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Cooking becomes available as soon as Raguna purchases a Kitchen from Ivan, and will expand into more options after purchasing more cooking utensils from him. Be aware that to be able to purchase the Oven, Cooking Pot and Steamer one first has to upgrade the House and purchase the Large Kitchen.

Just purchasing the cooking utensils isn't enough however, as the recipes themselves are also necessary. These can be purchased from Russell, the recipe selection will vary depending on the day of the week but once bought it will remain registered in as a Plot Item and all its recipes unlocked.

Some shops of interest:


Taking any action in the game costs RP, but food can be consumed to restore them. While some foods can be consumed inmediately (like fruits and rice) preparing them can increase the RP gain per consumption. Prepared food also sells for higher prices than unprepared and many characters favor some cooked foods, increasing friendship considerably if they are gifted their favorite food.

As mentioned cooking requires both kitchen, utensils and recipes, see shop list for how to obtain them.

Expanded House Recipes

To prepare these foods first you will need to expand your House, purchase the Large Kitchen and then purchase the Oven, Cooking Pot and Steamer and have the respective recipe books.


The bounty of the earth. Crops are the results of an attended and well-mantained farm, and your main source of food and income. It may be taskful at first due to cheap tools and low income, so try to upgrade (and unlock dungeons) as soon as possible.

See the Seeds for seed price, growth time and season of availability. See also Recipes above for cooking uses. For other medicine herbs see Grass.


Fishes can be a quick source of food and money early into the game, but is quickly displaced by farming due to its time-and-inventory consuming nature. Rarer and more expensive fish requires better rods to be caught.