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Sticks and stems are a type of collectible in Rune Factory 4. Sticks and Stems (RF4) (, N/A) is an item in the Rune Factory series.


Rune Factory 4

Item Difficulty Upgrade Effect Sell Buy
Insect Horn.png Insect Horn 7 ATK +3 25G 100G
Plant Stem.png Plant Stem 28 ATK +3 M.ATK +3 130G 390G
Rigid Horn.png Rigid Horn 52 ATK +15 Crit +1% 195G 1040G
ThickStick.png Thick Stick 65 ATK +34 198G 1590G
Devil Horn.png Devil Horn 86 ATK +55 M.ATK +50 312G 2810G


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