At First when cooking is avalable it will be located in the Kitchen in the Three Sister's Inn. When finding the Kitchen you will find there is only 3 Cooking Utensils, which is the Kitchen, the Frying Pan, and the Pot. With going to the Utensils, Odette will come up and ask if "you want to learn to cook?" "Aden" will say yes and then Odette will give you the first Recipe book which will give "Aden" recipes for the Kitchen, the Frying Pan, and the Pot.

To get other kitchen utensils first you need to upgrade your house, to upgrade your house it must be on a thursday at Midday, Talk to James in the Church Plaza to see a list of upgrades for your house and appliances, Select Others and choose to upgrade your house. By doing so an option to add a kitchen will be provided, after adding a kitchen you must buy the utensils such as the Steamer, Oven, and Mixer individually. You can just buy the master level of each and not have to spend money on the basic or advanced levels if you have enough money to do so. Remember that James also has a monthly sale on the 23rd of every month.

Every dish you make has a certain skill level you need to be to make it. If "Aden's" cooking skill is 1 and the skill of the dish you want to make is 5 it will be "somewhat difficult", meaning you will have a harder time making it than the if it was skill 1. If the dish was skill 22 on the other hand you could not make it at all.

*Tip - you can make tons of money by buying milk from the bar and cooking it to make Hot Milk, with some haggling skills a profit of ~100G is attainable, when low on RP either buy some pickled eggplants/turnips or eat some fish dishes you made or go to the Bath House or if Lily is working in the inn you can buy ice cream from her. You can do this trick when on the day that the inn is having a sale to increase your profits.

House Upgrades


Shrimp Sashimi (RFToD) This is where you make Sashimi and other dishes by using only raw ingredients and a cutting knife.

Type Price
Basic 1,000G
Advanced 3,000G
Master 9,000G

Frying Pan

This is where you can fry all kinds of dishes. Fish you catch and crops you farm are more the ingredients you will need to fry on the frying pan.

Type Price
Basic Frying Pan 500G
Advanced Frying Pan 1,500G
Master Frying Pan 5,500G


Strawberry Jam (RFToD) This is where you will be able to boil ingredients and make all sorts of jams. When using the pot just add the ingredients and then start cooking.

Type Price
Basic Pot 500G
Advanced Pot 1,500G
Master Pot 5,500G


This is where you can make desserts such as pudding among other things.

Type Price
Basic Steamer 500G
Advanced Steamer 1,500G
Master Steamer 8,500G


With the oven you can make a lot of baked dishes such as pies, tarts, cookies, and cakes.

Type Price
Basic Oven 1000G
Advanced Oven 2,500G
Master Oven 12,000G


Cream Soda (RFToD) This is where you make fruit and vegetable juices.

Type Price
Basic Mixer 500G
Advanced Mixer 1,500G
Master Mixer 8,500G

Recipe Locations

Kitchen Recipes

Quest Given by
Kitchen Recipes (Lv. 2) After completing "A good island for animals" (story request). Maerwen
Kitchen Recipes (Lv. 3) After completing "Cleaning help needed" Odette - 6FP
Kitchen Recipes (Lv. S) After completing "Cooking to share" (story request) Odette

Frying Pan Recipes

Quest Given by
Frying Pan Recipes (Lv. 2) After completing "Earn a free meal!" Odette - 2FP
Frying Pan Recipes (Lv. 2) After completing "I have a problem..." Bismark - 4FP
Frying Pan Recipes (Lv. 3) After completing "A dangerous request" Maerwan - 2FP
Frying Pan Recipes (Lv. 3) After completing "Treasure on display!" Joe - 7FP (Sonja only)
Frying Pan Recipes (Lv. S) After completing "A delivery request" Bismark - 7FP (Sonja only)
Frying Pan Recipes (Lv. S) After completing "Help wanted!" Sierra - 8FP (Aden only)

Pot Recipes

Quest Given by
Pot Recipes (Lv. 2) After completing "Will you come with me?" Odette - 4FP
Pot Recipes (Lv. 3) After completing "I need a little help" Maerwan - 3FP
Pot Recipes (Lv. 3) After completing "I need some items" Mikoto - 6FP
Pot Recipes (Lv. S) After completing "Hey, bath lover" Maerwan - 3FP

Steamer Recipes

Quest Given by
Steamer Recipes (Lv. 2) After completing "Any extra?" Maerwan - 4FP
Steamer Recipes (Lv. S) After completing "Come talk with me" Jocelyn - 5FP
Steamer Recipes (Lv. S) After completing "Help me look for something" Maerwan - 6FP

Oven Recipes

Quest Given by
Oven Recipes (Lv. 2) After completing "If you're not too busy..." Maerwan - 1FP
Oven Recipes (Lv. 3) After completing "Anyone not busy?" Maerwan - 5FP
Oven Recipes (Lv. S) After completing "Are you all settled here?" Beatrix - 1FP

Mixer Recipes

Quest Given by
Mixer Recipes (Lv. 2) After completing "Wakame seaweed" Kelsey - 4FP
Mixer Recipes (Lv. S) After completing "I don't have enough!" or "I need some stuff" Kelsey or Quinn respectively when Jocelyn's friendship level is at 6. The first one you complete will give you the recipe.


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