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Since we cannot sort ingredients for a recipe, on a simple table, there is all the possible recipe you could do, but sorted by Item's name.

Recipes using - Minerals
Ingredient Recipes Upgrades
Accessories list, then Forge list
Silver Knight Boots (58), Courage Badge (43), (2) Rosary, Magic Earring, (2) Pierced Earring, (2) Amulet, (3) Silver Hairpin (43),Magic Ring, (2) Silver Bracelet, (4) Pendant U_Rosary, U_Pierced Earring, U_Fancy Hat, U_Earring, U_Silver Hairpin (43), U_Poison Ring, (2) U_Silver Bracelet, U_Pendant, U_Hearth Pendant, U_Star Pendant (54), U_Sun Pendant, U_Gale Pendant (42), U_Tear Pendant (46), U_Earth Pendant, U_Paralyses Ring
Spiked Hammer, Katana, Schnabel, Aerial Blade, Platinum Sword, Great Axe, Heavy Lance, Round Shield, Poison Spear, Halberd, Silver Staff, Defender U_Great Axe, U_Poison Blade, U_Feather Lance, U_Schnabel, (2) U_Heaven Asunder, U_Corsesca +, U_Earth Shade, U_Round Shield, (2) U_Sea Cutter, U_Water Spear, U_Silver Staff, U_defender, (2) UU_Intermediate Pole, (2) UU_Lion Waterpot, (2) UU_Lumber Axe, (2) UU_Seasoned Hoe, (2) UU_Silver Hammer, (2) UU_Quality Sickle, UU_Beginner's Pole, UU_Sturdy Hoe, UU_Chopping Axe, UU_Tin Waterpot, UU_Iron Hammer, UU_Iron Sickle
Bronze Heavy Boots, Brand Glasses (46), (2) Bronze Bracelet, (2) Cheap Bracelet, Poison Ring, Paralyse Ring U_Leather Boots, (2) U_Brand Glasses (46), U_Hachimaki, U_Fancy Hat, (2) U_Bronze Bracelet
Needle Spear, (2) Pole Axe, (2) Bronze Shield, (2) Lance, (2) Zweihander, Steel Sword, (2) Warhammer U_Corsesca +, U_Needle Spear, U_Luck Blade, U_Pole Axe, U_Greatsword, (2) U_Bronze Shield, U_defender, U_Wooden Staff, U_Staff, U_Lance Defender, U_zweihander, U_War Hammer, UU_Sturdy Hoe, UU_Chopping Axe, UU_Tin waterpot, UU_Iron Hammer, UU_Iron Sickle, (2) UU_Old Pole, UU_Rusty Hoe, (3) UU_Old Waterpot, UU_Rusty Axe, (2) UU_Old Hammer
Iron Art of Defense (86), Knight Boots (58), (2) Heavy Boots, (3), Ring Shield (49), Pin, (2) Lucky Strike, Pierced Earring, Leather Belt, Pendant, Cheap Bracelet, Poison Ring, Paralyses Ring U_Heavy Boots, (2) U_Lucky Strike
Aquasword, Earth Staff, Corsesca, (2) Round Shield, Gaia Sword, Luck Blade, Flame Saber, Great Hammer, Windsword, Cyclone Blade, Lithning Rod, Burnin'Blade, Flare Staff, Sakura, Needle Spear, Pole Axe, Bronze Shield, Defender, Lance, Zweihander, (2) Steel Sword, War Hammer (2) U_Katana, U_Earth Staff, U_Flamme Hammer, (2) U_Heavy Lance, U_Corsesca, U_Aqua Sword, U_Flare Staff, (2) U_Sakura, (2) U_Halberd, U_Round Shield, U_Burning'Blade Ice Staff, (2) U_Great Hammer, (2) U_Pole Axe +, U_Alldale, U_Flame Saber, U_Water Spear, U_Luck Blade, (2) U_Gaia Sword, U_Wind Sword, U_Pole Axe, U_Cyclone Blade, U_Greatsword, U_Lance +, (2) U_Steel Sword +, (2) U_War Hammer +, U_zweihander, U_Zweihander + U_defender, U_Lance, U_Steel Sword, U_War Hammer, (2) UU_Beginner's Pole, (2) UU_Sturdy Hoe, (2) UU_Chopping Axe, (2) UU_Tin Waterpot, (2) UU_Iron Hammer, (2) UU_Iron Sickle, (2) U_Big Knife, (2) UU_Rusty Hoe, (3) UU_Rusty Sickle, (2) UU_Rusty Axe, UU_Old Hammer, U_Back Scratcher
Scrap Iron 2) U_Courage Badge (43)
Platinum (2) Platinum Bracelet (2) U_Knight Boots (58), (2) U_Platinum Bracelet
(2) Platinum Shield, (2) Platinum Sword (2) U_Platinum Sword, U_Pitchfork, (3) UU_Golden Hammer, (2) UU_Famous Pole, (3) UU_Super Sickle, (2) UU_Rainbow Waterpot, (3) UU_Mountain Axe, (3) UU_Shiny Hoe
Gold Pierced Earring, (2) Earring, (2) Gold Hairpin (49), (4) Ruby Brooch (40), (2) Gold Bracelet, (4) Diamond Brooch (47), (3) Sapphire Brooch (43), (3) Emerald Brooch, (3) Amethyst Brooch, (3) Aquamarine Brooch U_Proof of Heroism (66), U_Pin, (2) U_Champion Belt (69), U_Fancy Hat, U_Amulet, U_Gold Hairpin (49), U_Ruby Brooch (40), U_Diamond Brooch (47), U_Sapphire Brooch (43), U_Emerald Brooch, U_Amethyst Brooch, U_Aquamarine Brooch, (2) U_Gold Bracelet
Sunspot, Smash Blade, Demon Axe, Cutlass U_Smash Blade, U_Cutlass, UU_Golden Hammer, UU_Famous Pole, UU_Super Sickle, UU_Rainbow Waterpot, UU_Mountain Axe, UU_Shiny Hoe, (2) UU_Intermediate Pole, (3) UU_Lion Waterpot, (3) UU_Lumber Axe, (3) UU_Seasoned Hoe, (3) UU_Silver Hammer, (3) UU_Quality Sickle
Recipes using gems
Ingredient Recipes Upgrades
Diamond Knight Boots (58), Brand Glasses (46), Sun Pendant, Diamond Brooch (47) • U_Talisman, U_Diamond Brooch (47) • U_Rune Staff (52), U_Rune Blade (59), U_Rune Shield (72), U_Gorgeous Sword (76), U_Trident (78)
Ruby Proof of Wisdom (56), Earth Pendant, Hearth Pendant, Ruby Brooch (40) • Joy Waterpot U_Ruby Brooch (40) • U_Mage's Staff+
Aquamarine Tear Pendant (46), Hearth Pendant, Aquamarine Brooch • U_Proof of Wisdom (56), U_Aquamarine Brooch • U_Magic Shield, U_Mage's Staff, U_Snow Crown, U_Mage's Staff+
Emerald Emerald Brooch • U_Emerald Brooch • U_Staff, U_Magic Shield, U_Prism Shield, U_Mage's Staff
Sapphire Proof of Heroism (66), Gale Pendant (42), Sapphire Brooch (43) • U_Sapphire Brooch (43) • U_Flamberge
Amethyst Amulet, Hearth Pendant, Amethyst Brooch • U_Amethyst Brooch • U_Wizard's Staff
Recipes using crystals
Ingredient Recipes Upgrades
Wind Crystal Gale Pendant (42) • Cyclone Blade. Windsword, Aerial Blade, Heaven Asunder, Lightning Rod, Sky Hammer, Tomahawk U_Gold Hairpin (49) • U_Omni-Elemental (89)
Water Crystal Tear Pendant • Water Spear, Sea Cutter, Aquasword, Ice Staff, Ice Hammer, Snow Crown, Iseberk, Icifier, Frost Axe, Crystal Hammer U_Fireproof Hood • U_Omni-Elemental (89)
Fire Crystal Fireproof Hood, Sun Pendant • Flame Saber, Flare Staff, Burnin' Blade, Flame Hammer, Flare Lance, Sunspot, Shiny Blade, Raventine, Heat Axe (49) U_Fireproof Hood • U_Volcannon, U_Omni-Elemental (89)
Earth Crystal Earth Pendant • Wooden Staff, Gaia Sword, Earth Shade, Earth Staff, Grantale, Grand Smasher, Monk Staff, Gravit Hammer (50), Rock Axe (56) • U_Omni-Elemental (89)
Magic Crystal Proof of Wisdom (56), Ring Shield (49), Magic Earring, Evil Charm, Earring, (2) Magic Ring • Magic Shield, Sea Cutter, Sakura, Sunspot, Shiny Blade, Wizard Staff, Mage's Staff, Katzbalger, Monk Staff, Silent Grave, Dragonslayer, Heat Axe (49) • (2)U_Magical Lance
Little Crystal Accessory : Proof of Heroism (66), Feather Boots (47), Ring Shield (49), Fireproof Hood, Talisman, Star Pendant (54), Gold Bracelet Forge : Katana, Durandel, Mage's Staff' Dragonslayer, Punisher (49), Magical Shield (49), Moon Shadow (65), Saint Axe (65)
Recipes using - Fur
Ingredient Recipes Upgrades
Small Fleece Fur Sleeping Bag, Handkit Scarf, (2) Handkit Hat
Small Yarn Ball (2) Handkit Hat
Medium Fleece Fur Sleeping Bag, Handkit Scarf
Medium Yarn Ball Handkit Scarf U_Handkit Hat
Large Fleece Fur Sleeping Bag, Fluffy Scarf U_Fluffy Scarf
Large Yarn Ball Fluffy Scarf, Handkit Scarf U_Handkit Scarf
Fur Accessory : Magic Earring, (2) Fireproof Hood, Pierced Earring, Fancy Hat, Sun Pendant Forge : Alldale, Sky Hammer, Grand Smasher, Dragon's Fang (70)
Quality Fur Accessory : Feather Boots (47), Brand Glasses (46), Feathered Cap (51), Earth Pendant Forge : Flamberge, Spiked Hammer, Snow Crown, Chaos Shield, Frost Axe, Knight Shield (55), Trident (73)
Woolly Furball Accessory : (4) Fluffy Scarf, Handkit Scarf, Handkit Hat, Field Gloves, Charm Forge : Miracle Axe, Cyclone Blade, Fame Hammer, Shiny Blade, Wizard's Staff, Iseberk, Rock Axe (56), Gae Bolg (63)
Cloth, strings & feather
Ingredient Accessory Forge
Cheap Cloth Accessory : (2) Leather Boots, Rosary, Field Gloves, Leather Gloves, Charm • U_Leather Gloves, U_Field Gloves Forge : Silver Staff, Greatsword, Magic Shield, Flame Saber, Great Hammer, Water Spear, Round Shield, Corsesca, Durandel, Spiked Hammer, Bone Shield, Wizard's Staff, Grand Smasher, Bio Smasher
Quality Cloth Accessory : Evil Charm, Power Gloves, Hachimaki, Field Gloves, (2) Charm, Fancy Hat Forge : Windsword, Flare Staff, Aerial Blade, Heaven Asunder, Platinum Shield, Icifier, Monk Staff, Dancing Dicer, Silent Grave, Soul Eater, Crystal Hammer (60), Dragon's Fang (70)
Silk Cloth Accessory : Art of Magic (76), Art of Defense (86), Art of Attack (96), Proof of Wisdom (56), Proof of Heroism (66), Knight Boots (58), Champion Belt (69) • U_Feather Boots (47) Forge : Punisher (49), Element Shield (59), Crystal Hammer (60), Saint Axe (65), Balmung (80)
Proof of warrior Accessory : Proof of Heroism (66), Courage Badge (43), Talisman, Lucky Strike, Sun Pendant • U_Leather Belt, U_Power Gloves Forge : Alldale, Schnabel, Heaven Asunder, Flamberge, Kite Shield, Blood Lance, Overbreak, Heat Axe (49), Knight Shield (55), Rock Axe (56)
Cheap Bandage Accessory : Feather Boots (47), Evil Charm, Hachimaki, Sun Pendant • U_Evil Charm Forge : Flame Hammer, Kite Shield, Blood Lance, Frst Axe, Overbreak, Chaos Blade (51)*, Moon Shadow (65)
Giant's Gloves Accessory : Fireproof Hood, Power Gloves, Hachimaki, Leather Gloves, Leather Belt, Earring • U_Art of Defense (86) Forge : Earth Staff, Schnabel, Ice Hammer, Platinum Shield, Sunspot, Shiny Blade, Snow Crown, Silent Grave, Chaos Blade (51)
Hood Accessory : Fireproof Hood, Hachimaki, Leather Gloves, Fancy Hat • U_Magic Earring, U_Art of Magic (76) Forge : Luck Blade, Kite Shield, Tomahawk, Overbreak, Gravit Hammer (50), Element Shield (59), Dragon's Fang (70)
Strong String Accessory : Leather Boots, Power Gloves, Hachimaki, Field Gloves, Leather Gloves, Leather Belt, Charm, Fancy Hat, Magic Ring Forge : Wooden Staff, Sacred Pole, Cutlass, Needle Spear, Magic Shield, Water Spear, Aquasword, Sky Hammer, Katzbalger, Double edge (50), Blue Eyed Blade (56)
Sparkle String Accessory : Art of Magic (76), Art of Defense (86), Art of Attack (96), Evil Charm, Hachimaki, Talisman, Charm, Earth Pendant, Pendant Forge : Platinum Hammer, Silver Staff, Greatsword, Sea Cutter, Corsesca, Aerial Blade, Prism Shield, Sunspot, Mage's Staff, Monk Staff, Frost Axe, Gravios (52)
Scorpion Tail open "spore" instead
Bird Wing Accessory : Art of Magic (76), Art of Defense (86), Art of Attack (96), Proof of Wisdom (56), Feather Boots (47), Feathered Cap (51), (2) Fancy Hat, Gale Pendant (42), Hearth Pendant • U_Feathered Cap (51) Forge : Heavy Lance, Lightning Rod, Demon Axe, Flamberge, Sky Hammer, Tomahawk, Chaos Blade (51), Gae Bolg (63)
Glue, Liquid, Powder, Root & poison
Ingredient Recipes Upgrades
Glue Accessory :Heavy Boots, Courage Badge (43), Feathered Cap (51), Champion Belt (69), Gold Hairpin (49) Forge : Platinum Sword, Katana, Durandel, Spiked Hammer, Rune Staff, Belvarose (59), Moon Shadow (65), Rune Shield (68), Trident (73)
Devil Blood Accessory : Proof of Wisdom (56), Knight Boots (58) Forge : Bone Hammer, Dragonslayer, Element Shield (59), Saint Axe (65), Steel Slicer (92) • (2)U_Super Psycho
Gunpowder Accessory : Magic Earring, Pin, Tear Pendant (46) Forge : Luck Blade, Flare Staff, Heavy Lance, Heaven Asunder, Bone Hammer, Grand Smasher, Bjor (52)
Magic Powder Accessory : Art of Magic (76), Ring Shield (49), Evil Charm, Pierced Earring, Earring Forge : Gaia Sword, Flare Staff, Earth Staff, Flame Hammer, Ice Staff, Lightning Rod, Demon Axe, Wizard's Staff, Snow Crow, Chaos Blade, Saint Axe
Fairy Dust Accessory : Art of Magic (76), Courage Badge (43), Ring Shield (49), Talisman, Gold Hairpin (49) Forge : Ice Hammer, Magical Shield (49), Gravit Hammer (50), Rock Axe (56), Saint Axe (65), Balmung (80)
Spore Accessory : Leather Boots, Poison Ring Forge : Staff, Greatsword, Needle Spear, Sakura, Burnin'Blade, Earth Shade, Prism Shield, Blood Lance, Gigant Hammer, Metus, Heat Axe (49)
Poison Powder Accessory : Poison Ring Sakura, Poison Spear, Poison Blade, Demon Axe, Prism Shield, Blood Lance, Chaos Shield, Bio Smasher, Metus, Soul Eater, Bjor (52)
Root Accessory : Leather Boots, Paralyse Ring • U_Sun Pendant Forge : Staff, Wooden Staff, Cyclone Balde, Alldale, Gaia Sword, Poison Spear, Round Shield, Earth Shade, Aquasword Prism Shield, SKy Hammer, Mage's Staff, Slient Grave, Soul Eater
Strong Vine Accessory : Power Gloves, Field Gloves, Talisman Forge : Wooden Staff, Heavy Lance, Great Axe, Poison Blade, Flamberge, Katzbalger, Blue Eyed Blade (56)
Plant Stern Accessory : Rosary, Talisman, Tear Pendant (46), Paralyse Ring Forge : Staff, blessed Hoe, Greatsword, Needle Spear, Magic Shield, Flame Saber, Great Hammer, Earth Shade, Smash Balde, Prism Shield, Crescent Axe, Grantale
Scorpion Tail Accessory : Field Gloves, Magic Ring, Paralyse Ring Forge : Alldale, Halberd, Sakura, Poison Spear, Great Axe, Flare Lance, Dancing Dicer, Soul Eater, Bjor (52), Blue Eyed Blade (56)
Fangs, Shell & Bones
Ingredient Accessory Forge
Giant's Fingernail Accessory : Gale Pendant (42) Forge : Burning' Blade, Poison Spear, War Hammer, Battle Hammer, Bone Shield, Monk Staff, Bio Smasher, Platinum Sword, Smash Blade (52), Dancing Dicer (56)
Scorpion Pincer Accessory : Lucky Strike, Amulet Forge : Windsword, Flame Saber, Luck Blade, Water Spear, Poison Spear, Poison Blade, Schnabel, Flare Lance, Katzbalger, Icifier, Magical Shield (49)
Panther Claw Accessory : Power Gloves, Lucky Strike, Leather Belt, Poison Ring Forge : Defender, Luck Blade, Corsesca, Smash Blade, Tomahawk, Metus, Gravios (52), Blue Eyed Blade (56), Trident (73), Steel Slicer (92)
Wolf Fang Accessory : Art of Attack (96), Courage Badge (43), Pin, Silver Hairpin (43) Forge : Durandel, Crescent Axe, Gigant Hammer, Knight Shield (56), Belvarose (59), Gae Bold (63), Moon Shadow (65), Dragon's Fang (70), Steel Slicer (92) • U_Dragon's Fang (73)
Rage Fang Accessory: Art of Attack (96), Proof of Heroism (66) Forge : Durandel, Bone Hammer, Punisher (49), Double Edge (50), Gae Bolg (63), Rune Shield (68), Balmung (80) • U_Dragon's Fang (73)
Insect Jaw Accessory : Brand Glasses (46) Forge : Earth Staff, Poison Blade, Tomahawk, Grantale, Chaos Shield, Gigant Hammer, Overbreak, Bjor (52)
Bull Horn Accessory : Art of Attack (96), Ring Shield (49), Champion Belt (69), Lucky Strike, Earring Forge : Defender, Heavy Lance, Great Axe, Heaven Asunder, Grantale, Overbreak, Moon Shadow (65), Rune Shield (68)
Hard Horn Accessory : Magic Earring, Lucky Strike, Earth Pendant, Bronze Bracelet Forge : Halberd, Gaia Sword, Corsesca, Flame Hammer, Shash Blade, Platinum Shield, Grand Smasher, Heavy Shield, Dancing Dicer, Silent Grave
Devil Horn Accessory : Art of Magic (76), U_Art of Attack (96), Proof of Heroism (66), Champion Belt (69) Forge : Bone Hammer, Punisher (49), Double Edge (50), Element Shield (59), Gae Bolg (63), Balmung (80)
Insect Skin Accessory : Power Gloves, Leather Belt, Amulet, Magic Ring Forge : Staff, Windsword, Great Hammer, Halberd, Earth Shade, Great Axe, Iseberk, Heavy Shield, Bio Smasher, Raventine, Heat Axe (49), Knight Shield (55)
Specked skin Accessory : Leather Boots, Leather Gloves, Leather Belt Forge : Joy Waterpot, Greatsword, Magic Shield, Sea Cutter, Aerial Blade, Smash Blade, rescent Axe, Wizard's Staff, Mage's Staff, Frost Axe, Metus, Chaos Blade (51)
Fish Fossil Accessory : Feather Boots (47), Feathered Cap (51), Pin, Gold Hairpin (49) Forge : Katana, Chaos Shield, Dragonslayer, Belvarose (59), Dragon's Fang (70), Trident (73), Steel Slicer (92)
Tortoise Shell Accessory : Art of Defense (86), Tear Pendant (46) Forge : Cyclone Blade, Water Spear, Sea Cutter, Aquasword, Ice Staff, Tortoise Shield, Shiny Blade, Snow Crown, Iseberk, Grantale, Icifier • U_Tortoise Shield
Skull Accessory : Brand Glasses (46), Gale Pendant (42) Forge : Cutlass, Lightning Rod, Demon Axe, Bone Shield, Iseberk, Blood Lance, Chaos Shield, Bio Smasher, Raventine
Broken Box Accessory : Art of Defense (86), Proof of Wisdom (56), Star Pendant (54) Forge : Rune Staff, Punisher (50), Double Edge (50), Rune Shield (68), Balmung (80)
Broken Hilt Accessory : Pin, Silver Hairpin (43) Forge : Platinum Sword, Crescent Axe, Rune Staff, Gravit Hammer (50), Rock Axe (56), Element Shield (59)
Arrowhead Accessory : Rosary, Brand Glasses (46), Amulet, Magic Ring Forge : Legend Sickle, Great Hammer, Halberd, Burnin' Blade, Poison Blade, Ice Staff, Flare, Lance, Flamberge, Crescent Axe, Katzbalger, Dancing Dicer
Shoulder Piece Accessory : Heavy Boots, Feathered Cap (51), Pin, Silver Hairpin (43) Forge : Katana, Ice Hammer, Spiked Hammer, Magical Shield (49), Belvarose (59), Trident (73)
Hammer Piece Accessory : Champion Belt (69), Star Pendant (54), Platinum Bracelet Forge : Bone Hammer, Gigant Hammer, Rune Staff, Double edge (50), Crystal Hammer (60)
Accessories - Double Craft
Ingredient Recipes Upgrades
Leather Boots Heavy Boots, Feather Boots (47)
Feather Boots Knight Boots
Fancy Hat Feathered Cap
Field Gloves Leather Gloves
Leather Belt Champion Belt (69)
Pendant Earth Pendant, Tear Pendant (46), Gale Pendant (42), Sun Pendant, Star Pendant (54), Hearth Pendant
Silver Hairpin Gold Hairpin (49)
Charm Evil Charm U-Charm
Pin Courage Badge (43)
Pierced Earring Magic Earring
Heavy Shield U_Ring Shield
Cheap Bracelet Bronze Bracelet
Antidote Potion Poison Ring
Para-Gone Paralyse Ring

Note : For each items, required quantity for a recipe is specified before its name. A number after the name, represent recipe level, or difficulty's. Note : Letter U, before the name of a ingredient, means this recipe is for upgrading an items. A doubled U is use to inform that the recipe make the item evolve into an another one; the tools.