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Collette (ショコラ, Chocolat) is a rambunctious girl who has a love for food.

She swears that she can beat anyone in an eating competition and attributes her large appetite to her fast metabolism. Her father always serves her food with a smile, as well as telling her chewing might help. She wishes to get bigger, but refuses to drink milk, which is possibly the only way for her to reach this goal. Marian uses her as a guinea pig for medical experiments, much to Collette's displeasure.

Collette is the only one who's crazy about the eating contest other than Sherman. She looks really young, because she is 'lactose-insufficient' (she doesn't drink milk). This causes her to grow and develop slowly.


Unity Festival

Before Annual

Colette: Tomorrow's Unity Festival. I'm g-g-getting nervous.



Colette: Uh, wait! Hold on! My metabolism's, like, not ready for that just yet!

Battle Information

Techniques: Royal Rice Rush

At first glance to the enemies, Collette will either rush towards them or the other way as if she's evading. Collette rushes away and towards the enemy she spots, will attack them once, and then back away again. She seems to be very energetic for eating carbohydrates which provides an amazing amount of energy for her metabolism.

[Melee]>Candy Split (regular attack)

Supportive: Culinary Carter

Collette throws random food on to the party, but usually on the ground for any party member's use. This skill isn't practically reliable from time to time.

[Ground]>Throw random foods

Collette has no Special Skills.

Battle Notes:

  • Has the highest vitality of all the NPCs.
  • Throws food to heal/boost stats.
  • Moves extremely fast when attacking enemies, and sometimes doesn't follow you while she's attacking.
Collette Bttle Level Health Attack
3 99 192
Defence Magic Attack Magic Defence
0 0 0
Strength Vitality Intelligence
11 61 20
Default Weapon Lollipop
Weapon Type Axe






Marriage Nicknames:

  • Dumpling
  • Honey

Title screen:

  • "Rune Factory 3. Hey, is this game edible?"


  • Of all the bachelorettes in Rune Factory 3, Collette is the shortest as well as having the smallest bust.
    • She also has one of the largest appetites in the game.
  • Due to Sherman's appetite, she considers him to be a rival.
  • She is very similar to Maya from Harvest Moon: Animal Parade, both of which really has a love for food.
  • She is known as the "Sous-chef" by Sherman and Sofia.
  • During a conversation with Kuruna, Micah asks what Will, Kuruna's pet, eats. She mentions Will eats up to 100 turnips in a day or so. Awestruck, Micah remarks Collette might have a rival.
  • When Collette pulls out her knife and fork, she has purple hearts in her eyes. 
  • In Rune Factory 4, Raven talks about what her town's chef is like by saying that she is short and her brother makes the dishes which can only mean that Collette took over for Blaise along with Rusk.