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Child is a character in Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny born after the player and their spouse marry.



Not much is known about the child's personality.



Spouse Child Appearance Image
Aden Gray hair and turquoise eyes Aden's Child.png
Bismark Brown hair and yellow eyes Bismark's Child.png
James Blonde hair and blue eyes James Child.png
Joe Red hair, yellow eyes, and tan skin. Joe's Child.png


Spouse Appearance Image
Electra Gray hair and turquoise eyes Electra's Child.png
Elena Brown hair and yellow eyes Elena's Child.png
Lily Dark orange hair and yellow eyes Lily's Child.png
Maerwen Light green hair, brown eyes, and dark skin Maerwen-Aden-Child-Familypicture.png
Mikoto Black-blue hair and dark gray eyes Mikoto's Child.png
Odette Purple hair and yellow eyes Odette's Child.png
Pandora Gray hair and pink eyes Pandora's Child.png
Sierra Red hair and yellow eyes Sierra's Child.png
Sonja Pink hair and green eyes Sonja's Child.png
Violet Brown hair and yellow eyes Violet's Child.png


If the player talks to their spouse enough times, there is a chance they will be asked to visit the clinic. 2-3 weeks later, that person will ask for the gender of their child, to which the player can choose one gender or allow this game decide one randomly. The child will be born one week later.