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Item Crafting becomes automatically available after expanding the house, a working table, forge and anvil will appear on the left side of your home. These allow Raguna to craft weapons, shields, accessories and medicines on his own.

However, just upgrading the house isn't enough: Crafting recipes have to be bought first from the Kardia Library, and then gradually practiced as Raguna starts with no crafting skills.

Some shops offer craftable goods to an extent:

  • Edward Clinic offers purchasable medicines, herbs and healing potions.
  • General Store offers new accesories after clearing specific dungeons.
  • Sword Leo Smithery offers weapons, shields and tool upgrades up to it's third upgrade.

Crafting requieres such materials as minerals, medicinal herbs and monster drops.


Weapons are to fight against monsters and bosses, and a more practical alternative to bludgeoning monsters to death with a watering can. They all share the Swordmanship skill despite coming in varieties as two-handed swords, hammers, battleaxes, polearms and one-handed swords (this one the only that allows simultaneous equipment of a shield).

Training the Forgery skill is necessary to craft higher-level weapons.


Shields are basic protective gear equipped in Raguna's off-hand, as such shields are only useable if wielding one-handed swords regardless of it being possible to equip anytime. They always give bonuses to the Defense stat and may give additional resistances to elemental damage, status alterations, Power and Toppling attacks.

Like weapons the Forgery skill has to be trained to craft higher-level shields.


Accessories usually provide bonuses to defense, stats or secondary protective effects, but some (like gemstone rings) lack practical use, instead they can be made from common mineable materials and sold at a high price.

These require training a separate skill named Decoration.


Tools are used for farming, monster caring and simpler chores. These are obtained from other characters, and later upgraded either by Leo or by crafting them yourself.

Tool crafting uses the Forgery skill and increasing it is necessary to craft higher-level tools.

See Tools (RF) for usage and upgrade requirements, see also the Items page linked above for ingredients.


Medicines are for healing HP, cure status conditions, increase Raguna's stats and improve the quality of crops. Most medicines and basic ingredients can be bought at the Edward Clinic.

See the Items page linked above for ingredients and monster drops.

Training the Pharmacy skill is necessary to craft better medicine.