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Cheese (チーズ, Chizu) is an item in the Rune Factory series.


Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny

File:RFToDCheese.png Type Ingredient HP Recovery 0 Special Effects
Value G RP Recovery 0
Effect Time 0

Rune Factory 4

RF4Cheese.png Made by processing milk. Has a distinctive flavor. You can eat it as it is, or use it in various recipes.
Category Dairy Sell 400G Buy 2500G
[Effects] RP +30


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Simple Cheese 22 Sour Drop Milk (S)
Pot Cheese Fondue 32 Bread Cheese
Steamer Cheese Bread 44 Flour Cheese Egg (S) Milk (S)
Oven Pizza 60 Flour Cheese Ketchup Eggplant Green Pepper
Oven Seafood Pizza 56 Flour Cheese Ketchup Shrimp Squid
Oven Doria 84 Rice Cheese Milk (S) Onion
Oven Seafood Doria 39 Rice Shrimp Cheese Squid Milk (S)
Oven Gratin 85 Flour Cheese Milk (S) Onion
Oven Seafood Gratin 42 Flour Shrimp Cheese Squid Milk (S)
Oven Cheesecake 46 Cheese Egg (S) Milk (S) Sweet Powder


Liked Nancy Icon.png Nancy
Neutral Dylas Icon.png Dylas