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Clorica (クローリカ, Kurōrika, Clorica[1]) is a bachelorette in Rune Factory 4 and Rune Factory 4 Special.



Clorica is a kind-hearted, friendly and easygoing young girl who is training to be a butler. She works quickly, but often falls asleep, notably while standing or performing any given task. She is a hard worker, and while she generally loves sleeping, considering it to be important, she finds her sleeping habits to be quite problematic, as she can't control them. She can be a little absent-minded and forgetful, probably due to sleeping too much, so she might appear a tad ditzy at times. She maintains a positive outlook on most things in life and refuses to let her shortcomings bring her down. However, she can be sensitive to remarks that insinuate she does not treat her work with due diligence, and becomes evidently upset when people question her abilities.

Despite her sleeping habits, Clorica is noted as being a very competent worker, able to complete large amounts of work, even strenuous physical labour, such as sawing logs. Some believe that she executes her tasks more efficiently in her sleep than she does while she's awake. Her overall skill is generally considered superior to that of Vishnal, but her sleeping on the job can make her look like a slacker and draw the ire of Volkanon. That said, she will still sometimes take naps of her own volition when her work is finished, like at the beginning of "Get It Together!" town event.


In Clorica's official art, her lavender hair fades to blue, but besides that her hair is just naturally solid lavender.

Like Volkanon and Vishnal, Clorica has a crown/armlet on her left arm, though hers is smaller than Volkanon's and Vishal's crowns/armlets.


The Together Trio

Clorica, Amber and Doug create a group called "The Together Trio". They started a course called "Get it Together Course." She thinks that their daily habit "won't cut it anymore", so they wanted to "ask the experts how best to get it together". As in, they wanted to do something else as their daily routine, or become more active. On the first day, they went to meet their first expert, 'Expert Forte'. She joins them for exercise, as "a disciplined mind, means a disciplined body". She later led them on a "light jogging", they met at the plaza, then had some "sparring practice".

The next day, the three of them went to meet 'Expert Arthur'. Upon hearing their 'course', Arthur offered them to help with his work. Clorica happily agrees. Arthur then gave them the paperwork, he asked them to stamp the forms and told them that the paperwork was not the most difficult job, but it is nonetheless important. After a few minutes, Clorica fell asleep on the floor, bringing much to Lest/Frey's doubt of their 'help' to Arthur. Arthur, being an optimist, believed that they were doing their best in their own way. After done 'helping', Clorica thanked Arthur for teaching them, Arthur thanked them back for helping with his work instead. They went out not a moment after. They promised to meet again tomorrow, Clorica was having fun working, even though Doug think they should really do something else than 'work', Amber was just happy to be a part of the group. Lest/Frey came to Clorica, praising her for really working hard the past days, she denied it, saying that she needs to work harder, and the fact that she moved the town to get better. She said that she wanted to change the way she is, not 'sloppy' anymore, and wishes to try harder to be rid of it.

The next, the trio went to see Margaret, calling her 'Expert Meg'. Margaret had heard about them studying on how 'to get it together', she decided to teach them something that will help them foster their sense of rhythm. At first, they didn't understand it, Margaret then explain that rhythm isn't just important in music, but in everyday life. She tells them that keeping a rhythm in performing their daily activities regularly such as "sleeping regularly" and "eating three square meals a day". She believed that by setting and keeping up a proper daily rhythm will help them keep it together. She began the lesson by starting the music, she then starts teaching them how to keep in rhythm by having them keep up with her dance moves. After the lesson, Margaret tells them to apply 'rhythm' in their daily life. Clorica was very happy with the lesson, that she even practice keeping up with the rhythm while walking. The three of them had a small meeting afterwards. Clorica said that the next lesson will be the last, Doug didn't really understand the lesson, but was a bit sad that the lessons are almost over.

On the following day, they went to see 'Expert Dolce'. Dolce said that she doesn't have anything to teach them. But after Clorica, Amber and Doug persuade her, Dolce agreed after being called a 'Teacher'. She began teaching them to keep it together by alway keeping calm under any cicumstances. Suddenly, Pico came rushing to hug Dolce, but Dolce dodged and Pico accidentally fell into the river. Then, Dolce wanted them to try keeping calm, but Doug was not sure how to. Clorica sees Vishnal just walking by the street, she called him to join them. Dolce wanted Vishnal to be their 'practice opponent', Vishnal asked what kind of practice opponent it was, Dolce replied by saying to let the three of them just beat him up. The three of them had beaten him up, leaving Vishnal all bruised up. Dolce said that the lesson is over, then she brings Vishnal over to the clinic. Clorica announced that their "Get It Together Course" has already finished. Doug was happy that the course is finished, Amber was also happy that they all worked hard. Doug asked Clorica why she just give away a 'lukewarm' reaction. Clorica still wasn't sure if she really can keep it together. Doug and Amber tells her that she had more of it together than both of them. Clorica is grateful that she improved. She said that "The Together Trio" finally had to break-up, but she is sure that their experience together will last forever.

Although, the next day, even after the course is over, Lest/Frey finds Clorica sleeping in the middle of the plaza.

Marriage Sub-Event: An Ephemeral Wish

In Clorica's marriage event, she mentions to Lest that she wants a new accessory, and decides to visit Bado's forge the following day. When Lest finds her at the forge, she seems to be having difficulty choosing between two sets of earrings. At this, Lest chooses and purchases one of the two sets in her stead as a gift. Clorica happily thanks him for the gift and promises to take good care of the earrings.

The next day, Lest finds Clorica at the general store, attempting to decide what groceries to buy for dinner. Unfortunately it's getting late, and she cannot afford to think on it much longer as Volkanon and Vishnal are waiting yet she simply cannot make the choice. Noting her distress, Lest offers a suggested dish for dinner. Although Clorica is thankful for the suggestion, she's bothered by the choice. When Lest asks if something is wrong with the suggested dish, however, she says nothing is wrong.

After that, upon meeting Lest again, Clorica asks him for a date, suggesting they go to the observatory. Lest agrees to this, and the next day goes up the observatory to find Clorica sleeping on a bench. He immediately wakes her, and the two begin talking about their future. Clorica wishes to say something, but before she can fully put the thought into words Lest interrupts. He says he'll always be at her side, and whenever she has trouble deciding something he can help make the decision. What was minor discomfort before becomes visible agitation, and Clorica wants to tell Lest about what's bothering her, but fails to push out what's at the tip of her tongue. When Lest asks what's wrong, she hastily ends the date, thanking him and leaving the observatory.

When Lest talks to her the next day, Clorica asks him out for an immediate date. He agrees, surprised at her sudden assertion, and is about to begin contemplating a place to go until Clorica tells him that she will make the choice. Again taken by surprise, Lest leaves the choice up to her, but after several rounds of thought she still has no place in mind. At this Lest interjects, asking if Clorica would like to go out for a bite to eat. Through gritted teeth, she agrees, and the two head for Porcoline's restaurant. But right as they get to the front steps, Clorica stops. When Lest asks what's wrong, she states that she is not hungry and tersely asks to go to the beach instead. Surprised and baffled by her strange actions, Lest agrees, and the two set off once more. Unfortunately, just as the two reach the sands, the sky betrays the tense couple with a shower of rain. Bemoaning their bad luck, Lest says they should leave, but is stopped by Clorica irritably saying she will decide where they go. Again, she cannot make up her mind. Since they cannot wait in the rain much longer, Lest suggests they simply go home. Clorica finally snaps at this, shouting at Lest before storming off the beach, asking him who will accept her feelings if even he will not take her seriously. Dejected and confused, Lest follows soon after, but no matter how much he tries Clorica refuses to speak to him.

The next day, Lest sees Vishnal and Volkanon talking, and discovers from Vishnal that Clorica has gone missing. Shocked, Lest demands explanation, and Vishnal notes that he had heard someone crying the previous night as they left the castle, and realizes it must have been her. Frantic with worry, Lest and Vishnal split up to ask around town if anyone has seen Clorica. Lest bears no fruit from his search, but Vishnal finds out that Clorica has left town. He relays this information to Lest at the town gate, and they immediately set out to find her, afraid the monsters might get to her. At first, they are unsure of exactly where to start looking, but a startled scream to the west of the gate alerts the two of Clorica's location. Lest and Vishnal rush towards the scream to find her cornered by a pack of monsters. The two swoop in and defeat the monsters and safely bring Clorica back to town.

Back in Lest's room, Clorica explains she was simply out and about for a morning walk. When asked what's bothering her and why she didn't talk to him about it, she apologizes to Lest, saying she couldn't explain herself to him then, not while they were fighting. Clorica finally reveals what's been bothering her this whole time: Lest has been acting a lot like her family. She was born into a family full of impatient, decisive people that would not stop to think much before acting. No one in the family - not even her - can figure out how Clorica turned out slower, more thoughtful, and deliberate. As a result, her family members would always make decisions for her even when she simply needed a little time to figure out what she wanted, and Lest has been doing exactly this for the past few days, stealing away decisions Clorica would eventually make anyways.

Feeling guilty for his transgression, Lest immediately apologizes. He then promises that from that point on, Clorica will get to make the decisions for the two. The latter is shocked into disbelief, then joyfully agrees to the proposition. She then proposes the two go out for a make-up date tomorrow, and she already has the perfect plan set out for them. Lest gladly agrees to this, and the two part ways on happy terms.

The next day, the two meet outside Lest's room. Clorica declares that they will first head out to Carnation's, and so they go. For a time, Lest patiently waits at Clorica's side as she attempts to decide what flower she wants, even helpfully offering a wider range of choices across the store. Illuminata notices their slowness, and when asks about what's going on, Clorica happily tells her of the established rule between the two.

Illuminata expresses disappointment, and wastes no time telling them that this arrangement will not work. It's a nice rule to run with, sure, and Lest will be fine following along for a while. But, she asks, does Clorica really expect him to constantly follow the rule regardless of duration? Will this be able to hold up one, two, ten years down the line? At this, Clorica wavers, unsure. Illuminata continues, saying that it's great the two have resolved their fight from before - to which Clorica is distressed to find out everyone else in town knows about their fight - and understands they want to be happy. However, if they only manage to keep the relationship together by binding themselves with rules, then one day the chains will overlap and get tighter and tighter until the entire foundation ruptures altogether.

At this point, Margaret enters the store with the intent to buy flowers for decorating the restaurant. She asks Lest for his opinion, and after thinking on his suggestion decides to go along with it. Before she leaves, Clorica asks her a hypothetical question: if someone made a choice for her without her input, would she be angry at them? After a bit of thought, Margaret answers saying she would be angry at first. But then she would put aside that anger to ask why the person made the choice. If they made the choice for the sake of it, then she would continue to be angry, but if she discovered the person was thinking of her while making it, then she couldn't possibly stay mad at them. Clorica is silent at this as Margaret leaves. Illuminata addresses Lest directly, saying that their relationship has far greater potential than this, and the two leave.

Next stop is the Tiny Bandage clinic for some medicine, as the butlers are running out. Nancy greets the pair as they arrive, and says she'll prepare the usual prescription. As she goes about the task, she notices that Jones has not drunk his Tomato Juice. She immediately shoots down his feeble attempt to avoid the task by saying he already drank a glass, and pushes him to down the second one, reminding him that he needs to get over his fear. He shakily obliges, and after some brief hesitation he swiftly drains the entire glass, to the shock of Clorica and Lest. Jones queasily excuses himself from the clinic as Nancy applauds him for the feat. Clorica asks about their interaction there, confused at how Jones willingly drank the juice after Nancy told him to. Nancy explains that Jones agreed because he knew what she said to be true. He trusts her to speak the truth without pause, and help make decisions for him even if he would sooner choose the alternative. Nancy finishes putting together the prescription and hands it off to Clorica. She and Lest leave the clinic, and Clorica thanks Lest for the date, saying she has a lot to think about.

The following day, Lest meets with Clorica again. She is hesitant to speak at first, but then divulges into her thoughts. She apologizes for everything she did before, for snapping at him and trying to tie him down with rules. She got angry at him without bothering to figure out if her anger was justified, as Margaret would have done, and did not trust him enough to speak truthfully and make decisions for her, as Jones did Nancy. Because of this, she has lost the right to be with him. Lest tries to speak out against this, but Clorica pushes him away, saying she has to think more about what Illuminata said.

Depressed and defeated, Lest goes to consult Illuminata about what he should do. Once more, Illuminata expresses disappointment, and chastises Lest for his unnecessary moping. She tells him that he shouldn't be spending his time wallowing in self-pity, and that if he wants this whole relationship to work out then he needs to do something. She asks Lest what he wants to do with Clorica. Pulled out of his funk, he says that he wants Clorica to trust in him, and him to trust in her. He declares that he loves her, and wishes to marry her. Illuminata gives Lest some Silver ore and a gem, saying that now he knows his path, and must go for it with all he has. Lest quickly forges an engagement ring with the given materials. If Lest doesn't want to marry Clorica yet, Illuminata will give him the ingredients to make an Apple Pie.

Clorica is stunned by the ring as Lest proposes to her. She attempts to insist that she still has no right to be with him, that she can't possibly accept this after what she did. Lest counters by saying that he will give her that right, that he wants to be with her. He wants Clorica to trust him to tell the truth and make choices for her, and him to trust her to tell the truth and make choices for him. He loves her, and asks again that she marry him. Clorica is lost for words. She tells him that she thought long and hard about Illuminata's words, and realizes she's right. She wants this relationship to work out, to be with him, to grow beyond what they had before. She confesses that one night she had a dream where Lest proposed to her, and hopes that if this too is a dream then may she never wake up from it. He asks one last time if she'll marry him, and she says yes. The two kiss. Clorica asks for a hug, and Lest happily obliges.

If Lest give Clorica the apple pie the events will develop in a similar way but Clorica will say that she can answer then, that she needs something else (AKA engagement ring) and promise to wait until Lest decide to come to take her.


How to place furniture!

Request: Place some furniture.
Reward: ??? (Storage Box and Calendar)

Clorica gives the protagonist a storage box. The request is completed after the protagonist speaks to Eliza.


Clorica is great friends with all of the girls in town, who adore her for her idiosyncrasies as much as they worry about her because of them.

She gets along well with Vishnal as a colleague, as her easy-going cheerfulness and his passionate optimism meld well together, and they are both supportive of each other's goals. However, she gets irritated when he unwittingly suggests that her discipline or work ethic is lacking, especially since her level of skill exceeds his own. They both cause their supervisor, Volkanon, some grief due to their tendency to get carried away with silly conversations. She holds Volkanon in the highest regard as a butler.


Loved "For me? Oh my! Such an expensive crystal. And so pretty! Thank you very much!"
"Ooh, may I really have something this rare? Thank you! ♪"
"Ooh, thank you! I love these! Oh! May I...partake?"
Apple Pie, Platinum, Orichalcum, Diamond, Round Stone, Shade Stone, White Stone, Glitter Stone, Red Core, Yellow Core, Blue Core, Green Core
Liked "Ooh, I like these. Thank you!"
"Thank you for the [item]."
"Thank you! I like these a lot!"
Apple, Apple dishes (e.g. Baked Apple), Silver, Gold, Jewelry, Hot Chocolate, Cakes and Cookies
Neutral "Thank you."
"Thank you for the [item]."
"Oh, thank you."
"Thank you very much."
Items not listed
Disliked "Oh, dear. I'm sorry, but I don't like [grape item] at all. But if there were grapes that didn't have seeds or that thick, tough skin, I might like them."
"Oh, dear. I'm sorry, but I'm not a garbage bin."
"My duties don't include disposing of trash."
Grapes and Grape dishes


1 42 45 5 16 1 2 3 16
Weapon Type Default Shield
Spear Lance


Like Vishnal, Clorica spends most of her time cleaning the castle, and she is one of the two who collect shipments from the shipping bin at 8AM. During festivals, she and other bachelorettes will gather before the festival's event begins and will usually disperse by the time the bachelors will gather together.

Prior to the player's marriage, unless to her or having spent Prince/Princess Points for someone else, she and Vishnal may also occasionally wake the player up.




  • If spoken to during the Squid Catching Contest, Clorica will make a couple tentacle puns involving "tenta-cool" and "tenta-cruel", possibly a homage to Pokemon's Tentacool and Tentacruel.
  • If spoken to after the Buddy Battle, Clorica will mention that her "Minami" and "Kotaro" couldn't have lost, possibly a homage do Kotaro Minami, the main character of Kamen Rider BLACK.
  • If Lest/Frey faints during the fight against the Sechs Soldier at the beginning of the second story arc, Clorica will appear and heal them as well as tossing a random food item to heal them. Should Lest/Frey faint after this, Clorica will continuously heal the entire team, even if she has also been defeated.
  • Randomly, Clorica may tell you that she read "a scary story" and cannot sleep. Everyone in town will comment on the fact she's been awake all day, with many people being surprised and a few expressing concern for her health. Arthur says he can tell she's been awake all day because she hasn't completed as much work as usual, implying that Clorica is more competent while asleep than while awake.
  • She has the same birthday as Cecil in Rune Factory 5.