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By talking to Shara at work, Micah can request once a day to sample a random cologne. Talking to a villager while wearing a scent they like will yield an additional affection boost.

Types of Cologne

Name Comments Like by:
Delicious Delight Shara: "People who like cooking or eating will like this one." Blaise, Collette, Sherman.
Fiery Passion Shara: "Busy and active people love this scent!" Carlos, Carmen, Collette, Daria, Marian, Raven, Zaid
Fish Shara: "Now anyone who loves fish will also love you." Carlos, Carmen, Pia, Sakuya, Shino,
Floral Bouquet Shara: "This one is my favorite!" Kuruna, Monica, Raven, Wells
Girliness Shara: "It drives men wild! Oh. Maybe that's not what you want." All males
Iron Forge Shara: "I made this one for Gaius, but thought you'd like to try it." Gaius, Raven, Zaid
Magic Musk Shara: "It's perfume made from magic powder. People who like magic are sure to love it." Kuruna, Marian, Marjorie, Ondorus
Manliness Shara: "This scent will cause all the girls to swoon!" All females
Maturity Shara: "It'll really make you smell like a mature, responsible adult." Blaise, Hazel, Ondorus, Sherman, Shino
Rainbow Shara: "I have no idea, but that's how Daria described it."
Micah: "What do rainbows even smell like?"
Daria, Evelyn
Scentless Cologne Shara: "I'm not really sure. Some people like it, though. I just can't figure out why."
Micah: "Huh...? Isn't that kind of pointless?"
Evelyn, Sherman, Sofia
Sharance Spice Shara: "Everyone loves this smell. You're sure to be popular with this cologne." All NPCs

Micah: "How do sparkles smell?"                                       Shara: "I'm not sure. Monica named this one."

Sakuya, Monica, Karina
Strange Scent Shara: "I bought it because it sounds intriguing, but I don't see the appeal. Maybe strange people like it." Daria, Gaius, Kuruna, Pia, Ondorus, Raven, Zaid
Sweetness Shara: "People who like sweet things love this one. Monica and I are big fans." Blaise, Kuruna, Monica, Rusk
The Bee's Knee Shara: "I'm not sure. That's what grand father called it. It must be some old expression." Marjorie, Wells
Worldly Traveler Shara: "This is a favorite amongst people with strong ties to foreign lands." Karina, Sakuya, Shino


  • Blaise: "Oh, are you wearing cologne? It smells very nice."
  • Carmen: "Huh? Something smells good! What is it?"
    • "It's so relaxing. I wonder why this reminds me of Carlos. It's so nostalgic."
  • Carlos: "Hmmmm?! This wonderful scent...? Is it you?"
    • "It's so relaxing. Why does it remind me of Carmen? Hmmm."
  • Collette: "Huh? Micah, you smell really good."
  • Daria: "Huh? You smell good. Is it dried sardines?"
  • Evelyn: "Oh, what a nice scent. Is that cologne?"
  • Gaius: "Oh, something smells good. It's a very calming smell."
  • Hazel: "Oh, what a nice scent. Are you wearing cologne? Maybe we should start selling cologne."
  • Karina: "Oh Micah? (Something smells good...)"
  • Kuruna: "You smell very nice. It's very relaxing..."
  • Marian: "Oh, that smells good... It makes me want to stuff you in a bottle." Micah: "Let's not do that."
  • Marjorie: "Oh, cologne? It smells quite nice."
  • Monica: "You smell so nice. I really like it."
  • Ondorus: "Oh, is that cologne? It smells very nice."
  • Pia: "Oh, Micah, you smell good! Something fishy...or like a bath?"
  • Raven: "...Nice smell."
  • Rusk: "Oh, I smell something nice coming from your direction. I really like that."
  • Sakuya: "Oh it smells good. I like it."
  • Sherman: "Micah, you don't smell good! *sniff sniff*..."
  • Shino: "Oh. ♪ Are you wearing cologne? You smell nice."
  • Sofia: "What a terrible smell. Please step back a little."
  • Wells: "Something smells nice. Did you get some cologne from Shara?"
  • Zaid: "*sniff sniff*!! What's this?! I smell something good coming from you!"