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Cooking is a core game mechanic in Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.

Cooking can only be done during the second generation, using a kitchen and various appliances.

The Cooking Skill

You can increase the Cooking skill by using the Kitchen. You gain XP on both failed and successful dishes. If you attempt to cook a dish whose cooking level is higher than your cooking skill, your odds to cook it successfully increase. On the other hand, you have 100% chance to complete a dish successfully if its level is lower than yours.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen is a fixture in Alvarna Academy's Workshop. To unlock the Workshop, speak to Byron and ask to add a Workshop to Alvarna school. It costs 100 wood and 10,000 G. It will be ready the following day. You can install a Kitchen by buying one from Yue's Shop on a Monday.

The Small Kitchen costs 1,000 G and can have a Knife, Frying Pan, and Pot added in. These appliances are associated with simple recipes and are good for beginners. You do not need a Small Kitchen to purchase a Large Kitchen, you can skip straight to the Large Kitchen if you want.

The Large Kitchen costs 5,000 G and can hold everything the Small Kitchen can, plus an Oven, Mixer, and Steamer. These appliances are necessary for more difficult recipes, although some Mixer recipes are simple. Unless your cooking level has increased, you may not get much use out of these appliances.

Learning Recipes

You must attend Mana's classes in Alvarna Academy between 9:00 AM and 11:30 AM to learn recipes. Mana will teach two lessons per day, and each lesson contains some recipes. To learn recipes, speak to Mana at the head of the class, and select "I'd like a lesson."

The lesson minigame presents you with a checklist of various ingredients. Watch Mana's text at the top, and tick the ingredients she mentions. If you ticked a wrong ingredient, she will have you re-take the lesson. When you successfully complete the lesson, the recipes will be recorded in your recipe book, and you can reference it in the kitchen when using the right appliance. For example, the Orange Juice recipe is accessed when using the Mixer.


These are the recipes contained in each lesson. For details on the recipes themselves and how to cook them, see the Recipes tab.

Rare ingredients

Like in the first version of the game, half of the kitchen ingredients have to be brought in town. Visit Alvarna - Pumpkin General store to learn more about their merchandise.

In order to complete the crafting recipes in Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, some ingredient are harder than the usual to obtain.

  • Poison Powder
  • Strong Vine
  • Gunpowder
  • Broken Hilt
  • Silk Cloth

Ask a fellow monster to dig items for you, into some specifics area. For more information, visit : Inquisitive Waltz (RF2).