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To have a child, you must get married by completing the game's main plot. Your spouse will ask whether you want a girl or boy. Their hair and eye color will change depending on who you marry, but their skin color will change if you marry Joe or Maerwen.

Talk to your husband/wife everyday for a month and then they'll ask you to stop by the clinic. After 2-3 weeks they will ask if you want a boy or girl (be sure to talk to them) and in another week the child will be born.



  • Bismark: Brown hair and yellow eyes
  • James: Blond hair and blue eyes
  • Joe: Red hair, yellow eyes, and tan skin


  • Electra: Purple hair and blue eyes
  • Elena: (Same as James)
  • Lily or Violet: Brown hair and orange eyes
  • Maerwen: Green hair, brown eyes, and dark skin
  • Mikoto: Grey hair and Light purple eyes
  • Odette: Purple hair and yellow eyes
  • Pandora: Grey hair and pink eyes
  • Sierra: Red hair and yellow eyes