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Cloudheim (クラウドへイム, kuraudoheimu) is a location in Rune Factory 5.


This region comes after the Thundering Wastes region, but before SEED Floating Fortress Region. This region is unlocked after defeating the boss from the Thundering Wastes. A purple portal will be created at Rigbarth's SEED Outpost to the right of the stairs.

Inner Locations

In this region, there are small travel clouds to step on to in order to travel to new areas. As Ares and Alice clear monster gates in Cloudheim, they will sometimes make a switch appear nearby. These switches grant access to more areas the small clouds can't reach, and in general, where the better treasures tends to be.

This region has Giant cloud walls in it that may or may not move. Generally, these cloud walls don't block progression and the protagonist can navigate around them. There are exceptions where they are covering a secret path or a monster gate. Ares and Alice can destroy these giant clouds with the Wind Magic rune skill "Sonic Wind." It removes these obstructions and allows the protagonist to uncover treasures and destroy the monster gates.

Cloudheim 1F

Near the 1F entrance (on the first cloud platform) is:

  • The portal to return to Rigbarth.
  • A "Flower Runey" that you can cut down to restore RP
  • 4x "Elli Leaves" spawn points
  • 5x Colored grass spawn points (usually Blue Grass and Indigo Grass)

The second cloud platform has the mining nodes.

The third cloud platform has some enemies and an unlockable path.

The fourth cloud platform the Large Central Platform, has 8 "Big Cloud Walls" to destroy and enemies to fight and harder mini-boss type monsters.

The fifth platform has 4x "Big Cloud Walls" to destroy and monsters to fight. From here you have access to two small travel clouds.

One of them leads to the sixth cloud platform with the 1F fishing spot which sometimes has a hidden item.

The second small travel cloud takes you to the seventh cloud platform which leads to the Cloudheim 2F entrance.

Cloudheim 2F

Near the 2F entrance is:

  • The portal to return to Cloudheim 1F.
  • 3x Eli Leaves spawn points (Southwest)
  • 3x Colored grass spawn points (Southeast, usually Red Grass and Yellow Grass)
  • 2x Colored grass spawn points (Northeast, usually Red Grass)
  • 2x Crates (North, sometimes the crates contain medicinal grass / Orange Grass)

East of the 2F entrance on the first cloud platform, there is a fishing spot, but also monsters. When all nearby monsters and gates are defeated or tamed in this area, a light blue switch will be revealed.

The switch creates an access portal to Cloudheim 2F. This lower level has a monster fight (usually "Little Dragon") with three Colored grass spawns and a treasure chest the first time Ares and Alice visit. On future visits, this portal will always be open.

West of the 2F entrance, on the first cloud platform, is a monster fight area. It is usually 4 monsters: two Evil Penguin and and 2 Faust. Ares and Alice must defeat them all to reveal a switch.

The switch creates a portal that grants access to the second cloud platform. This platform has a treasure chest on the first visit.

Up the stairs from the second cloud platform is another monster fight area with three Big Cloud Walls that block the monster gate. There is also a fishing spot below this point.

1F: On the Eastern end of third cloud platform (after the mining rocks on the second platform), is a "Big Cloud Wall. It can be destroyed with the rune skill "Sonic Wind", doing so grants access to a small travel cloud which leads to a lower level.

2F: East of the 2F entrance is a secret path. It is unlocked by beating all monsters and activating a switch. West of the 2F entrance is a secret path to the second cloud platform that is unlocked by beating all monsters and activating a switch. The first time, there is a treasure chest.


1F: Goose, Meowling, Orc Viking, Sealy, Wooly, Wooly King, Little Dragon

2F: Meowling, Goose, Evil Penguin, Faust, Dark Sorcerer, Hell Spider, Gemsqueek, Golem



1F: Near the fishing spot is an item hotspot that can sometimes drop a Water Crystal.

2F: The recipe for the Miracle Axe can appear in a hidden Treasure chest on the second floor near the end of the map.



There is one fishing spot towards the end of the first floor on the west side.

Spring: Salmon, Shrimp, Gibelio, Yellowtail, Chub

Summer: Unknown fish

Fall: Unknown fish

Winter: Salmon (9PM)


There is one fishing spots near the east side just past the entrance.

Spring: Unknown fish

Summer: Unknown fish

Fall: Unknown fish

Winter: Mackerel (3AM)


Just past the entrance is a platform that has various ore veins.

  • 1x Iron Ore
  • 3x Silver Ore
  • 1x Gold Ore