Cooking Recipes can be found in-game from eating Cooking Bread. These can be bought from Porcoline, or can be won from festivals.  High-level recipes (over level 80*) can only be learned by eating Cooking Bread+.  Cooking Bread+ are sometimes dropped by bosses in the Sharance Maze.

Cooking Bread
A magic bread that teaches you new recipes. You can learn one (simple) recipe appropriate to your skill. Sold/Lend by Porcoline
Cooking Bread+
A nicely baked Medicine Bread. Teaches you a difficult recipe appropriate to your skill. Reward found inside Sharance Labyrinth


  • It is possible to cook an item without having the recipe unlocked in-game, but doing so will require a far larger amount of RP than usual.  Attempting to cook without a recipe AND without sufficient RP will always fail.
  • Any recipe with less than the maximum of six ingredients can be improved by adding edible items to the empty slots during creation.
  • Dairy items, such as eggs and milk, can be (S), (M), or (L).  While any size will work for recipes, larger sizes will result in higher level dishes.
  • Likewise, vegetables and flowers can be substituted for their giant versions.  These will also result in a higher-level dish.
  • The selling prices shown both here and on the recipe in-game are for a level-one dish.  Prices for higher level dishes increase with level.

The player must first buy cooking appliances from Porcoline, in order to cook.

Note: Once all cooking appliances have been purchased, one can spend Prince/ss Points to unify all cooking appliances. When you do this, the individual tools will not physically merge, but you can click on any one tool and have the option to use all the others from it.


Frying pan






Failed dish