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Cecilia (セシリア, Seshiria, Ceciria[1] or Cecilia[2]) is a character in Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



Cecilia is a young elf girl, and Russell's adoptive daughter. She likes to collect stones, and prefers that everyone to call her Ceci. Her treasure is a round stone.


Cecilia has short peach hair with braided forelocks. She has green eyes and also wears a purple bandana.

Her clothing consists of a white dress with light blue fabric and dark pink vest.


After Raguna defeats Chimera, Cecilia goes missing. She sneaks into the next dungeon and will need someone to come retrieve her, allowing Raguna to move forward with the plot. Cecilia is also the one who starts the event required to marry Felicity. Visit the Library on a rainy day and talk to her to start the chain of events.


Russell: Cecilia was taken by Russell a year before the game began, though she treats him like her own father by calling him "Daddy". He also doesn't seem to know about her past, as Cecilia wonders why Russell doesn't talk about when she was younger, and doesn't seem to understand that she and Tabatha are elves.

Nicholas: She also seems to be good friends with Nicholas, the only other child in the town.

Felicity: After reading a book about a cursed stone, Cecilia got scared and gave her round stone to Felicity. However, it turned out that the stone actually was cursed, and responsible for Felicity's illness.


Loved "I'm so happy!! I LOVE the AQUAMARINE, [Name]!"
Liked "I'm so happy!! I LOVE the [item], [Name]!"
Ruby, Platinum, Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, Strawberry Milk
Neutral "You're giving me a(n) [item]? Hmmm."
Anything else
Disliked N/A
Hated N/A

If you give Cecilia a Radish, Potato, Cucumber, Cabbage, Tomato, Corn, Onion, Pumpkin, Eggplant, Carrot, Sweet Potato, Spinach, Green Pepper, or Bamboo Sprout, she will say "You're giving me the [item]? But you should've given me this during the Harvest Festival..."


Normal Schedule
Monday, Friday
6am - 9am Kardia Library 2F
9am - 4pm Town Square
4pm - 6am Kardia Library 2F
Tuesday, Thursday, Holiday
6am - 9am Kardia Library 2F
9am - 4pm Beach
4pm - 6am Kardia Library 2F
6am - 9am Kardia Library 2F
9am - 4pm Town Square
4pm - 8pm Gigant Hot Springs
8pm - 6am Kardia Library 2F
Monday - Friday (Raining/snowing)
6am - 9am Kardia Library 2F
9am - 4pm Kardia Library 1F
4pm - 6am Kardia Library 2F
Holiday (Raining/snowing)
6am - 6am Kardia Library 2F