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Cooking is a Skill in Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.


Cooking is unlocked in the second generation, after expanding the school with a Workshop, and purchasing a kitchen. Aaron/Aria can install a Kitchen by buying one from Yue's Shop on a Monday.

The Small Kitchen costs 1,000 G and can have a Knife, Frying Pan, and Pot added in.

The Large Kitchen costs 5,000 G and can hold everything the Small Kitchen can, plus an Oven, Mixer, and Steamer.

Using the kitchen levels up the Cooking Skill, even if the dish fails.

Learning Recipes

To learn recipes, Aaron/Aria must speak to Mana at the head of the class in Alvarna Academy between 9:00 AM and 11:30 AM. Mana will teach two lessons per day.

After completing a lesson, the recipes will are recorded in Aaron and Aria's recipe book, and they can reference it in the kitchen when using the right appliance. For example, the Orange Juice recipe is accessed when using the Mixer.

After selecting a recipe, switch back to the Crafting tab to see the percentage chance of cooking it correctly. This percentage is measured by comparing the protagonist's current Cooking level with the recipe's Skill level. If the Cooking Level is higher, the chance is 100%.

A recipe does not have to be selected in order to cook it, and the way the ingredients are arranged on the crafting board doesn't matter.

Cooking Items List

This page is for easy comparison of the benefits each food item brings, and the difficulty of cooking it. For a specific item's recipe, see its item page.


Hands-only recipes are unlocked immediately upon purchasing a Small or Large kitchen from Yue.

Name Level Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Ingredient 4 Ingredient 5 Ingredient 6
PickledTurnipRF3.png Pickled Turnip 3 Turnip
PickleMixRF3.png Pickled Turnip 3 Pink Turnip
RiceBall.png Rice Ball 4 Rice
PicklesRF3.png Pickles 6 Cucumber
Bread.PNG Bread 6 Flour
SaladRF3.png Salad 7 Boiled Egg Cucumber Daikon Radish Tomato Green Grass Cabbage
SandwichRF3.png Sandwich 8 Pink Cat Tomato Cucumber Boiled Egg Bread
RF4Bamboo Rice.png Mushroom Rice 9 Bamboo Sprout Rice
SalmonRiceBall.png Salmon Rice Ball 9 Salted Salmon Rice
FruitSandwichRF3.png Fruit Sandwich 10 Bread White Grass Strawberry Orange Apple
RaisinBread.png Raisin Bread 13 Wine Bread Grape
Pickle Mix 13 Turnip Pink Turnip
IceCream.png Ice Cream 15 Ice Staff Honey Small Milk
IceCream.png Ice Cream 17 Ice Staff Honey Medium Milk
IceCream.png Ice Cream 19 Ice Staff Honey Large Milk
Turnip Heaven 21 Gold Turnip Pink Turnip Turnip
Relax Tealeaves 26 Medicinal Herb Green Grass Blue Grass Yellow Grass Purple Grass White Grass


The Knife can be purchased from Yue on Fridays for 1,000 G. It allows for cooking of Sashimi.

Name Level Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Ingredient 4 Ingredient 5 Ingredient 6
RF4Cherry Sashimi.png Cherry Sashimi 11 Cherry Salmon
RF4Trout Sashimi.png Trout Sashimi 13 Masu Trout
RF4Rainbow Sashimi.png
Rainbow Sashimi 14 Rainbow Trout
RF4Char Sashimi.png Char Sashimi 16 Char
Needlefish sashimi.jpg
Needlefish Sashimi 18 Needlefish
RF4Squid Sashimi.png Squid Sashimi 18 Squid
RF4Sardine Sashimi.png Sardine Sashimi 21 Sardine
RF4Bamboo Rice.png Pike Sashimi 23 Pike
RF4Salmon Sashimi.png
Salmon Sashimi 26 Salmon
Skipjack Sashimi.png Skipjack Sashimi 27 Skipjack
RF4Turbot Sashimi.png
Turbot Sashimi 28 Turbot
RF4Shrimp Sashimi.png Shrimp Sashimi 28 Shrimp
RF4Taimen Sashimi.png Taimen Sashimi 31 Taimen
RF4Tuna Sashimi.png Tuna Sashimi 31 Tuna
RF4Girella Sashimi.png Girella Sashimi 33 Girella
RF4Lobster Sashimi.png Lobster Sashimi 35 Lobster
RF4Sunsquid Sashimi.png Sunsquid Sashimi 35 Sunsquid
RF4Flounder Sashimi.png Flounder Sashimi 36 Flounder
RF4Yellowtail Sashimi.png Yellow Tail Sashimi 38 Yellow Tail
RF4Lamp Squid Sashimi.png Lamp Squid Sashimi 38 Lamp Squid
Snapper Sashimi.png Snapper Sashimi 42 Snapper
RF4Blowfish Sashimi.png Blowfish Sashimi 51 Blowfish
RF4Fall Sashimi.png Fall Sashimi 56 Fall Flounder
RF4Glitter Sashimi.png Glitter Sashimi 61 Glitter Snapper
RF4Lover Sashimi.png Lover Sashimi 66 Lover Snapper

Frying Pan

The Frying Pan can be purchased from Yue on a Friday for 2,000 G. It allows you to cook fried foods, such as cooked fish and various breakfast foods.

Name Level Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Ingredient 4 Ingredient 5 Ingredient 6
4 Baked Apple 3 Hot-Hot Fruit Apple
42 Cornflakes 6 Corn S/M/L Milk
40 French Fries 8 Oil Potato
40 French Toast 10 S/M/L Egg Bread Oil
40 Miso Eggplant 13 Eggplant
40 Salted Salmon 13 Salmon
40 Fried Rice 16 Rice S/M/L Egg Leek Green Pepper Oil
40 Popcorn 16 Corn
40 Salted C. Salmon 16 Cherry Salmon
40 Salted Chub 17 Chub
40 Salted Masu Trout 18 Masu Trout
40 Salted R. Trout 19 Rainbow Trout
40 Fried Crucian Carp 19 Crucian Carp
40 Fried Veggies 20 Carrot Cabbage Green Pepper Onion Oil
40 Risotto 20 Onion Tomato Toyherb Rice Oil
42 Salted Char 21 Char
40 Fried Squid 21 Squid
40 Fried Needlefish 22 Needlefish
41 Pancakes 23 Flour Honey S/M/L Milk S/M/L Egg Sweet Powder
40 Croquettes 23 Oil Potato S/M/L Egg
40 Fried Gibelio 24 Gibelio
li Gyoza 25 Flour Onion Cabbage Oil
40 Dried Sardines 26 Sardine Sardine Sardine
40 Fried Eggs 27 Turnip S/M/L Egg
40 Salted Pike 28 Daikon Radish Pike
li Cabbage Cakes 29 Oil Cabbage S/M/L Egg Flour
40 Fried Mackerel 29 Mackerel
40 Salted Pond Smelt 31 Pond Smelt
40 Donuts 32 Oil Flour Butter S/M/L Egg
40 Fried Skipjack 32 Skipjack
40 Fried Turbot 33 Turbot
40 Grilled Shrimp 33 Shrimp
40 Omelet 35 S/M/L Milk S/M/L Egg
li Fried Udon 35 Flour Cabbage Onion Carrot Oil
41 Salted Taimen 36 Taimen
40 Tuna Teriyaki 36 Daikon Radish Tuna
40 Fried Girella 38 Girella
40 Omelet Rice 40 S/M/L Egg S/M/L Milk Rice Ketchup
40 Grilled Lobster 40 Lobster
40 Fried Flounder 41 Flounder
40 Fried Sunsquid 41 Sunsquid
40 Fried Yellowtail 43 Daikon Radish Yellowtail
40 Tempura 43 Onion S/M/L Egg Shrimp Oil
40 Fried Snapper 46 Snapper
li Dry Curry 46 Rice Carrot Curry Powder Green Pepper Onion Oil
40 Curry Bread 47 Bread Dry Curry Oil
40 Fried Lamp Squid 50 Lamp Squid Lamp Grass
40 Fried Blowfish 56 Blowfish Antidote Herb
40 Fried G.Snapper 66 Glitter Snapper
42 Fried L. Snapper 71 Lover Snapper


A Pot can be purchased from Yue on a Friday for 2,500 G. The Pot lets you cook hot foods with a lot of liquid, such as boiled foods and hot beverages.

Name Level Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Ingredient 4 Ingredient 5 Ingredient 6
40 Boiled Egg Level 3 Small Egg
40 Boiled Egg Level 6 Medium Egg
40 Boiled Egg Level 12 Large Egg
41 Hot Milk Level 6 Small Milk
41 Hot Milk Level 8 Medium Milk
41 Hot Milk Level 10 Large Milk
40 Hot Chocolate Level 9 Small Milk Chocolate
40 Hot Chocolate Level 13 Medium Milk Chocolate
li Hot Chocolate Level 17 Large Milk Chocolate
41 Rice Porridge Level 13 Hot-Hot Fruit Rice Mixed Herbs
41 Apple Jam Level 14 Apple
40 Marmalade level 15 Orange
40 Boiled Spinach Level 15 Spinach
41 Milk Porridge Level 15 Rice Small Milk
li Milk Porridge Level 18 Rice Medium Milk
li Milk Porridge Level 21 Rice Large Milk
li Strawberry Jam Level 16 Strawberry
li Flavored Radish Level 17 Daikon Radish
li Grape Jam Level 18 Grape
li Grape Liqueur level 19 Grape Charm Blue Purple Grass Wine
li Glazed Yam Level 20 Yam Sweet Powder
li Udon Level 26 Pink Turnip Carrot Flour Mixed Herbs
li Cheese Fondue Level 27 Bread Small Cheese
li Cheese Fondue Level 29 Bread Medium Cheese
li Cheese Fondue Level 31 Bread Large Cheese
li Boiled Gyoza Level 29 Spinach Cabbage Flour
li Tempura Bowl Level 30 Rice Tempura Sour Drop
li Curry Udon Level 32 Flour Curry Powder Pink Turnip Carrot
li Egg Bowl Level 33 Small Egg Rice Onion
li Egg Bowl Level 36 Medium Egg Rice Onion
li Egg Bowl Level 39 Large Egg Rice Onion
li Union Stew Level 35 Daikon Radish Rice Leek White Cabbage Hot-Hot Fruit Charm Blue
li Curry Rice Level 36 Rice Carrot Curry Powder Red Grass Heavy Spice
li Boiled Pumpkin Level 36 Pumpkin
li Tempura Udon Level 38 Tempura Udon Sour Drop
li Stew Level 43 Flour White Grass Small Milk Potato
li Stew Level 46 Flour White Grass Medium Milk Potato
li Stew Level 49 Flour White Grass Large Milk Potato
li Relax Tea Level 51 Relax Tealeaves Honey Pink Melon
li Ultimate Curry Level 95 Wine Devil Blood Insect Skin Curry Powder Heavy Spice
li Royal Curry Level 99 Magic Powder Apple Honey Curry Powder Heavy Spice


Ovens can only be installed in the Large Kitchen. Yue sells an oven on Fridays for 5,000 G.

Name Level Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Ingredient 4 Ingredient 5 Ingredient 6
li Corn on the Cob Level 9 Butter Corn
li Toast Level 11 Bread
li Baked Rice Ball Level 12 Rice Ball
li Roasted Yam Level 13 Yam Butter
li Cookie Level 19/20/21 Flour Butter S/M/L Milk
li Chocolate Cookie Level 23 Cookie Butter Chocolate
li Butter Roll Level 25 Butter S/M/L Milk S/M/L Egg Flour
li Doria Level 30/33/36 S/M/L Milk Butter Cucumber Rice Onion
li Jam Roll {Apple} Level 28 Apple Jam Butter Roll
li Jam Roll {Orange} Level 31 Marmalade Butter Roll
li Jam Roll {Grape} Level 34 Grape Jam Butter Roll
li Jam Roll {Straw} Level 37 Strawberry Jam Butter Roll
li Pizza Level 36/38/40 S/M/L Cheese Ketchup Eggplant Flour Onion
li Seafood Pizza Level 43/46/49 Ketchup S/M/L Cheese Squid Flour Shrimp
li Apple Pie Level 37 Apple Flour Butter Honey
li Seafood Doria Level 38/41/44 S/M/L Milk Butter Butter Shrimp Squid Rice
li Sweetie Potato Level 42/43/44 S/M/L Milk Yam Butter Sweet Powder
li Cheesecake Level 41/45/49 Small Cheese Cookie S/M/L Egg Flour
li Cheesecake Level 43/47/51 Medium Cheese Cookie S/M/L Egg Flour
li Cheesecake Level 45/49-53 Large Cheese Cookie S/M/L Egg Flour
li Gratin Level 46/48/50 Small Cheese Flour Onion Orange Grass
li Seafood Gratin Level 52/53/54 S/M/L Cheese Onion Shrimp Flour Squid
li Cake Level 46/49/52 Strawberry S/M/L Milk Butter Flour Pink Cat
li Chocolate Cake Level 56/59/62 S/M/L Milk Butter Chocolate Flour


Mixers can only be installed in the Large Kitchen. Large Kitchen is sold by Yue on Mondays for 5,000 G. The Mixer is sold on Fridays for 5,000 G. It allows you to churn butter and create cold beverages.

Name Level Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Ingredient 4 Ingredient 5 Ingredient 6
li Hot Juice Level 3 Hot-Hot Fruit Gunpowder Red Grass
li Apple Juice Level 4 Apple
li Orange Juice Level 5 Orange
li Fruit Juice Level 5 Pineapple Apple Grape Orange
li Ketchup Level 6 Tomato Onion
RF2 Vegetable Juice.png Vegetable Juice Level 7 Pumpkin Pink Turnip Carrot Spinach
li Fruit Ole Level 8 Fruit Juice Milk
li Grape Juice Level 8 Grape
li Vegetable Ole Level 9 Vegetable Juice Milk
li Pineapple Juice Level 10 Pineapple
li Butter Level 10 Milk
li Tomato Juice Level 11 Tomato
li Strawberry Milk Level 12 Strawberry Milk Heavy Spice
li Mixed Juice Level 14 Vegetable Juice Fruit Juice
li Mixed Ole Level 18 Vegetable Ole Fruit Ole
li Prelude to Love Level 21 Strawberry Pink Melon
li Gold Juice Level 66 Emery Flower Gold Turnip Gold Cabbage Gold Pumpkin Gold Potato


Steamers can only be installed in Large Kitchens. Large Kitchen is sold by Yue on Mondays for 5,000 G. The Steamer is sold by Yue on Fridays for 2,000 G, and lets you make complex steamed pastries and other hot dishes.

Name Level Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Ingredient 4 Ingredient 5
li Dumplings Level 7 Dumpling Powder
li Steamed Bread Level 9/10/11 Flour S/M/L Egg Honey
li Cheese Bread Level 15/16/17 Honey S/M/L Cheese Flour
li Meat Dumpling Level 23 Cabbage Green Grass Shrimp Onion Flour
li Steamed Gyoza Level 24 Flour Oil Onion Cabbage
li Pudding Level 25/27/29 S/M/L Milk Honey S/M/L Egg
li Chinese Manju Level 29 Flour Bamboo Sprout Carrot Mixed Herbs
li Poundcake Level 30/33/36 Flour S/M/L Egg
li Steamed Cake Level 32/36/40 S/M/L Milk S/M/L Egg
li Curry Manju Level 35 Flour Carrot Curry Powder Bamboo Sprout
li Pumpkin Pudding Level 36/39/42 Honey S/M/L Milk Pumpkin Yellow Grass Small Egg