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Cooking in Rune Factory 5 is to make food to consume or to give as gifts. To get started at cooking, accept the request "Buy a Cooking Table" by Elsje at the Task Board just outside Rigbarth Outpost. It is given to the protagonist for free by Palmo at Studio Palmo. The Cooking Table will be at the platform of the entrance of Studio Palmo. Before buying other cooking utensil, the protagonist will need to pass a test from St. Eliza (the talking mailbox) at Rigbarth Outpost to obtain the Basic Cooking License or Pro Cooking License. After passing the test, proceed to buy the any cooking utensil at Studio Palmo from either Palmo or Ryker.   

Cooking Recipes

Cooking table (Simple Recipes)

Image Name Level Effects Selling price Ingredients
RF5Onigiri.png Onigiri 2 HP:+220, RP:+30, STR:+1, VIT:+1, INT:+1 57G Rice
RF5Pickled Turnip.png Pickled Turnip 4 HP:+250, RP:+100, STR:+5, VIT:+3, INT:+5 48G Turnip
RF5Bamboo Rice.png Bamboo Rice 7 HP:+300, RP:+80, STR:+2, VIT:+2, INT:+2 162G Rice Bamboo Shoot
RF5Pickles.png Pickles 10 HP:+400, RP:+100, STR:+4, VIT:+3, INT:+2 105G Cucumber
RF5Pickled Turnip (Pink).png Pickled Turnip 12 HP:+250, RP:+100, STR:+5, VIT:+3, INT:+5 48G Pink Turnip
RF5Salmon Onigiri.png Salmon Onigiri 20 HP:+2700, RP:+200, STR:+10, VIT:+6, INT:+9 645G Salted Salmon Rice
RF5Cheese.png Cheese 22 RP:+30 400G Sour Drop Milk (S) (M) (L)
RF5Sandwich.png Sandwich 34 HP:+4000, RP:+840, STR:+23, VIT:+12, INT:+17 964G Bread Egg (S) (M) (L) Cucumber
RF5Fruit Sandwich.png Fruit Sandwich 35 HP:+4080, RP:+1000, STR:+30, VIT:+15, INT:+20 540G Bread Strawberry
RF5Pickle Mix.png Pickle Mix 48 HP:+5000, HP:+11%, RP:+1000, STR:+60, STR:+3% VIT:+20, VIT:+3%, INT:+35, INT:+1%, Fire Res:10%, Light Res:10% 520G Turnip Pink Turnip
RF5Relax Tea Leaves.png Relax Tea Leaves 50 Max RP:+50 100G White Grass Orange Grass Green Grass Yellow Grass Blue Grass Purple Grass
RF5Octopus Rice.png Octopus Rice 55 HP:+5000, HP:+20%, RP:+1000, STR:+75, STR:+8% VIT:+35, VIT:+9%, INT:+42, INT:+5% 200G Rice Octopus
RF5Salad.png Salad 67 HP:+5000, HP:+86%, RP:+1000, STR:+70, STR:+7% VIT:+30, VIT:+8%, INT:+40, INT:+4% 6900G Mayonnaise Cucumber Tomato Cabbage
Turnip Heaven 96 HP:+5000, HP:+90%, RP:+1000, RP:+90%, STR:+90, STR:+10%, VIT:+80, VIT:+15%, INT:+50, INT:+10%, Fire Res:20%, Light Res:20%, Dark Res:20% 150,000G Turnip Pink Turnip Golden Turnip
Gold Octopus Rice 98 HP:+5000, HP:+95%, RP:+1000, RP:+95%

STR:+92, STR:+15%, VIT:+85, VIT:+20%, INT:+60, INT:+12%

200,000G Rice Gold Octopus


Image Name Level Effects Selling price Ingredients
RF5Pike Sashimi.png Pike Sashimi 1 HP:+120, RP:+30, STR:+1 13G Pike
RF5Masu Trout Sashimi.png Masu Trout Sashimi 2 HP:+150, RP:+50, STR:+3 17G Masu Trout
RF5 Cherry Salmon Sashimi.png Cherry Salmon Sashimi 3 HP:+200, RP:+50, STR:+5 21G Cherry Salmon
RF5 Needlefish Sashimi.png Needlefish Sashimi 4 HP:+200, RP:+70, STR:+7 34G Needlefish
RF5 Squid Sashimi.png Squid Sashimi 4 HP:+200, RP:+80, STR:+10 29G Squid
RF5 Girella Sashimi.png Girella Sashimi 6 HP:+220, RP:+100, STR:+12 52G Girella
RF5 Sardine Sashimi.png Sardine Sashimi 8 HP:+350, RP:+100, STR:+15 88G Sardine
RF5 Salmon Sashimi.png Salmon Sashimi 12 HP:+600, RP:+150, STR:+18 100G Salmon
RF5 Shrimp Sashimi.png Shrimp Sashimi 14 HP:+1000, RP:+240, STR:+20 125G Shrimp
RF5 Char Sashimi.png Char Sashimi 15 HP:+1000, RP:+400, STR:+22 130G Char
RF5 Turbot Sashimi.png Turbot Sashimi 21 HP:+1900, RP:+700, STR:+25 150G Turbot
RF5 Rainbow Trout Sashimi.png Rainbow Trout Sashimi 26 Status Ailments:PSN, HP:+2860, RP:+700, Psn Res:100% 240G Rainbow Trout
RF5 Flounder Sashimi.png Flounder Sashimi 30 HP:+3240, RP:+800, STR:+28 300G Flounder
RF5 Skipjack Sashimi.png Skipjack Sashimi 37 HP:+4520, RP:+800, STR:+30 300G Skipjack
RF5 Lobster Sashimi.png Lobster Sashimi 40 HP:+5000, RP:+800, STR:+35 1230G Lobster
RF5 Splendid Alfonsino Sashimi.png Splendid Alfonsino Sashimi 45 HP:+5500, RP:+900, STR:+40 1500G Splendid Alfonsino
RF5 Snapper Sashimi.png Snapper Sashimi 50 HP:+5800, RP:+1000, STR:+40 1980G Snapper
RF5 Lamp Squid Sashimi.png Lamp Squid Sashimi 53 Status Ailments:SEAL, HP:+5000, HP:+26%, RP:+1000, Seal Res:100% 2895G Lamp Squid
RF5 Autumn Flounder Sashimi.png Autumn Flounder Sashimi 58 HP:+5000, HP:+50%, RP:+1000, STR:+70 3750G Autumn Flounder
RF5 Throbby Snapper Sashimi.png Throbby Snapper Sashimi 63 HP:+5000, HP:+74%, RP:+1000, STR:+99 5400G Throbby Snapper
RF5 Yellowtail Sashimi.png Yellowtail Sashimi 68 HP:+5000, HP:+89%, RP:+1000, STR:+150, STR:+3% 6700G Yellowtail
RF5 Blowfish Sashimi.png Blowfish Sashimi 71 Status Ailments: PAR, HP:+5000, HP:+98%, RP:+1000, STR:+150, STR:+5%, Par Res:100% 8800G Blowfish
RF5 Fatty Tuna Sashimi.png Fatty Tuna Sashimi 74 HP:+5000, HP:+107%, RP:+1000, STR:+150, STR:+7% 9500G Tuna
RF5 Sunfish Sashimi.png Sunfish Sashimi 75 HP:+5000, HP:+100%, RP:+1000, STR:+150, STR:+9% 10000G Sunfish
RF5 Sunsquid Sashimi.png Sunsquid Sashimi 77 HP:+5000, HP:+116%, RP:+1000, STR:+150, STR:+10% 11800G Sunsquid
RF5 Taimen Sashimi.png Taimen Sashimi 79 HP:+5000, HP:+122%, RP:+1000, STR:+150, STR:+15% 12200G Taimen
Glitter Sashimi 92 HP:+5000, HP:+161%, RP:+1000, STR:+150, STR:+18%

Light Res:50%

24000G Glitter Snapper

Frying Pan

Image Name Level Effects Selling price Ingredients
RF5Salted Pond Smelt.png Salted Pond Smelt 6 HP:+350, Max RP:+3, INT:+1 173G Pond Smelt Sour Drop
RF5 Salted Pike.png Salted Pike 8 HP:+480, Max RP:+5, INT:+2 190G Pike Sour Drop
RF5 Salted Masu Trout.png Salted Masu Trout 9 HP:+600, Max RP:+7, INT:+3 220G Masu Trout Sour Drop
RF5 Baked Apple.png Baked Apple 9 HP:+550, Max HP:+10, STR:+1, VIT:+1, INT:+1 175G Apple
RF5 Salted Cherry Salmon.png Salted Cherry Salmon 12 HP:+780, Max RP:+8, INT:+4 238G Cherry Salmon Sour Drop
RF5 Grilled Needlefish.png Grilled Needlefish 12 HP:+800, Max RP:+10, INT:+5 248G Needlefish Sour Drop
RF5 Grilled Squid.png Grilled Squid 13 HP:+1080, Max RP:+15, INT:+8 250G Squid Sour Drop
RF5 Grilled Crucian Carp.png Grilled Crucian Carp 14 HP:+1320, Max RP:+20, INT:+10 265G Crucian Carp Sour Drop
RF5 Grilled Sand Flounder.png Grilled Sand Flounder 15 HP:+1480, Max RP:+25, INT:+12, Psn Atk:+1% 275G Sand Flounder Sour Drop
RF5 Grilled Girella.png Grilled Girella 16 HP:+1640, Max RP:+30, INT:+15 295G Girella Sour Drop
RF5 Grilled Mackerel.png Grilled Mackerel 16 HP:+1720, Max RP:+35, INT:+16 325G Mackerel Sour Drop
RF5 Salted Salmon.png Salted Salmon 17 HP:+1800, Max RP:+40, INT:+18 370G Salmon Sour Drop
RF5 Grilled Shrimp.png Grilled Shrimp 18 HP:+1960, Max RP:+45, INT:+20 398G Shrimp Sour Drop
RF5 Grilled Gibelio.png Grilled Gibelio 19 HP:+2280, Max RP:+55, INT:+23 272G Gibelio Sour Drop
RF5 Salted Char.png Salted Char 19 HP:+2200, Max RP:+50, INT:+22 260G Char Sour Drop
RF5 Rolled Eggs.png Rolled Eggs 20 HP:+2360, Max HP:+50, STR:+5, VIT:+5, INT:+5 335G Egg (S) (M) (L)
RF5 Grilled Turbot.png Grilled Turbot 21 HP:+2680, Max RP:+60, INT:+25 648G Turbot Sour Drop
RF5 Salted Chub.png Salted Chub 23 HP:+3000, Max RP:+65, INT:+28 330G Chub Sour Drop
RF5 French Fries.png French Fries 24 HP:+3160, Max HP:+80, STR:+7, VIT:+7, INT:+7 614G Oil Potato
RF5Dried Sardine.png Dried Sardines 24 HP:+3240, Max RP:+70, INT:+30 400G Sardine Sardine Sardine
RF5Salted Rainbow trout.png Salted Rainbow Trout 27 Status Ailments:PSN, HP:+3640, Max RP:+80, INT:+32, Psn Res:100%, Psn Atk:50% 390G Rainbow Trout Sour Drop
RF5Omelet.png Omelet 28 HP:+3800, Max HP:+100, STR:+10, VIT:+10, INT:+10 820G Milk (S) (M) (L) Egg (S) (M) (L)
RF5Fried Rice.png Fried Rice 30 HP:+4120, Max HP:+150, STR:+12, VIT:+12, INT:+12 1080G Rice Oil Egg (S) (M) (L)
RF5Miso eggplant.png Miso Eggplant 31 HP:+4200, Max HP:+180, STR:+13, VIT:+13, INT:+13 375G Eggplant
RF5French toast.png French Toast 31 HP:+4280, Max HP:+200, STR:+15, VIT:+15, INT:+15 670G Bread Egg (S) (M) (L)
RF5Grilled Flounder.png Grilled Flounder 31 HP:+4360, Max RP:+90, INT:+33 420G Flounder Sour Drop
RF5Hash Brown of the stars.png Hash Browns of the Stars 32 HP:+4500, STR:+25, VIT:+25, INT:+25, Seal Res:15%, Ftg Res:75%, Sick Res:75% 450G Oil Starfall Potato
RF5Croquettes.png Croquettes 33 HP:+4600, Max HP:+250, STR:+17, VIT:+17, INT:+17 1300G Oil Potato Egg (S) (M) (L)
RF5Tempura.png Tempura 36 HP:+5160, Max HP:+270, STR:+20, VIT:+20, INT:+20 1820G Oil Flour Shrimp Egg (S) (M) (L)
RF5Grilled Skipjack.png Grilled Skipjack 37 HP:+5400, Max RP:+100, INT:+35 510G Skipjack Sour Drop
RF5Grilled lobster.png Grilled Lobster 41 HP:+5880, Max RP:+105, INT:+37 1720G Lobster Sour Drop
RF5Donut.png Donut 46 HP:+6440, Max HP:+300, STR:+26, VIT:+26, INT:+26 2450G Oil Flour Butter Egg (M)
RF5Abalone Butter Saute.png Abalone Butter Sauté 47 HP:+6600, STR:+30, STR:+1%, VIT:+35, VIT:+2%, INT:+35, INT:+3% 2400G Abalone Butter
RF5Risotto.png Risotto 48 HP:+6680, Max HP:+400, STR:+30, VIT:+30, INT:+30 2300G Rice Wine Butter
RF5Pancakes.png Pancakes 49 HP:+5000, RP:+1840, Max HP:+500, STR:+35, VIT:+35, INT:+35 3120G Flour Honey Milk (S) (M) (L) Egg (S) (M) (L)
RF5Popcorn.png Popcorn 51 HP:+5000, HP:+14%, RP:+1000, Max HP:+600, STR:+40, VIT:+40, INT:+40 1800G Corn
RF5Grilled Snapper.png Grilled Snapper 51 HP:+5000, HP:+17%, RP:+1000, Max RP:+120, INT:+40 2680G Snapper Sour Drop
RF5Corn Cereal.png Corn Cereal 53 HP:+5000, HP:+29%, RP:+1000, Max HP:+800, STR:+50, VIT:+50, INT:+50 2800G Corn Milk (S) (M) (L)
RF5Popcorn of the Stars.png Popcorn of the Stars 54 HP:+5500, HP:+20%, RP:+1200, Max HP:+700, STR:+50, VIT:+50, INT:+50 380G Starfall Corn
RF5Grilled lamp squid.png Grilled Lamp Squid 54 HP:+5000, HP:+32%, RP:+1000, Max RP:+150, INT:+45, Seal Res:100%, Seal Atk:50% 3780G Lamp Squid Sour Drop
RF5Grilled autumn flounder.png Grilled Autumn Flounder 58 HP:+5000, HP:+53%, RP:+1000, Max RP:+180, INT:+50 4850G Autumn Flounder Sour Drop
RF5Curry bread.png Curry Bread 59 HP:+5000, HP:+56%, RP:+1000, Max HP:+800, Max HP:+1%, STR:+50, STR:+1%, VIT:+50, VIT:+1%, INT:+50, INT:+1%, Fire Res:10% 6000G Oil Flour Curries (Curry Rice/Dry Curry)
RF5Omelet Rice.png Omelet Rice 60 HP:+5000, HP:+62%, RP:+1000, Max HP:+800, Max HP:+3%, STR:+50, STR:+2%, VIT:+50, VIT:+2%, INT:+50, INT:+2% 5200G Omelet Rice Ketchup
RF5Stir-Fried Veggies.png Stir-Fried Veggies 62 HP:+5000, HP:+71%, RP:+1000, Max HP:+800, Max HP:+3%, STR:+50, STR:+3%, VIT:+50, VIT:+3%, INT:+50, INT:+3% 1550G Cabbage
RF5Cabbage cakes.png Cabbage Cakes 64 HP:+5000, HP:+77%, RP:+1000, Max HP:+800, Max HP:+4%, STR:+50, STR:+4%, VIT:+50, VIT:+4%, INT:+50, INT:+4% 6000G Flour Cabbage Egg (S) (M) (L) Leek
RF5Marlin saute.png Marlin Sauté 65 HP:+5000, HP:+80%, RP:+1000, STR:+55, STR:+5%, VIT:+50, VIT:+5%, INT:+55, INT:+5% 6500G Marlin Butter
Grilled Throbby Snapper 66 HP:+5000, HP:+83%, RP:+1000, Max RP:+200, Max RP:+2%, INT:+60, INT:+1% 7100G Throbby Snapper Sour Drop
Yellowtail Teriyaki 69 HP:+5000, HP:+92%, RP:+1000, Max RP:+200, Max RP:+3%, INT:+70, INT:+2% 8600G Yellowtail Sour Drop
Grilled Blowfish 72 Status Ailments:PAR, HP:+5000, HP:+100%, RP:+1000, RP:+1%, Max RP:+200, Max RP:+5%, INT:+80, INT:+3%, Par Res:100% 7800G Blowfish Sour Drop
Cutlassfish Topped with Egg 73 HP:+5000, HP:+100%, RP:+1000, RP:+5%, STR:+60, STR:+7%, VIT:+50, VIT:+7%, INT:+60, INT:+7% 8500G Cutlassfish Egg (S) (M) (L)
Tuna Teriyaki 75 HP:+5000, HP:+100%, RP:+1000, RP:+10%, Max RP:+200, Max RP:+6%, INT:+90, INT:+5% 11,000G Tuna Sour Drop
Grilled Red King Crab 75 HP:+5000, HP:+100%, RP:+1000, RP:+32%, STR:+65, STR:+8%, VIT:+50, VIT:+8%, INT:+65, INT:+8% 11,000G Red King Crab
Grilled Sunsquid 78 HP:+5000, HP:+100%, RP:+1000, RP:+19%, Max RP:+200, Max RP:+8%, INT:+100, INT:+6% 15,800G Sunsquid Sour Drop
Salted Taimen 80 HP:+5000, HP:+100%, RP:+1000, RP:+25%, Max RP:+200, Max RP:+10%, INT:+100, INT:+8% 16,000G Taimen Sour Drop
Dry Curry 86 HP:+5000, HP:+100%, RP:+1000, RP:+43%, Max HP:+800, Max HP:+5%, STR:+50, STR:+5%, VIT:+50, VIT:+5%, INT:+50, INT:+5%, Fire Res:15% 8600G Rice Curry Powder Carrot Onion
Gyoza 88 HP:+5000, HP:+100%, RP:+1000, RP:+49%, Max HP:+800, Max HP:+8%,

STR:+50, STR:+6%, VIT:+50, VIT:+6%, INT:+50, INT:+6%, Dark Res:+10%

9000G Flour Onion Cabbage
Grilled Glitter Snapper 93 HP:+5000, HP:+100%, RP:+1000, RP:+64%, Max RP:+200, Max RP:+12%, INT:+100, INT:+10%, Light Res:50% 30,500G Glitter Snapper Sour Drop
Fried Udon 95 HP:+5000, HP:+100%, RP:+1000, RP:+70%, Max HP +1000, Max HP:+10%, STR:+70, STR:+7%, VIT+70, VIT:+7%, INT:+70, INT:+7%, Earth Res:50% 12,000G Flour Onion Carrot Cabbage
Gold Salmon Meuniere 97 HP:+5000, HP:+100%, RP:+1000, RP:+80%, STR:+70, STR:+10%, VIT+50, VIT+10%, INT:+70, INT:+10% 30,000G Golden Salmon Sour Drop Butter


Image Name Level Effects Selling price Ingredients
RF5Orange Juice.png Orange Juice 5 HP:+150, RP:+150, INT:+2 92G Orange
RF5 Grape Juice.png Grape Juice 7 HP:+220, RP:+200, INT:+8 140G Grapes
RF5 Apple Juice.png Apple Juice 11 HP:+500, RP:+230, INT:+10 175G Apple
RF5 Butter.png Butter 15 - 300G Milk (S) (M) (L)
RF5 Fruit Juice.png Fruit Juice 18 HP:+1620, RP:+500, INT:+25 630G Apple Grapes Orange
RF5 Ice Cream.png Ice Cream 25 HP:+3000, RP:+450, STR:+17, VIT:+10, INT:+15, Fire Res:30% 645G Sweet Powder Milk (S) (M) (L)
RF5 Mayonnaise.png Mayonnaise 28 HP:+5 720G Oil Egg (S) (M) (L)
RF5 Strawberry Milk.png Strawberry Milk 33 HP:+4000, RP:+680, INT:+30 720G Strawberry Milk (S) (M) (L)
RF5 Tomato Juice.png Tomato Juice 35 Heal:FTG, HP:+4000, RP:+920, INT:+45 1000G Tomato
RF5 Fruit Smoothie.png Fruit Smoothie 37 HP:+4480, RP:+1000, INT:+65 1400G Fruit Juice Milk (S) (M) (L)
RF5 Ketchup.png Ketchup 38 - 1300G Sour Drop Tomato
RF5 Vegetable Juice.png Vegetable Juice 59 HP:+5000, HP:+59%, RP:+1000, INT:+80, INT:+5% 2350G Pumpkin Turnip Carrot Spinach
RF5 Prelude to Love.png Prelude to Love 61 HP:+5000, HP:+68%, RP:+1000, Max HP:-50%, Max RP:-50% VIT:-50%, Fire Res:50%, Water Res:50%, Earth Res:50%, Wind Res:50%, Light Res:50%, Dark Res:50%, Love Res:100% 2600G Pink Melon Strawberry
RF5 Veggie Smoothie.png Veggie Smoothie 65 HP:+5000, HP:+80%, RP:+1000, INT:+100, INT:+8% 2350G Vegetable Juice Milk (S) (M) (L)
RF5 Hot Juice.png Hot Juice 76 HP:+5000, HP:+100%, RP:+1000, RP:+13%, INT:+100, INT:+10%, Fire Res:20% 3600G Heavy Spice Hot-Hot Fruit
Pineapple Juice 81 HP:+5000, HP:+100%, RP:+1000, RP:+28%, INT:+100, INT:+15% 4400G Pineapple
Mixed Juice 83 HP:+5000, HP:+100%, RP:+1000, RP:+34%, INT:+100, INT:+20% 12,000G Apple Grapes Orange Pineapple Strawberry Milk (S) (M) (L)
Mixed Smoothie 91 25,000G Mixed Juice Honey
Gold Juice 99 HP:+5000, HP:+100%, RP:+1000, RP:+100%, INT:+100, INT:+25%, Fire Res:10%, Water Res:10%, Earth Res:10%, Wind Res:10% 80,000G Golden Pumpkin Golden Potato Golden Turnip Golden Cabbage Emery Flower


Image Name Level Effects Selling price Ingredients
RF5Bread.png Bread 8 HP:+400, RP:+120, STR:+4, VIT:+4, INT:+4 145G Flour
RF5 Baked Onigiri.png Baked Onigiri 10 HP:+500, RP:+200, VIT:+5 65G Onigiri
RF5 Sweet Potato.png Sweet Potato 20 HP:+2020, RP:+500, VIT:+10 240G Yam
RF5 Toast.png Toast 21 HP:+2040, RP:+800, VIT:+15 170G Bread
RF5 Raisin Bread.png Raisin Bread 27 HP:+3000, RP:+400, STR:+15, VIT:+8, INT:+10 380G Flour Grapes
RF5 Jam Roll.png Jam Roll 34 HP:+3760, RP:+1000, VIT:+25 1940G Flour Jam Egg (S) (M) (L) Milk (S) (M) (L)
RF5 Apple Pie.png Apple Pie 36 HP:+4240, RP:+1000, VIT:+30 1910G Flour Apple Butter Egg (S) (M) (L)
RF5 Cookie.png Cookie 38 HP:+4560, RP:+1000, VIT:+35 1960G Flour Sweet Powder Egg (S) (M) (L) Butter
RF5 Seafood Doria.png Seafood Doria 39 HP:+4720, RP:+1000, VIT:+40, Water Res:5%, Wind Res:5% 2450G Rice Shrimp Cheese Squid Milk (S) (M) (L)
RF5 Seafood Gratin.png Seafood Gratin 42 HP:+4960, RP:+1000, VIT:+60, Water Res:5%, Wind Res:5% 2700G Flour Shrimp Cheese Squid Milk (S) (M) (L)
RF5 Butter Roll.png Butter Roll 43 HP:+5040, RP:+1000, VIT:+80 2200G Flour Butter Egg (S) (M) (L) Milk (S) (M) (L)
RF5 Chocolate Cookie.png Chocolate Cookie 45 HP:+5360, RP:+1000, VIT:+100 2700G Flour Butter Sweet Powder Chocolate Egg (S) (M) (L)
RF5 Cheesecake.png Cheesecake 46 Heal:PSN SEAL PAR FTG, HP:+5520, RP:+1000, VIT:+120 2540G Cheese Egg (S) (M) (L) Milk (S) (M) (L) Sweet Powder
RF5 Yam of the Ages.png Yam of the Ages 47 HP:+5600, RP:+1000, VIT:+140 2200G Sweet Powder Butter Milk (S) (M) (L) Yam
RF5 Chocolate Cake.png Chocolate Cake 48 Heal:PSN SEAL PAR FTG, HP:+5760, RP:+1000, VIT:+160 3860G Flour Chocolate Butter Sweet Powder Milk (S) (M) (L) Egg (S) (M) (L)
RF5 Corn on the Cob.png Corn on the Cob 52 HP:+5000, HP:+20%, RP:+1000, VIT:+180 1860G Corn
RF5 Cake.png Cake 54 Heal:PSN SEAL PAR FTG, HP:+5000, HP+23%, RP:+1000, VIT:+200, VIT:+5% 4200G Flour Butter Sweet Powder Strawberry Milk (S) (M) (L) Egg (S) (M) (L)
RF5 Seafood Pizza.png Seafood Pizza 56 HP:+5000, HP:+44%, RP:+1000, VIT:+10%, Water Res:5%, Wind Res:10% 6450G Flour Cheese Ketchup Shrimp Squid
RF5 Pizza.png Pizza 60 HP:+5000, HP:+65%, RP:+1000, VIT:+15%, Wind Res:20% 8000G Flour Cheese Ketchup Green Pepper Eggplant
Doria 84 HP:+5000, HP:+100%, RP:+1000, RP:+37%, VIT:+20%, Wind Res:30% 6000G Rice Cheese Milk (S) (M) (L) Onion
Gratin 85 HP:+5000, HP:+100%, RP:+1000, RP:+40%, VIT:+25%, Wind Res:50% 8200G Flour Cheese Milk (S) (M) (L) Onion


Image Name Level Effects Selling price Ingredients
RF5Dumplings.png Dumplings 2 HP:+200, RP:+50, Slp Res:70% 45G Rice Flour
RF5Manju.png Manju 15 HP:+1260, RP:+300, Dark Res:5%, Psn Res:70% 272G Flour Bamboo Shoot
RF5Pound Cake.png Pound Cake 23 HP:+2580, RP:+500, Par Res:70% 608G Flour Egg (S) (M) (L)
RF5Flan.png Flan 29 HP:+3360, RP:+600, Ftg Res:75%, Sick Res:75% 832G Egg (S) (M) (L) Milk (S) (M) (L)
RF5Steamed Bread.png Steamed Bread 32 HP:+3720, RP:+800, Seal Res:75% 1240G Flour Egg (S) (M) (L) Milk (S) (M) (L)
RF5Chocolate Sponge Cake.png Chocolate Sponge Cake 35 HP:+4200, RP:+800, Slp Res:100% 1800G Flour Chocolate Egg (S) (M) (L) Milk (S) (M) (L)
RF5Cheese Bread.png Cheese Bread 44 HP:+5000, RP:+1120, Psn Res:50%, Seal Res:50%, Par Res:50%, Slp Res:50%, Faint Res:25% 2420G Flour Cheese Egg (S) (M) (L) Milk (S) (M) (L)
RF5Pumpkin Flan.png Pumpkin Flan 48 HP:+5000, RP:+1200, Ftg Res:100%, Sick Res:100% 1350G Egg (S) (M) (L) Milk (S) (M) (L) Pumpkin
RF5Pumpkin Flan of the Stars.png Pumpkin Flan of the Stars 53 HP:+5500, RP:+900, Seal Res:15%, Ftg Res:100%, Sick Res:100% 1000G Starfall Pumpkin Egg (L) Milk (L)
RF5Curry Manju.png Curry Manju 57 HP:+5000, HP:+47%, RP:+1000, Fire Res:10%, Dark Res:10%, Faint Res:100% 4800G Flour Curries (Curry Rice/Dry Curry)
Meat Dumpling 82 HP:+5000, HP:+100%, RP:+1000, RP:+31%, Psn Res:100%, Seal Res:100%, Par Res:100% 5200G Flour Shrimp Onion
Steamed Gyoza 90 HP:+5000, HP:+100%, RP:+1000, RP:+55%, Dark Res:50%, Psn Res:100%, Seal Res:100%, Par Res:100%, Slp Res:100%, Sick Res:100%, Ftg Res:100%, Faint Res:100% 9000G Flour Onion Cabbage


Image Name Level Effects Selling price Ingredients
RF5Rice Porridge.png Rice Porridge 2 Heal:SICK, HP:+100, RP:+150, Max RP:+10, Sick Res:20% 57G Rice
RF5 Marmalade.png Marmalade 5 HP:+30, RP:+10 90G Orange
RF5 Udon.png Udon 7 HP:+300, RP:+100, Max HP:+150, Earth Res:5% 145G Flour
RF5 Grape Jam.png Grape Jam 9 HP:+30, RP:+10 135G Grapes
RF5 Apple Jam.png Apple Jam 10 HP:+30, RP:+10 170G Apple
RF5 Hot Chocolate.png Hot Chocolate 11 HP:+150, RP:+500, Max RP:+50 175G Chocolate
RF5 Boiled Spinach.png Boiled Spinach 13 HP:+800, RP:+360, Max HP:+300 95G Spinach
RF5 Hot Milk.png Hot Milk 17 HP:+880, RP:+1000, Max RP:+80, Max RP:+5% 308G Milk (S) (M) (L)
RF5 Boiled Egg.png Boiled Egg 18 HP:+1500, RP:+540, Max HP:+500 330G Egg (S) (M) (L)
RF5Yogurt.png Yogurt 19 RP:+50 800G Sweet Powder Milk (S) (M) (L)
RF5Milk Porridge.png Milk Porridge 20 Heal:SICK, HP:+1440, RP:+1000, Max RP:+100, Sick Res:80% 464G Rice Milk (S) (M) (L)
RF5Egg Bowl.png Egg Bowl 21 HP:+2000, RP:+760, Max HP:+800 492G Rice Egg (S) (M) (L)
RF5Boiled Pumpkin.png Boiled Pumpkin 25 HP:+2500, RP:+820, Max HP:+1000 180G Pumpkin
RF5Strawberry Jam.png Strawberry Jam 27 HP:+30, RP:+10 215G Strawberry
RF5Glazed Yam.png Glazed Yam 28 HP:+3000, RP:+720, Max HP:+1200 560G Sweet Powder Yam
Grilled Miso 29 HP:+3000, RP:+880, Max HP:+1500 660G Radish
Strawberry Jam of the Stars 30 HP:+3300, RP:+850 10000G Starfall Starberry
Cheese Fondue 32 HP:+3640, RP:+800, Max HP:+1800 1025G Bread Cheese
Grape "Liqueur" 39 Status Ailments:SLP, HP:+3640, RP:+2000, Max RP:+120, Max RP:10%, Crit:+15%, Crt Res:-25% 1470G Grapes Wine
Stewed Rockfish 45 HP:+5480, RP:+800, Max HP:+1000, Max RP:+50, INT:+28 1360G Rockfish
Tempura Udon 54 HP:+5000, HP+35%, RP:+1000, Max HP:+2000, Earth Res:10% 3500G Tempura Udon
Curry Rice 55 HP:+5000, HP+38%, RP:+1000, Max HP:+2000, Fire Res:10% 2400G Rice Curry Powder Carrot Potato
Curry Udon 56 HP:+5000, HP+41%, RP:+1000, Max HP:+2500, Earth Res:15% 5000G Flour Curries (Curry Rice/Dry Curry)
Boiled Seerfish 57 HP:+5000, HP+50%, RP:+1000 6000G Seerfish Spinach
Tempura Bowl 70 HP:+5000, HP+95%, RP:+1000, Max HP:+2500, Max Hp:+5% 3500G Rice Tempura
Relax Tea 73 Heal:PSN SEAL PAR FTG, HP:+5000, HP+100%, RP:+1000, RP:+4%, Max RP:+250, Max RP:+25% 10,000G Relax Tea Leaves Honey Pink Melon
Stew 87 HP:+5000, HP:+100%, RP:+1000, RP:+46%, Max HP:+2500, Max HP:+8% 12,000G Flour Milk (M) Potato Carrot Onion
Boiled Gyoza 89 HP:+5000, HP:+100%, RP:+1000, RP:+52%, Max HP:+3000, Max HP:+10%, Dark Res:15% 9000G Flour Onion Cabbage
Union Stew 94 HP:+5000, HP:+100%, RP:+1000, RP:+67%, Max HP:+3500, Max HP:+15%,

Earth Res:+20%

15,000G Radish Leek Bok Choy Mushroom Hot-Hot Fruit
Ultimate Curry 97 Heal:PSN SEAL PAR, HP:+5000, HP:+90%, RP:+1000, RP:+100%, Max HP:+4000, Max HP:+20%, Fire Res:+20% 250,000G Curry Powder Wine Devil Blood Heavy Spice Onion Golden Turnip
Royal Curry 98 Heal:PSN SEAL PAR, HP:+5000, HP:+100%, RP:+1000, RP:+90%, Max HP:+4000, Max HP:+25%, Fire Res:+50% 500,000G Curry Powder Apple Honey Mixed Herbs Onion Emery Flower


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