields.

Most wild crops will, once shipped, appear for sale at one or more of the town vendors (Sincerity General Store, Carnation's, Tiny Bandage Clinic). No matter what level wild crop you ship, shops will always sell level 1 wild crops. There are 3 crops you can never buy: Monarch Mushroom, Mealy Apple, and Ayngondaia Lawn.

Refer to the World Map for help locating items. The below locations are not always all-inclusive, but rather list the best location for finding a large number of a specific item. Note that most grasses can also be collected from Revival Cave and Maya Road.

Image Item Name Buy Sell Field? Location
RF4Bamboo Sprout.png Bamboo Sprout 200G 40G yes Selphia Plains B3
RF4Mushroom.png Mushroom 2,000G 10G no Selphia Plains D1-4, E1-3; Autumn Road F3;

drops from Big Muck, Tricky Muck

RF4Mushroom.png Monarch Mushroom - 10,000G hidden item, known to spawn at Sercerezo Hill C4 (large mushroom spawns on specific day summer 5 is confirmed), Autumn Road I1 (tree stump);

rare drop from Death Fungus

RF4Mealy Apple.png Mealy Apple - 3000G Typhoon, Siren
RF4Medicinal Herb.png Medicinal Herb 80G 8G yes Selphia Plains A1, B1
RF4Antidote Grass.png Antidote Grass 150G 6G Selphia Plains
RF4Black Grass.png Black Grass 120G 5G Obsidian Mansion A9
RF4Orange Grass.png Orange Grass Sercerezo Hill
RF4Red Grass.png Red Grass Delirium Lava Ruins
RF4Yellow Grass.png Yellow Grass Autumn Road
RF4Blue Grass.png Blue Grass Selphia Plains C3
RF4Green Grass.png Green Grass Selphia Plains
RF4Purple Grass.png Purple Grass Selphia Plains B2
RF4Indigo Grass.png Indigo Grass Yokmir Cave
RF4White Grass.png White Grass Sechs Territory
RF4Weeds.png Weeds 30G 1G grows in your field
RF4Withered Grass.png Withered Grass 100G Cluck-Cluck Nest
RF4Ayngondaia Lawn.png Ayngondaia Lawn - 33G no Revival Cave
RF4Elli Leaves.png Elli Leaves 3,500G 250G yes Floating Continent; Leon Karnak; Rune Prana


As noted above, Mushrooms can be found growing at Selphia Plains D1-4, Selphia Plains E1-3 and Autumn Road F3; they also drop from Big Muck, Tricky Muck. The Monarch Mushroom is also a very rare drop from Death Fungus.

Both Mushrooms and the Monarch Mushroom can be found as hidden items. The easiest way to find hidden items is to bring a monster or villager out adventuring with you and look for the treasure chest filled though bubble to appear above their head. This indicates that there is a hidden treasure somewhere near where the monster/person is standing. Look around until you get a red arrow and click A to receive your treasure!

It is suspected that anywhere you can find a hidden Mushroom is a place where you can also find a hidden Monarch Mushroom. There are 3 confirmed spawns for the hidden Monarch Mushroom: Sercerezo Hill C4 (search the upper leftmost large mushroom), Autumn Road I1 (search the mushroom-covered tree stump), and Autumn Road F5 (search the second leftmost large mushroom).

The Mushrooms have the following effects, when sorted using the X button:

  • +100 HP, +50 RP, heals Poison, Paralyze, and Seal
  • +60% HP, +13.5% RP, heals Fatigue and Cold
  • +100 HP +50 RP, inflicts Poison
  • +100 HP +50 RP, inflicts Paralyze
  • +9.9% HP +10% RP, inflicts Sleep
  • +9.9% HP +10% RP, inflicts Cold

Monarch Mushroom:

  • +100%HP +100%RP, heals Poison, Paralyze, Seal, Fatigue, Cold