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Collette (ショコラ, Shokora, Chocolat[1]) is a bachelorette in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



Collette is a rambunctious girl who has a love for food. Collette swears that she can beat anyone in an eating competition and attributes her large appetite to her "lightning-fast metabolism". She is an aspiring chef with great potential but feels insecure about her height, believing that it's holding her back from becoming a good cook. As such, she is in a hurry to grow up so that she can reach her dreams.


Collette has a natural, peachy blush and big, hazel brown eyes. Her long, blonde hair is rolled up in twin buns on either side of her head, topped by a yellow kerchief that has pleated orange fabric at the sides and a thick, orange stripe bordering the front, with two slender, green clips crossing each other on the right. Kept in place by a white, buttoned collar, she dons a short, pale yellow apron with bright orange frills at the hem, a large bow around her waist, and a big pocket at the front, attached by chunky, brown buttons and apparently stuffed with candy. Underneath her apron is a pair of light green overalls with wide, puffy shorts. She wears bright orange, over-the-knee socks that have a single white stripe across the cuffs and end at the ankles with a curtain of white ruffles; her arm sleeves have a similar design, ending with small white frills at her wrists. On her feet are a pair of puce-colored strap shoes.

She looks really young because she is 'lactose-insufficient' (she doesn't drink milk). Of all the bachelorettes in Rune Factory 3, Collette is the shortest.


She wishes to get bigger, but refuses to drink milk, which is possibly the only way for her to reach this goal. Marian uses her as a guinea pig for medical experiments, much to Collette's displeasure.


Collette: I'm hungry
Collette: Bring it on!
Collette: Someone help!
Collette: Help me
Collette: Job advice
Collette: Help fix Rusk!
Collette: Eat my cooking
Collette: Please see me
Collette: Try my cooking again!
Collette: [Simple Request] Taste my food
Collette: [Simple Request] Ugh, I'm hungry
Collette: [Simple Request] I'm so hungry

Request 1: I'm Hungry

I want a snack.

Unlock:1 | Completed Carmen's request (Fishing!)
Location: Bulletin Board
Objective: Give Collette Rice x3.
Reward: RF3Formula A.png Formula A

Request 2: Bring it on!

Someone take me on!

Location: Mailbox
Objective: Give Collette a Rice Ball.
Reward: RF3Strawberry Seed.png Strawberry Seed x2

Micah travels to Blaise's Diner. He assumes that she was referring to an eating contest in her letter, but she becomes offended and declares they're going to have a cooking battle. She says the theme is "Rice Ball" and that she'll be judging.

When Micah gives her his rice ball to judge, Collette is amazed at its quality and scarfs it down. However, she becomes nervous when asked about her own dish and says that his was so good, she doesn't need to present her rice ball, before hastily giving him his reward.

Request 3: Someone help!

Emergency! Hurry! I'm looking for something.

Location: Bulletin Board
Objective: Collette claims that she needs to see Marian for some stomach medicine, but Marian seems to have accidentally given it away. To find out who was given the medicine, take Collette to Marian. Talk to Sherman and Hazel, then to Marian again.
Reward: Para-Gone, Roundoff, Cold Medicine

Request 4: Help me

Umm, someone who can keep a secret! Or knows how to grow taller!

Location: Bulletin Board
Objective: Collette is searching for a way to get taller, and when she asked Marian what to do, she had advised her to simply "exercise, eat a lot and sleep!"—hence Collette asks for Micah's help to follow the first two steps. Take Collette to Privera: Stoneway to pick some apples. Return to Blaise's Diner so she can cook them.
Reward: Apple Juice, Baked Apple, Apple Pie

Request 5: Job advice

What should I do…

Location: Mailbox
Objective: Collette got into trouble for a mistake she had made while working and is now nowhere to be found. Speak to Marian, then find Collette at the Privera: Flower Field.
Reward: None

Request 6: Help fix Rusk!

Just wait, Rusk!

Location: Bulletin Board
Objective: Collette wants Rusk to try her new vegetable dish so that he'll start eating food besides sweets, but he ran away from her. Find Rusk hiding at the town plaza behind the tree. Speak to him—he will refuse to eat the dish—then report back to Collette, who sadly gives up. Talk to Rusk one last time to persuade him, then speak to Collette to see how it went.
Reward: Star Pendant

Request 7: Eat my cooking

Umm... You just need to eat it. I'll be waiting at the diner.

Location: Mailbox
Objective: Go to Blaise's Diner. Collette is taking an exam with the theme of "food for the person who is most important to you", and Micah is the one she called to eat her cooking. Blaise will be judging her abilities as a chef to see whether she is ready.
Reward: None

Request 8: Please see me

I thought about before. Maybe we could talk.

Location: Mailbox
Objective: Visit Privera: Flower Field with Collette to have an honest talk with one another.
Reward: None

Request 9: Try my cooking again!

I'll be waiting at the diner.

Location: Mailbox
Objective: Head to Blaise's Diner. Collette is taking the exam one last time.
Reward: Curry Rice, Fried Squid, Pickle Mix


Her father, Blaise, always serves her food with a smile, as well as telling her chewing might help. Collette studies under him as the sous-chef. She loves him and wants to make him proud.

Collette can't stand how her younger brother, Rusk, is such a fussy eater, and she is always trying to force him to enjoy other foods besides sweets, mostly vegetable dishes—his most hated food. They constantly bicker due to their vastly different tastes, but they care a lot about each other (though they won't ever admit it).

She is also childhood friends with Marian and is repeatedly subjected to her scientific experiments, which often end up in failure. Collette never really learns her lesson and is always enticed by Marian's food offers, which are in fact laced with the latter's faulty medicine. Nonetheless, she loves hanging out with her, and although Collette can never see through Marian's ploys, she knows that Marian sincerely cares.


Loved You're giving me [item]?! Thanks!! I really love these.
RF3Curry Manju.png Curry Manju, RF3Royal Curry.png Royal Curry, Ultimate Curry, Dry Curry, Curry Udon, Curry Rice, Fried Rice, Omelet Rice, Rice Porridge, Tempura Bowl, Egg Bowl
Liked You're giving me [item]?! I really love these.
RF3Baked Rice Ball.png Baked Rice Ball, Rice Ball, Bamboo Rice, Rice
Neutral Thanks! Is this [item] for me? Next time can I have Rices?
Fruit, Vegetables, Small Egg, Youth Grass, Wine, Chocolate, RF3Curry Powder.png Curry Powder

[Item]... I don't really like them... I'd actually rather have some Curry Rice.

I don't... want this... I'd actually rather have some Curry Rice.

Failed, Trash, Weeds, Withered Grass, Rock, RF3Branch.png Branch, Scrap Metal, Small Milk, Medium Milk, Large Milk, Strawberry Milk, Milk Porridge, Hot Milk


Techniques: Royal Rice Rush

At first glance to the enemies, Collette will either rush towards them or the other way as if she's evading. Collette rushes away and towards the enemy she spots, will attack them once, and then back away again. She seems to be very energetic for eating carbohydrates which provide an amazing amount of energy for her metabolism.

[Melee]>Candy Split (regular attack)

Supportive: Culinary Carter

Collette throws random food at the party, but usually on the ground for any party member's use. This skill isn't practically reliable from time to time.

[Ground]>Throw random foods

Collette has no Special Skills.

Battle Notes:

  • Has the highest vitality of all the NPCs.
  • Throws food to heal/boost stats.
  • Moves extremely fast when attacking enemies and sometimes doesn't follow while she's busy attacking.


Collette normally wakes up at approximately 6:50AM. She can normally be found at Blaise's Diner or at the apothecary visiting Marian.




  • Collette is the only one who's crazy about the eating contest, other than Sherman.
  • She is older than Marian and Rusk, but people always think she's younger than them. Yue even thinks she's a child.
  • Collette doesn't share a sweet tooth with her father and younger brother, so she seems to think that it's a "guy thing".
  • In Rune Factory 4, Raven mentions that a girl with long blonde hair is the cook of the diner, while her brother is the baker, suggesting that the siblings have inherited the business in place of their father.