This is a category for all the members of the De-Sainte Coquille family.

Similarities between the families include:

  • A gluttonous father, with no mother (the opposite is true for Tides of Destiny).
  • Many of them have at least one daughter, who is generally very caring (the exceptions being Bianca with her personality and Porcoline, who does not have any children).
  • Many of the daughters have purple hair, the exceptions being Rosalind and Leann. Rosalind has light blue hair whilst Leann is green.
  • No sons are born to the De-Sainte Coquille family (with the exception of Max).
  • They all are (or were) rich at one point.
  • Many of them have an elven maid (the exceptions being Rune Factory 3 and 4's families).
  • All of the parents have blue eyes (the exception being the marriage candidates in RF2 who both have green eyes)
  • In Rune Factory 4 Margaret mentions that the De-Sainte Coquille family has always been a friend to the elves.

The Rune Factory Official Memoir revealed these details about the De Sainte-Coquille family in general:

  • The De Sainte-Coquille family isn't nobility.
  • They are also not merchants. No idea where their wealth came from.
  • The head of the families are all big eaters; they don't live in cities because the food is tastier in rural regions.
  • They periodically meet each other, but these meetings are more about food than anything.
  • Will Max's body grow like his father? No idea, certainly sounds dangerous.

Their name translates to:

  • Lit., a shell; hence: (a) A shell or shell-like dish or mold in which viands are served.
  • (b) The expansion of the guard of a sword, dagger, etc.
  • (c) A form of ruching used as a dress trimming or for neckwear, and named from the manner in which it is gathered or fulled.

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