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Minerals are a type of collectible in Rune Factory 4. Minerals (RF4) (, N/A) is an item in the Rune Factory series.


Rune Factory 4

Jewels Difficulty Upgrade Effect Sell Buy
Iron.jpg Iron 2 DEF +1 20G 200G
RF4Bronze.png Bronze 15 DEF +4 130G 800G
Silver.png Silver 32 DEF +7 320G 3600G
Gold.jpg Gold 40 DEF +10 500G 3600G
PlatinumMineral.png Platinum 50 DEF +25 1500G 12000G
Orichalcum.png Orichalcum 80 DEF +95 3500G 28000G
DragonicStone.png Dragonic Stone 80 DEF +95 5000G


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