First Generation

Please Find Something

Please find a ruby for me. And stay out of trouble.

Quick Guide:


  • Pet Glove
  • 100 pieces of wood
  • Ability to build a barn

Speaking to Cecilia, she requests that Kyle retrieves a ruby for her from Aegis Falls without killing any monsters. If he retrieves it without killing any monsters, she will be happy and says that she was right about him being the kind of person who "is meant to tame the land and its monsters." She goes on to explain that she believes he must have some of the qualities of an Earthmate. For this, she gives him a pet glove to become friends with monsters. She also explains that he will need a barn and how to acquire it.

Looking for Special Ingredients

Please find some wild plants that I can use to really bring out the flavors in my cooking.

Quick Guide:


  • 200G
  • Brush

Cecilia's indigo grass

Cecilia will request some INDIGO GRASS for one of Herman's dishes.

a dish that she's going to make. The grass can be found on Blessia Island. She says they can be found at Blessia Island - Center.

After Kyle gives the grass to her she thanks him and tells him how she has never made anything with indigo grass. She offers to give it to him, promising it won't kill him, hopefully. He passes, so she rewards him with 200G and a brush.

I Need Someone to Stay Over

Things have been really tough lately.

Quick Guide:

  • Talk to Cecilia
  • Talk to Egan and pay 100G to stay at the inn
  • Talk to Cecilia

Cecilia asks Kyle to stay over

Cecilia will tell Kyle that she'd like him to stay over at her house. Business at the Inn has been rough lately, so she thinks that it would cheer Egan up if he stayed the night there.

When Kyle goes to talk to Egan, he requests a room, Egan is confused at first, but Kyle explains that since Egan is always taking such good care of her, she wanted to help and get him some business. He says that she is the one that came all the way from Kardia to stay and help him out, so if anyone's being taken care of, it's him. He also says that his son is also secretly happy that she came too. He says that his old friend Tabatha lives in Kardia and that she's the one who recommended the in to Cecilia. Egan says that what Kyle's doing is kind and says it will cost 100G (of course if you do this, it will switch to the next day. There won't even be a confirmation before you go to sleep, so plan ahead.)

The next day, Cecilia thanks Kyle for staying over and says that he's a really nice guy. 

Company for Stargazing

Come look at the stars with me?

Quick Guide:

  • Talk to Cecilia
  • Meet her at Alvarna - Falling Star Path at 9 o'clock

Talking to Cecilia, she asks Kyle to meet her at Falling Star Path at 9 o'clock. She says that she has a bit of a strange request for him there.

At 9 o'clock, the two can meet. She thanks Kyle for coming. She tells him that, according to Alicia's reading, they should be able to see a shooting star, even though usually they can only be seen during the Shooting Star Festival. They spot one and are happy that they got to see it together.

Male Bonding...

I need a guy to talk to someone for me.

Quick Guide:

Talking to Cecilia, she asks Kyle to talk to Jake for her. He has an intense dislike of humans but she thinks he might open up to him.


Jake dislikes that Kyle talks to Cecilia

After finding Jake, Kyle tells him that he thinks they should talk. He says that he doesn't have anything to say to him, but asks if he's been spending a lot of time with her. He tells him that he'd better stay away from her, because he's not for her. Kyle asks if he likes Cecilia and Jake replies that it doesn't matter, only that she's half elf, so she doesn't belong with a human. Kyle says that there are plenty of elves that have married humans. Jake says that he can't accept something like that. Kyle says that Jake's parents are human and elf and asks if he cannot accept their own union. He doesn't answer and instead says to keep away from her.

Cecilia thanks Kyle for talking to him. She says that none of the other boys in town will even talk to him. She hoped that if the two talked, they might become friends. She asks that he tries to get closer to him. He says he'll try, and she praises him.

I Want to Ask You Something

Can I ask you kind of a personal question?

Quick Guide:

  • 1: Talk to Cecilia

Cecilia asks Kyle

Cecilia asks if there's anyone that Kyle likes. He will answer depending on his relationship with the bachelorettes, saying that Mana has good character, Julia has a kind heart, Alicia is interesting, Dorothy is innocent, and that he likes Cecilia, Rosalind, and Yue. If this is the case, she says that he likes a lot of people, but is glad that she's one of them.

I Have Something for You

I have something I want to give you, but I'm a little worried that I'll mess it up.
  • 1: Talk to Cecilia
  • 2: Talk to her again at De-Sainte Coquille Dining Hall

Reward: Apple Pie (If answers "yeah")

Cecilia asks Kyle to meet her at the De Sainte-Coquille Dining Hall. She says that she'll tell him later what for.

There, she asks if he likes apple pie. He can reply "Yeah," "Not really," or "I like you, Cecilia."


She is happy he does and says that she baked him an apple pie and asks him to accept it. He says that it looks delicious. She tells him that she'll bake him another sometime.

Not really.

She is disappointed and apologizes for calling him over.

I like you, Cecilia.

She becomes embarrassed but says that she's happy to hear it. She thanks him. He thinks that he was actually joking, but that he can't tell him that now.

Something's Really Bothering Me

Something's really been bothering me. Please come talk to me.

Quick Guide:

Cecilia asks Kyle to meet her at Trieste Forest Entrance because she wants to talk to her in private.

At the Forest's entrance, Cecilia says that Jake ask her to marry him. She hasn't told him her answer yet. He can answer in three ways.

Whats's there to think about?

Cecilia is hurt that he would say that knowing how she feels. She says that she'll be waiting for the day he sees her the way she sees him.

Don't do it!

She happily asks if he'll marry her then. He isn't sure, but she tells him that she'll be waiting for the day they can start their new lives together.

Marry me instead.

He says he'll marry her when he can the right way. She is overjoyed and says she'll be waiting.

Something Very Important to Me

This is really important to me. Please find it.

Quick Guide:

  • 1: Talk to Cecilia
  • 2: Retrieve the Round Stone from Messhina Valley - Bridge to Shrine.
  • 3: Give it to Cecilia

Reward: Round Stone

Cecilia asks Kyle to find a round stone for her. She says that it's an ordinary stone, but it's important to her. She says that it can probably be found at Messhina Valley - Bridge to Shrine.

Cecilia thanks him for getting the stone for her, but asks that he holds onto it for her. She requests that he take good care of it.

A Very Important Request

This is the most important favor I'll ask of you.

Quick Guide:

  • 1: Talk to Cecilia
  • 2: Meet her at Messhina Valley - Bridge to Shrine with the round stone.
  • 3: Answer "Yeah" and "Will you marry me?"

Cecilia tells Kyle about her past in Kardia

There, she starts to tell Kyle a story. When she was small, I liked collecting stones. One time she got lost in a dungeon while looking for some. She says she was saved by Raguna. She says after seeing how handsome and brave he was her life changed forever. From that point, she always imagined her future husband proposing to me in a dungeon or other monster infested area. She asks if he thinks she's strange, and if he likes strange girls. If he says no, she will feel rejected and return home. If he says yes, he will be able to marry her. It will then proceed to their wedding.

Second Generation

Let's Cook Together!

Reward: A page for the spell book Fireball : Missing Page 2