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Clemens Cave (クレメンス洞窟, Kuremensu Doukutsu) is a location in Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.


"I can't issue the pass for the next cave yet. Raguna, I want you to settle down and live in our town. This town has many things including a hot spring and a library. You should go take a look."

To unlock Clemens Cave, Raguna must defeat Chimera in Toros Cave, then plow at least 50 or more and then speak to Godwin. After going to the library and speaking to Russell, Russell will inform Cecilia is lost in Clemens Cave. Godwin will allow him to search for her in the cave.

Inner Locations




Location Fish
Area 4

Needlefish; Pike;Jamasquid;Lobster

Boss Monster

Boss: Rafflesia

It's attacks can cause player paralysis if hitting the poison gas if Rafflesia unleashed it. Rafflesia can summon Queen Bees to advantage its battle. Keep in your mind Sonic Wave can cause Seal, so please make sure to bring Roundoff, Fried Eggs (15 RP for Support), Medication, and Cure.