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This page lists all the Crops available in Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, as well as information needed to grow them effectively.


Seeds Cost column have the original seed's value inside (bracket).

Profit requisite, mean how many vegetables, count individually, do you need to grow before you could refund the seed's cost, from Douglas Store. (Pumpkin General Store)






Fruit Trees

Apple.png Apples 60 G 1 Grassy Path (Both),
2 Green Garden (Second)
RF2Grape.png Grapes 290 G 1 Riverbank (Both),
2 Giant Boulder (Second)
Orange.png Orange 270 G 1 Altar (Both),
1 Dense Overgrow (Second),
2 West-Beach (Second)
All fruits regrow every 3 days**

Profit per bag of crops

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CROP PROFITS Kupo helped calculate the profit per bag of crops, if you grow them repeatedly during the season on your farmland. (For example, you can plant a bag of pink turnips 7 times max in spring on your farm, and that nets you a total profit of 6370 G, minus the seed costs.) The bolded crops are those that net you the most profit per season.

Of course, crops that regrow are most profitable when planted in dungeons.

Farm - Profit per seasons Spring Pink Melon (16,100 G), Pink Turnip (6,370 G), Strawberry (12,420 G), Cabbage (5,460 G), Moondrop (4,400 G), Toyherb (6,280 G), Onion (5,160 G) Summer Cucumber (5,720 G), Pineapple (6, 100), Tomato (7,470 G), Corn (7,380 G), Eggplant (9,070 G), Pumpkin (7,800 G), Pink Cat (4,280 G), Fall Yam (8,600 G), Green Pepper (9,150 G), Carrot (8,370 G), Potato (9,040 G), Spinach (9,550 G), Charm Blue (9,280 G) Winter Note : Can only be planted in Padova, and does not regrow. Turnip (8,400 G), Leek (12,000 G), Daikon Radish (13,200 G), White Cabbage (12,480 G), Hot-Hot Fruit (16,400 G)

Helpful Tips

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  • Once you get the seed maker in 2nd gen, you can turn your crops back into seeds and sell them to Douglas for half the "store seed price."
  • When you switch generations, you can avoid the big storm (which destroys a lot of your crops) by going to the school after 12 AM.
  • When you switch generations, 8 years lapse and many of your crops will be fully grown when you play as Aaron and Aria. This might be helpful if you're growing phantom crops to speed up their ripening. However, be aware that your crops might be destroyed.
  • You can also use the shortcut function for much faster crop harvesting: press left shoulder button and use stylus to tap crops and highlight them orange.
  • Bring a monster partner to make farming easier in dungeons.
  • Buffalo can smash boulders and Black Birds can chop branches if you bring them into the dungeons (available 2nd gen).
  • GOLD CROPS (cabbage, pumpkin, potato, and turnip) become available to grow in 2nd gen. Use "Inquisitive Waltz (RF2)" to find them in their respective seasonal dungeons. (Use seed maker to get more seeds.)
  • Phantom Crops are not included in this guide because they must be grown in the dungeons in order to ripen. They all take longer than a season to mature, and Douglas sells them for a hefty price in his shop. Note that you should take advantage of the "winter 50% off sale" to buy phantom seeds and plant them for a huge profit in their respectful dungeons.
    • There are phantom crops for each season, so browse through Douglas' store for information on each. (Some popular examples of phantom crops include the 4-LEAF CLOVER and EMERY FLOWER)**
  • The best money making crops (for 1st gen) in the dungeon fields after 84 in-game days and onwards are:
    1. Pineapple (Summer crop)
    2. Strawberry (Spring)
    3. Pink Melon / Emery Flower (Spring)
      • Assuming that:
        • Every fields in the dungeon were used. (Spring dungeon has a total of 8 fields, and Summer has 6)


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