Cooking is an activity in Rune Factory 4. To begin cooking, the protagonist must speak to Porcoline to obtain a cooking table for free. After this, he or she must order an "EZ Cooking License." Upon passing, Porcoline will sell a knife, frying pan, and mixer. After ordering the "Pro Cooking License," Porcoline will sell an oven, steamer, and a pot.


Cooking Recipes can be found in-game from eating Cooking Bread. These can be bought from Porcoline, or can be won from festivals. High-level recipes (over level 80*) can only be learned by eating Cooking Bread+. Cooking Bread+ are sometimes dropped by bosses in the Sharance Maze.

CookingBread Cooking Bread A magic bread that teaches you new recipes. You can learn one (simple) recipe appropriate to your skill. Sold/Lend by Porcoline
CookingBread Cooking Bread+ A nicely baked Medicine Bread. Teaches you a difficult recipe appropriate to your skill. Reward found inside Sharance Labyrinth

  • It is possible to cook an item without having the recipe unlocked in-game, but doing so will require a far larger amount of RP than usual. Attempting to cook without a recipe AND without sufficient RP will always fail.
  • Any recipe with less than the maximum of six ingredients can be improved by adding edible items to the empty slots during creation.
  • Dairy items, such as eggs and milk, can be (S), (M), or (L). While any size will work for recipes, larger sizes will result in higher level dishes.
  • Likewise, vegetables and flowers can be substituted for their giant versions. These will also result in a higher-level dish.
  • The selling prices shown both here and on the recipe in-game are for a level-one dish. Prices for higher level dishes increase with level.

The player must first buy cooking appliances from Porcoline, in order to cook.

Note: Once all cooking appliances have been purchased, one can spend Prince/ss Points to unify all cooking appliances. When you do this, the individual tools will not physically merge, but you can click on any one tool and have the option to use all the others from it.


Recipe Level Price Ingredients
RF4Onigiri Onigiri 2 57 Rice
RF4Picked Turnip Pickled Turnip 4 48 Turnip
RF4Bamboo Rice Bamboo Rice 7 162 Rice Bamboo Sprout
RF4Pickles Pickles 10 105 Cucumber
RF4Picked Turnip Pickled Turnip 12 48 Pink Turnip
RF4Salmon Onigiri Salmon Onigiri 20 645 Salted Salmon Rice
RF4Cheese Cheese 22 400 Sour Drop Milk (S)
RF4Sandwich Sandwich 34 964 Bread Egg (S) Cucumber
RF4Fruit Sandwich Fruit Sandwich 35 540 Bread Strawberry
RF4Pickle Mix Pickle Mix 48 520 Turnip Pink Turnip
RF4Relax Tea Leaves Relax Tea Leaves 50 100 White Grass Orange Grass Green Grass Yellow Grass Blue Grass Purple Grass
RF4Salad Salad 67 6900 Mayonnaise Cucumber Tomato Cabbage
RF4Turnip Heaven Turnip Heaven 96 150000 Turnip Pink Turnip Golden Turnip

Frying pan

Recipe Level Price Ingredients
BakedApple Baked Apple 9 175 G Apple ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
FriedEggs Fried Eggs 20 335 G Egg
FrenchFries French Fries 24 614 G Oil Potato
Omelet Omelet 28 820 G Milk Egg
FriedRice Fried Rice 30 1,080 G Rice Oil Egg
MisoEggplant Miso Eggplant 31 375 G Eggplant
FrenchToast French Toast 31 670 G Bread Egg
Croquettes Croquettes 33 1,300 G Oil Potato Egg
Tempura Tempura 36 1,820 G Oil Flour Shrimp Egg
Donut Donut 46 2,450 G Oil Flour Butter Egg (M)
Risotto Risotto 48 2,300 GRice Wine Butter
Pancakes Pancakes 49 3,120 G Flour Honey Milk Egg
Popcorn Popcorn 51 1,800 G Corn
CornCereal Corn Cereal 53 2,800 G Corn Milk
CurryBread Curry Bread 59 6,000 G Oil Flour Curry Rice/Dry Curry
OmeletRice Omelet Rice 60 5,200 G Omelet Rice Ketchup
FriedVeggies Fried Veggies 62 1,550 G Cabbage
CabbageCakes Cabbage Cakes 64 6,000 G Flour Cabbage Egg Leek
40px Dry Curry 86 8,600 G Rice Curry Powder Carrot Onion
Gyoza Gyoza 88 9,000 G Flour Onion Cabbage
FriedUdon Fried Udon 95 12,000 G Flour Onion Carrot Cabbage
SaltedPondSmelt Salted Pond Smelt 6 10 G Pond Smelt Sour Drop
SaltedPike Salted Pike 8 190 G Pike Sour Drop
SaltedMasuTrout Salted Masu Trout 9 15 G Masu Trout Sour Drop
SaltedCSalmon Salted C. Salmon 12 18 G Cherry Salmon Sour Drop
GrilledNeedlefish Grilled Needlefish 12 248 G Needlefish Sour Drop
GrilledSquid Grilled Squid 13 250 G Squid Sour Drop
GrilledCCarp Grilled C. Carp 14 35 G Crucian Carp Sour Drop
GrilledSFlounder Grilled S. Flounder 15 38 G Sand Flounder Sour Drop
GrilledGirella Grilled Girella 16 295 G Girella Sour Drop
GrilledMackerel Grilled Mackerel 16 60 G Mackerel Sour Drop
SaltedSalmon Salted Salmon 17 370 G Salmon Sour Drop
GrilledShrimp Grilled Shrimp 18 398 G Shrimp Sour Drop
SaltedChar Salted Char 19 260 G Char Sour Drop
GrilledGibelio Grilled Gibelio 19 272 G Gibelio Sour Drop
GrilledTurbot Grilled Turbot 21 648 G Turbot Sour Drop
SaltedChub Salted Chub 23 330 G Chub Sour Drop
DriedSardines Dried Sardines 24 400 G Sardine Sardine Sardine
SaltedRTrout Salted R. Trout 27 390 G Rainbow Trout Sour Drop
GrilledFlounder Grilled Flounder 31 420 G Flounder Sour Drop
GrilledSkipjack Grilled Skipjack 37 510 G Skipjack Sour Drop
GrilledLobster Grilled Lobster 41 1,720 G Lobster Sour Drop
GrilledSnapper Grilled Snapper 51 2,680 G Snapper Sour Drop
LampSquid Grilled Lamp Squid 54 3,780 G Lamp Squid Sour Drop
GrilledFFlounder Grilled F. Flounder 58 4,850 G Fall Flounder Sour Drop
GrilledLSnapper Grilled L. Snapper 66 7,100 G Throbby Snapper Sour Drop
GrilledYellowtail Griled Yellowtail 69 8,600 G Yellowtail Sour Drop
GrilledBlowfish Grilled Blowfish 72 7,800 G Blowfish Sour Drop
TunaTeriyaki Tuna Teriyaki 75 11,000 G Tuna Sour Drop
GrilledSunsquid Grilled Sunsquid 78 15,800 G Sunsquid Sour Drop
SaltedTaimen Salted Taimen 80 16,000 G Taimen Sour Drop
GrilledGSnapper Grilled G. Snapper 93 30,500 G Glitter Snapper Sour Drop


Recipe Level Price Ingredients
BoiledSpinach Boiled Spinach 13 95 G Spinach ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
BoiledEgg Boiled Egg 18 330 G Egg
Yogurt Yogurt 19 800 G Sweet Powder Milk
GlazedYam Glazed Yam 28 560 G Sweet Powder Yam
GrilledMiso Grilled Miso 29 660 G Radish
Marmalade Marmalade 5 90 G Orange
GrapeJam Grape Jam 9 135 G Grapes
AppleJam Apple Jam 10 170 G Apple
StrawberryJam Strawberry Jam27 215 G Strawberry
HotChocolate Hot Chocolate11 175 G Chocolate
HotMilk Hot Milk17 308 G Milk
GrapeLiqueur Grape Liqueur39 1,470 G Grapes Wine
RelaxTea Relax Tea73 10,000 G Relax Tea Leaves Honey Pink Melon Leek
BoiledPumpkin Boiled Pumpkin25 180 G Pumpkin
RockfishStew Rockfish Stew45 1,360 G Rockfish
Udon Udon7 145 G Flour
CurryUdon Curry Udon56 5,000 G Flour Curry Rice/Dry Curry
TempuraUdon Tempura Udon54 3,500 G Tempura Udon
RicePorridge Rice Porridge2 190 G Rice
MilkPorridge Milk Porridge20 464 G Rice Milk
TempuraBowl Tempura Bowl70 3,500 G Rice Tempura
EggBowl Egg Bowl21 492 G Rice Egg
CheeseFondue Cheese Fondue32 1,025 G Bread Cheese
Stew Stew87 12,000 G Flour Milk (M) Potato Carrot Onion
CurryRice Curry Rice55 2,400 G Rice Curry Powder Carrot Potato
UltimateCurry Ultimate Curry97 25,000 G Curry Powder Wine Devil Blood Heavy Spice Onion Golden Turnip
RoyalCurry Royal Curry98 50,000 G Curry Powder Apple Honey Mixed Herbs Onion Emery Flower
BoiledGyoza Boiled Gyoza 89 9, 000 G Flour Onion Cabbage
UnionStew Union Stew94 15,000 G Radish Leek Bok Choy Mushroom Hot-hot fruit


Recipe Level Price Ingredients
Dumplings Dumplings 2 45 G Rice Flour ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
Flan Flan 29 832 G Egg Milk
PumpkinFlan Pumpkin Flan 48 1,350 G Egg Milk Pumpkin
SteamedBread Steamed Bread 32 1,240 G Flour Egg Milk
CheeseBread Cheese Bread44 2,420 G Flour Cheese Egg Milk
ChineseManju Chinese Manju 15 272 G Flour Bamboo Sprout
CurryManju Curry Manju 57 4,800 G Flour Curry
PoundCake Pound Cake 23 608 G Flour Egg
ChocolateSponge Chocolate Sponge 35 1,800 G Flour Chocolate Egg Milk
MeatDumpling Meat Dumpling 82 5,200 G Flour Shrimp Onion
SteamedGyoza Steamed Gyoza 90 9,000 G Flour Onion Cabbage


Recipe Level Price Ingredients
RF4Pike Sashimi Pike Sashimi 1 13 G Pike ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
RF4Trout Sashimi Trout Sashimi 2 17 G Masu Trout
RF4Cherry Sashimi Cherry Sashimi 3 21 G Cherry Salmon
RF4Needlefish Sashimi Needlefish Sashimi 4 34 G Needlefish
RF4Girella Sashimi Girella Sashimi 6 52 G Girella
RF4Sardine Sashimi Sardine Sashimi 8 88 G Sardine
RF4Salmon Sashimi Salmon Sashimi 12 100 G Salmon
RF4Char Sashimi Char Sashimi 15 130 G Char
RF4Rainbow Sashimi Rainbow Sashimi 26 240 G Rainbow Trout
RF4Skipjack Sashimi Skipjack Sashimi 37 300 G Skipjack
RF4Yellowtail Sashimi Yellowtail Sashimi 68 6,700 G Yellowtail
RF4Blowfish Sashimi Blowfish Sashimi 71 8,800 G Blowfish
RF4Tuna Sashimi Tuna Sashimi 74 9,500 G Tuna
RF4Taimen Sashimi Taimen Sashimi 79 12,200 G Taimen
RF4Flounder Sashimi Flounder Sashimi 30 300 G Flounder
RF4Turbot Sashimi Turbot Sashimi 21 150 G Turbot
RF4Fall Sashimi Fall Sashimi 58 3,750 G Fall Flounder
RF4Squid Sashimi Squid Sashimi 4 29 G Squid
RF4Sunsquid Sashimi Sunsquid Sashimi 77 11,800 G Sunsquid
RF4Lamp Squid Sashimi Lamp Squid Sashimi 53 2,895 G Lamp Squid
RF4Shrimp Sashimi Shrimp Sashimi 14 125 G Shrimp
RF4Lobster Sashimi Lobster Sashimi 40 1,230 G Lobster
RF4Snapper Sashimi Snapper Sashimi 50 1,980 G Snapper
RF4Lover Sashimi Lover Sashimi 63 5,400 G Throbby Snapper
RF4Glitter Sashimi Glitter Sashimi 92 24,000 G Glitter Snapper


Recipe Level Price Ingredients
Butter Butter 15 300 G Milk ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
Mayonnaise Mayonnaise 28 720 G Oil Egg
Ketchup Ketchup 38 1,300 G Sour Drop Tomato
IceCream Ice Cream 25 645 G Sweet powder Milk
OrangeJuice Orange Juice 5 92 G Orange
GrapeJuice Grape Juice 7 140 G Grapes
AppleJuice Apple Juice 11 175 G Apple
FruitJuice Fruit Juice 18 630 G Apple Grapes Orange
StrawberryMilk Strawberry Milk 33 720 G Strawberry Milk
TomatoJuice Tomato Juice 35 1,000 G Tomato
FruitSmoothie Fruit Smoothie 37 1,400 G Fruit juice Milk
VegetableJuice Vegetable Juice 59 2,350 G Pumpkin Turnip Carrot Spinach
PreludetoLove Prelude to Love 61 2,600 G Pink Melon Strawberry
VeggieSmoothie Veggi Smoothie 65 5,200 G Vegetable Juice Milk
HotJuice Hot Juice 76 3,600 G Heavy Spice Hot-hot Fruit
PineappleJuice Pineapple Juice 81 4,400 G pineapple
MixedJuice Mixed Juice 83 12,000 G AppleGrapes Orange Pineapple Strawberry Milk
MixedSmoothie Mixed Smoothie 91 25,000 G Mixed Juice Honey
GoldJuice Gold Juice 99 80,000 G Golden Pumpkin Emery Flower Golden Potato Golden Turnip Golden Cabbage


Recipe Level Price Ingredients
BakedOnigiri Baked Onigiri 10 65 G Onigiri ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
SweetPotato Sweet Potato 20 240 G Yam
CornontheCob Corn on the Cob52 1,860 G Corn
Bread Bread8 145 G Flour
RaisinBread Raisin Bread 27 380 G FlourGrapes
Toast Toast 21 170 G Bread
JamRoll Jam Roll 34 1,940 G Flour Jam Egg Milk
ButterRoll Butter Roll 43 2,200 G Flour Butter Egg Milk
ApplePie Apple Pie 36 1,910 G Flour Apple Butter Egg
YamoftheAges Yam of the Ages 47 2,200 G Sweet Powder Butter Milk Yam
Pizza Pizza 60 8,000 G Flour Cheese Ketchup Eggplant Green Pepper
SeafoodPizza Seafood Pizza 56 6,450 G Flour Cheese Ketchup Shrimp Squid
Doria Doria 84 6,000 G Rice Cheese Milk Onion
SeafoodDoria Seafood Doria 39 2,450 G Rice Shrimp Cheese Squid Milk
Gratin Gratin 85 8,200 G Flour Cheese Milk Onion
SeafoodGratin Seafood Gratin 42 2,700 G Flour Shrimp Cheese Squid Milk
Cookie Cookie 38 1,960 G Flour Sweet Powder Egg Butter
ChocoCookie Choco Cookie 45 2,700 G Flour Butter Sweet Powder Chocolate Egg
Cake Cake 54 4,200 G Flour Butter Sweet Powder Strawberry Milk Egg
ChocolateCake Chocolate Cake 48 3,860 G Flour Chocolate Butter Sweet Powder Milk Egg
Cheesecake Cheesecake 46 2,540 G Cheese Egg Milk Sweet Powder

Failed dish

Item Name Sell Value HP Rec Other Effect
RF4Failed Dish Failed Dish 2 -20% HP Max -10%, RP Max -10%, Str -10%, Vit -10%, Int -10%.
RF4Disastrous Dish Disastrous Dish 50 -80%/-100% RP Max -25%, Str -25%, Vit -25%, Int -25%.


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