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Child is a character in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, obtained after getting married.



If the personality of the child is lonely, they will act somewhat timid and will ask their father constantly if they are going out or not. If the personality of the child is airhead, they will be noticeably louder. There are three personality types for each gender: energetic, airhead, and calm (boy)/needy (girl).


Regardless of how many of them there are, the girls always look the same, as do the boys. If Micah marries Pia, then their children will genetically be half-human, a quarter monster, and a quarter merman.


Three weeks after getting married, Micah's wife will be pregnant. After another three weeks, she will collapse all of a sudden and then give birth in the apothecary.


Unlike in other games, the protagonist can have up to three children.


They do not have icons on the map, appear in the player's friends list, nor do they accept gifts. They cannot be assigned to work or taken outside.

First Born Child


All conversations start with her saying "Hey, Daddy!"

  • I love you, Daddy!
  • I wanna go with you!
  • I'm going to marry you someday!


All conversations start with "Daddy!"

  • I want a toy!
  • Protect Mommy!
  • C'mon, lets play!

Second Born Child

Female (Energetic)

All conversations start with "Daddy!!♪"

  • You' with me today, right?
  • Marry me when I grow up, OK?
  • Good morning, Daddy. Are you going out?


All conversations begin with "Daddy!"

  • I was napping with Mom.
  • Let's play!
  • Be careful, Daddy.

Third Born Child


All conversations begin with "Are you Daddy?"

  • I'll be your wife, Daddy...
  • What does "good-for-nothing" mean? It seems like you have a lot of friends.
  • No snacks?
  • Are you gonna turn into that wooly again?
  • Wooly is cute!~
  • Good morning!
  • Turn into a wooly!


All conversations begin with "Daddy!"

  • Daddy, you're cool! So am I!
  • I'll play with you!
  • I want a snack!



  • The son's default names are Ray, Leaf, Horace.
  • The daughter's default names are Lala, Toto, Barian.