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Complete cooking utensils

Cooking Recipes can be found in-game from eating Cooking Bread. These can be bought from Blaise for 200G each. They can also be bought as one of the random items from Yue at the upper floor of the inn when she's there.

To actually cook, the player must first buy cooking appliances from Blaise. The kitchen comes with the hand cooking option for free. The Knife, Frying Pan, and Mixer must be bought first before Blaise will offer to sell you the Oven, Steamer, and Pot.

  • As with all recipes, you are not required to know the recipe beforehand in order to actually craft. However, you will not know the percentage of success until after you are successful. You may consistently fail in experimentation because your craft level is too low.
  • You can make recipes up to 9 levels above you, but they will have a 10% chance. For example, you can craft a Lvl 40 item while being Lvl 31 as minimum.


Can be bought for 10000G after obtaining the Knife, Frying Pan, and Mixer.


Can be bought for 5600G after obtaining the Knife, Frying Pan, and Mixer.


Can be bought for 8800G after obtaining the Knife, Frying Pan, and Mixer.



Can be bought for 500G.

Frying pan

Can be bought for 2600G


Can be bought for 1200G.



Comes with the kitchen for free.

Failed Dish

Tip: You obtain Super Fail if you do not successfully prepare a dish when the chance is 80%