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Won't the baby come


W-What?! What is it?!
Wait... Really?!{end}

Oh no, we need
Marjorie to
come see you!{end}



Either one.{end}

Today's your birthday,

Here's your
birthday present!{end}

I got my ❾アイテム0❾

I hope you make him
pay for what he did!{end}

Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾!{end}

I saw ❾キャラ0❾
walking near the


Yeah. They're on the
small island in the
middle of the lake in
front of our shop.{end}

No one ever goes there,
so I thought it was a
little weird.{end}

I don't know where she
went after that, but
she couldn't have gone

Hey, ❾ヒーロー❾...
I have something
important to tell you.{end}

What is it?{end}

I'm pregnant!{end}

What?! Really?!{end}

I'm not lying.
Things are going to
get busy around here.{end}

A baby...
I'm so happy.{end}

which would you
rather have,
a boy or a girl?{end}

A boy, huh?
You know, I kinda
felt the same way.{end}

Well, first thing we
need to do is teach
him how to fish!

Hey! You're getting
ahead of yourself!
It's not like it's
clear or anything.{end}

Ha ha. Sorry, sorry.{end}

A girl, huh?
You know, I kinda
felt the same way.{end}

Well, first thing I
need to do is teach
her how to fish!

Hey! You're getting
ahead of yourself!
It's not like it's
clear or anything.{end}

Ha ha. Sorry, sorry.{end}

You're right, there's
no way of knowing.
Either way,
it's still our baby!{end}

I can't wait.
I wonder who it'll
look like more...?{end}

Oh, listen!
I don't know what to do.{end}

What is it?{end}

Carlos keeps checking
up on me.
I appreciate the
feeling, but...{end}

Ha ha, that's so
like Carlos.
I'm sure he's worried.{end}

I get that, but...
I wish he'd worry about
himself sometime.
Heh heh.{end}

Seems like our kid likes
it when I go fishing.
It kicks me a whole lot.
Must be in its blood.{end}

Ha ha. I'm looking
forward to the day we
can all go fishing

❾子供0❾ is just
eating all the time.
Our grocery bill
is through the roof!{end}

Clearly, they get
that form you.{end}

Today is ❾子供0❾'s
I hope they grow up
strong and healthy.{end}

Maybe I'll go catch
a lover snapper
to celebrate!{end}

Ha ha, calm down...
I'll get the snapper...{end}

Something smells good!
What is it?{end}

It's so relaxing.
I wonder why this
reminds me of Carlos.
It's so nostalgic.{end}

Today's our ❶wedding
It seems so soon.{end}

I want to grow old with
you until we're just a
pile of dried bones.{end}

I hope that happens.{end}

Me, too.

  • smooch*.{end}

Welcome to Carlos' Resort, where
you can catch yourself plenty
of rare fish!{end}

I've come to talk.{end}

I've come to fish.{end}

What fish are in season?{end}

Never mind.{end}

You want to know what fish are
in season? Let's see...{end}

Well, in ❶spring❶, you can catch
Masu Trout, Gibelio, Needlefish,
Lover Snapper, Cherry Salmon,
Squid, and Lamp Squid!{end}

In ❶summer❶, you can catch Sardine,
Char, Chub, Turbot, Sunsquid, Shrimp,
Crucian Carp, Lobster, Lover Snapper,
and Squid!{end}

In ❶fall❶, you can catch Skipjack,
Salmon, Squid, Mackerel, Pike,
Snapper, Fall Flounder,
and Lover Snapper!{end}

In ❶winter❶, you can catch Tuna, Flounder,
Glitter Snapper, Poison Rainbow Trout,
Blowfish, Yellowtail, Girella, Taimen,
Squid, Lover Snapper, and Pond Smelt!{end}

And that's all of 'em! In town, the
fish you can catch changes with
the ❶season❶.{end}

You can catch ❶squid❶ and
❶lover snapper❶ no matter
what season it is, though!{end}

If you ever need to catch a fish
that's out of season in town...{end}

...You can go fish for them outside
of town!{end}

But it can be a little dangerous,
so be careful! You hear me?!

It costs ❾数字0❾ gold to enter
Carlos' Resort! Is that okay?{end}


Never mind.{end}

Please come again!{end}

Um... You don't have enough
money right now! Come back
when you do!{end}

Great! Here's your ticket!{end}

Thanks! Well, let me
take you back to the
fishing area.
2 people, coming in!{end}

Let me take you back to the fishing
area! Here we go!{end}

One entrance ticket
coming up!{end}

Thank you! We can even
take on requests.
Are there any fish
you want to catch?{end}

Make request.{end}

Not really.{end}

Well, let me
take you back to the
fishing area.
2 people, coming in!{end}

Well, let me
take you back to the
fishing area.
1 person, coming in!{end}

Here's the request menu.
Pick one from the list.{end}

❾アイテム0❾ ❾数字0❾G.{end}

❾アイテム1❾ ❾数字1❾G.{end}

❾アイテム2❾ ❾数字2❾G.{end}

❾アイテム3❾ ❾数字3❾G.{end}

❾アイテム4❾ ❾数字4❾G.{end}

❾アイテム5❾ ❾数字5❾G.{end}

❾アイテム6❾ ❾数字6❾G.{end}

❾アイテム7❾ ❾数字7❾G.{end}

❾アイテム8❾ ❾数字8❾G.{end}

Never mind.{end}

Is ❾アイテム0❾, OK?{end}



You want to pick again?{end}

no request this time?{end}

Well, let me
take you back to the
fishing area.
2 people, coming in!{end}

Well, let me
take you back to the
fishing area.
1 person, coming in!{end}

Hmm, you don't seem
to have enough money.{end}

Thank you for your
request! We'll be
releasing the fish in
the pond. Enjoy.♪{end}

Well, let me
take you back to the
fishing area.
2 people, coming in!{end}

Well, let me
take you back to the
fishing area.
1 person, coming in!{end}

Huh? Where's your fishing rod?!
You can't fish without a
fishing rod!{end}

Bring one from home, or buy one from
Gaius! Then come back here!{end}

Oh, are you done
What do you want to do?{end}

Continue fishing.{end}

Never mind.{end}

Good work!
Thanks for fishing,
and please come again!{end}

Hey! Do you like fishing?!{end}


Yes, fishing!{end}


I guess I like it...{end}

Really?! That's great!{end}

I just can't get enough, myself...
The dance of the lure, the feel
of the rod in my hands...{end}

And the moment the fish peaks its head
out of the water!{end}


Oh, sorry!{end}

I tend to get carried away when it
comes to fishing!{end}

You must like it a lot.{end}

Heh heh, yeah! It's a little
embarrassing sometimes!{end}

I'm Carmen. Who're you?{end}

I'm ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

❾ヒーロー❾? Nice to meet you!{end}

You can usually find me by the lake!
Come by and see me any time!{end}

Did you come for a
little break, too?{end}

The wind feels so good.
I used to play here a
lot as a kid.{end}

You can really see far.

You really do
get it!{end}

Chasing the fish
all the way here,
you know the thrill
of the hunt.{end}

Um, it's not like... {end}

Ah, I'm just gonna
catch a whole bunch!
This is a great
fishing spot.{end}

Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾.
It's really cold here,
are you okay?{end}

There's a bunch of
monsters up ahead,
so be careful! And the
footing isn't so good.{end}

Although there are some
fish up's too
cold to get to. So I
have to settle for here.{end}

Will you marry me, Carmen?{end}

I love you!{end}

Huh, what is it? Wait, is this...?{end}

I-I don't want it!
I didn't mean...!
... {end}

Oh, wait,
are you teasing me?
Just because I like

This is a cruel joke!
Ha ha. Ha ha ha...{end}

Carmen. {end}

...*sniffle*... {end}

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah! {end}

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah! {end}

Carmen... {end}

I'm the worst!
I'm such an idiot!
I'm clumsy, and no guy
would ever want me!{end}

Even now, my head is
just a mess!{end}

I was just happy to fish
with you! Why does my
chest hurt so much?! Why
do I like you so much? {end}

Carmen. Listen to me. {end}

! !{end}

I'm nervous, too.
Even now, I'm having
a hard time breathing...{end}

You're not the only
one going through these
feelings. {end}

I mean, I want to look
cool for the girl I like
but I end up looking
like a fool instead.{end}

❾ヒーロー❾... {end}

I always thought you
were nice since the
first time we went
fishing together. {end}

... {end}

That's why I was
so happy when you told
me how you felt.{end}

I invited you today
because I wanted to
tell you that.{end}


I want to be with you
until we're both old
and wrinkled...{end}

❾ヒーロー❾! {end}

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I'm so happy!
I'm so happy!{end}

I'm glad.{end}

Oh no! I can't stop crying! I'm so
happy I can't breathe! Help me!{end}

I can't take something
this important right

Huh, this is...{end}

Wait, you already
gave one to me!{end}

Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾.
I don't need any more.{end}

Is this for me?{end}

What is this...?
I can't even use it
as bait!{end}


Honestly, I don't really
❶like❶ these, but I
appreciate the thought.{end}

Honestly! I would've
liked ❾アイテム0❾,
or ❾アイテム1❾

What's this?

You shouldn't give me
You can't do anything
with them.{end}

What's this?

This is nice, but
I ❶like sashimi❶.
I'd like that next!{end}

Ah! ❾アイテム9❾!
I really ❶like❶ these!

since you gave me this,
I need to tell you

I ❶love ❾アイテム0❾❶
only slightly less than
I love my brother.{end}

There, I said it!
So, keep that in mind
next time!{end}

Ah! ❾アイテム9❾!
I really ❶like❶ these!
Well, then...{end}

Just to be safe,
I should tell you

Whatever you do, don't
bring me ❾アイテム1❾!{end}

Just thinking about it
makes me sick.{end}

Okay. ❾アイテム1❾,
I promise never to
bring you any.{end}

You don't have to
keep saying it!
See ya!{end}

Wow, I'm so happy,

It's like I was born
for this!
Really, thank you!{end}

Ha ha, you're
But, I'm glad that you
like it.{end}

this is for you.{end}

You want me to drink
Let me see...{end}

Everything looks pink!
What's this?{end}

There's stars

  • reddening*.{end}

(It's really working.){end}

Today's my ❶birthday❶.

I actually don't like
❾アイテム9❾ very
much. I'm sorry, I know
you got this for me.{end}

What's this?

Actually, today's my
Hope to get something
again next year!{end}

You shouldn't give me
You can't do anything
with them.{end}

What's this?

This is nice, but
I like ❾アイテム1❾

Actually, today's my
❶birthday❶. Looking
forward to next year's
gift! Just kidding.{end}

Ah! ❾アイテム9❾!
I really ❶like❶ these!

since you gave me this,
I need to tell you

I ❶love ❾アイテム0❾❶
only slightly less than
I love my brother.{end}

There, I said it!
But today's my
so oh, well! Ha ha.{end}

Looking forward to
next year!
See ya!{end}

Ah! ❾アイテム9❾!
I really ❶like❶ these!
Well, then...{end}

Just to be safe,
I should tell you

Whatever you do, don't
bring me ❾アイテム1❾!{end}

Just thinking about it
makes me sick.{end}

Today's my ❶birthday❶.
Why am I crying?
That's weird.
See ya!{end}

Wow, I'm so happy,

Today's my ❶birthday❶!
Getting this on it...
Really, thank you!{end}

It's a miracle...

  • sob*.{end}

You're overreacting,
But now I'm getting
happy, too.{end}

Ha ha. I'm really such a
cry baby. I hope you get
me something next year,




Huh? What is it?
Did you ❶not like❶ it?{end}

Anything but this!
I ❶hate❶ them.{end}

Today was my
Now it's a day I'll
never forget.{end}

I didn't know you
❶hated❶ it that much...
I'm sorry.{end}

(I'll make sure to get
her something else...){end}


Huh? What is it?
Did you ❶not like❶ it?{end}

That's just the last

(I'll make sure to get
her something else...){end}


Remove from party.{end}

Never mind.{end}

Well, off we go to

This time,
let's go to

We're going to
aren't we?{end}

if you have the time,
would you like to go
somewhere with me?{end}

Let's get going then!{end}

(She's more
than I am...){end}

we got a big haul...{end}

Hey! The fish is
getting away!

Hmm...I don't feel well.
I don't think I can
tough it out...{end}

Let's go!
Come on!
You get it together,

I-I'm fine!
I'm fine!

  • pant pant*...{end}

I need to get going.
I've got something
I need to do.
See ya!{end}

Huh? That's it?
Then I guess I'm
going home.{end}

Hm, what's the matter?{end}

you already have
someone with you!{end}

I'm busy right now.
Maybe next time!{end}


How about we go fishing?
I know a good place by
the waterfall.
Let's go!{end}

Hmmm, all this walking
made me hungry.
Heh heh.{end}

You be careful.
You can't just tough it
out when it's dangerous.{end}

You won't be lonely
if you have me with you.
You can count on me!{end}

What's the matter?
Why'd you stop?
Now, keep going!{end}

Good morning!{end}



Morning, ❾ヒーロー❾!
I caught a lot this

Hello! ❾ヒーロー❾.
It's the afternoon.{end}

Hey, ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

Morning! ❾ヒーロー❾.
I said good morning!{end}

Hello, ❾ヒーロー❾!
Whew, it's already
the afternoon!
Time sure is flying!{end}


Oh! A wooly!
So cute!{end}

It's a nice day!
Perfect for fishing.{end}

It's all rainy outside! Do you
like the rain?{end}

it's cold.{end}

this wind is strong!{end}

Man, it's cold! I'm gonna freeze to
death in this weather!{end}

I don't like these clouds... I wonder
if it's gonna rain...{end}

I made you
for lunch!
Be sure to eat it!{end}

I'm not gonna lose to
I'm concentrating, so
don't talk to me!{end}

You and me,
let's do our best!{end}

Heh heh heh!
I won't lose to you!{end}


Ah. I lost...
I'm exhausted.{end}

Of course I won.
I don't run a fishing
resort for nothing!{end}

I can't believe it.
I was so confident...{end}

Every ❾カレンダー0❾,
Carlos gives me a treat.{end}

It's almost the 6th of Spring!
That means the

It might seem like a strange festival
to outsiders, though!{end}

The ❾カレンダー0❾ is
finally here! I can't wait
for it to start!{end}

Good job today!{end}

Carlos was way too
into it. I was
embarrassed just
watching him...heh heh.{end}

Ah, I lost...
And I'm exhausted.
You're not bad.


Good job today!{end}

Carlos seemed waaaaay too into it,
though... I was embarrassed
just watching him...{end}

There are so many
festivals in the fall.
This town really loves

❾カレンダー0❾ is
about to begin.
So many strong
candidates like Sherman.{end}

I see,
❾カレンダー0❾ is it?
I wonder how much I can

Looks like Carlos is
putting up a great
fight, but he gains
weight so easily.{end}

He might be able to
lose it again easily,
but that won't always
be the case.{end}

Seems like Carlos is
gonna make it far.{end}

You don't really look
like a big eater,
Heh he.{end}

Wow! Congratulations!
I can't believe you
can eat so much.
I'm shocked.{end}

Thank you.
I didn't think I
would win, either.{end}

I didn't think I'd win.{end}

Heh, I ate a whole
bunch today.
is so unhealthy.{end}

I leave the eating
to Carlos.{end}

The ❾カレンダー0❾ is tomorrow!
I almost feel bad beating up on a
wooly...but not really!{end}

Carlos is practicing his mach punch
move, but he doesn't have a chance
of beating me!{end}

Today's the ❾カレンダー0❾!
I'm not gonna lose to you!{end}

You're not bad. That wooly's wool was
flying all over the place!{end}

Thank you.{end}

I might have done better if Carlos
hadn't kept me up all night practicing
and shouting "mach fist!"{end}


Ah, today was fun.
Woolies are so cute.{end}

I have a good feeling
about it.{end}

Heh heh heh!
I won't lose to you!{end}

I can't believe it.
I was so confident...
You're not so bad!{end}

I'm not gonna lose
a contest like this!{end}

Uh...I think I over
did it today,
my whole body hurts.{end}

It just starts snowing
in this town. That's why
you can have snowball
fights so soon.{end}

Although, we'll be
throwing turnips
tomorrow, not snow for

You're right,
winter doesn't seem
that bad when you think
about it like that.{end}

Whew, it's cold! But
it's ❾カレンダー0❾,
so we'll warm up in no

Good luck.
You better not get
too rough with me!{end}

I'm not sure
what to say...{end}

I can't believe it.
I was so confident...
Not bad, ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}


Today's festival was
fun. Everyone was really
throwing hard.
That was scary!{end}

The ❾カレンダー0❾
starts tomorrow! Only the best
fishermen have a chance of
winning this contest!{end}

It's also great for business, since
a lot of people come to practice

It's the ❾カレンダー0❾
today! Time to turn my all of my
hard work into results!{end}

Carlos and I are definitely gonna
finish in the top 2, so good luck
getting third place, ❾ヒーロー❾!{end}

Hey! I'm trying to concentrate, so
don't talk to me! Are you trying
to distract me so you'll have
a better chance of winning?!{end}

I can't believe it! Carlos and I both
lost?! That's impossible!{end}

We won't lose next time, so watch out!{end}

Of course I won.
I don't run a fishing
resort for nothing!{end}

I caught a lot of fish today!
It really is my passion!{end}

We have a fishing
contest tomorrow.
This time for size!
I can't wait!{end}

As your apprentice, I
want to catch something
big, too...
We'll see what happens.{end}

Oh, you don't like your
chances? You're my
apprentice, you should
be more confident!{end}

Well, you know I won't
be holding back.
So come at me with all
you've got!{end}

Time to see who can
catch the biggest fish!
I love summer festivals!{end}

Nobody's gonna come
close to Carlos and me.
Maybe I should give you
all a handicap. Heh heh.{end}

I'm not gonna lose to
I'm concentrating, so
don't talk to me!{end}

What? There's gotta be
some kind of mistake!
Carlos and I lost...?
I don't believe it.{end}

But there are more
I won't lose next time!{end}

Of course I won.
I don't run a fishing
resort for nothing!{end}

Carlos and I were born
with silver fish hooks
in our mouths. Ha ha.{end}

(Fish hooks...?){end}

I caught a lot today.
I usually work hard to
stay in shape, so I bet
I've gotten better.{end}

Win or lose, this year's
❾カレンダー0❾ is
getting closer.{end}

I'm gonna catch a whole
bunch of different
types of fish!
Fishing is so fun.{end}

Let's go out there and
do our best!
I want a fair fight!{end}

Seems like Carlos is
going all out. I have
to be at my best. Oh,
you can take it easy.{end}

I'm not gonna lose to
I'm concentrating, so
don't talk to me!{end}

I thought it would just
be down to me and
Carlos... I lost!
I can't believe it!{end}

You might just be a
genius. I guess there's
always someone better.
I'm a little jealous!{end}

Of course I won.
I don't run a fishing
resort for nothing!{end}

❾カレンダー0❾ is
over. I thought I did
my best, but I could do

Anyway, fishing is fun,
and there's always next

It's nice to have so
many fishing contests.
It's ❾カレンダー0❾
this time.{end}

Of course, since
you’re my apprentice,
you have to enter.{end}

Today's ❾カレンダー0❾.
You have to aim for
❾アイテム0❾, ❾アイテム1❾.{end}

Carlos is a ❶squid❶
catching master.
I'm not sure even I can
beat him...{end}

I'm not gonna lose to
I'm concentrating, so
don't talk to me!{end}

I can't believe you
beat Carlos...
I'm dumbfounded.{end}

I think I've created
a monster.
A terrifying monster.{end}

Of course I won.
I don't run a fishing
resort for nothing!{end}

was fun.{end}

I've got more rivals now
so I can't put my guard

This town has a lot of
fishing contests, so
let's all do our best.{end}

❾カレンダー0❾ is
coming up. I bet there
are some nice vegetables
today. I can't wait.{end}

Ah! What a nice day!
Perfect for

All the vegetables look
so good!
I knew an amateur
wouldn't get far.{end}

Congratulations on
How did you ever grow
a vegetable that nice?!{end}

Ha ha.
That's a secret.{end}

If you had a good
harvest, try sharing
some with my brother.
He'd like that so much!{end}

What, I won?!
I'm just a fisherman.
Is it really OK...?{end}

The ❾カレンダー0❾
is over.
All the vegetables
looked really good.{end}

Summer's about to end
with ❾カレンダー0❾.
You're going to enter,
aren't you?{end}

Yes, I plan to.{end}

❾カレンダー0❾ really
reminds us the season
is ending. It makes me
sad to see summer end.{end}

Ah! The blue skies are
so pretty.
Today we have

All the vegetables look
so good! Carlos'
vegetable on the other

Congratulations on
How do you make such
juicy vegetables?!{end}

Ha ha.
That's a secret.{end}

I feel like making a
summer vegetable curry.

  • gulp*.{end}

What, I won?!
I wonder if Carlos is

The ❾カレンダー0❾
is over. All the
vegetables looked
perfect for curry.{end}

It's almost

Fall vegetables are
so good.
I just wanna eat a whole
bunch with some fish.{end}

Why is the fall sky
so pretty?{end}

All the vegetables
look so good!
I guess amateurs just
don't stand a chance.{end}

So amazing! You really
kicked butt! I guess
Shara was right to trust
you with that farm.{end}

Ha ha.
Oh, you're exaggerating.{end}

Oh, you figured out I
was just flattering you?


What, I won?!
I'm just a fisherman.
Is it really OK...?{end}

The ❾カレンダー0❾
is over. All of the
vegetables looked so

When ❾カレンダー0❾
comes around, you
really feel the year
is ending.{end}

Now there's just New
Year's Eve.
Things get so hectic at
the end of the year.{end}

This town really
loves vegetables.{end}

All the vegetables
look so good!
I know an amateur
won't get far.{end}

Congratulations. Your
vegetables are perfect
for stew! I wanna throw
them in with some fish.{end}

Well, we can have that
I'll come by with my

Carlos would like that!
It's a year-end party.{end}

What, I won?!
I'm just a fisherman.
Is it really OK...?{end}

The ❾カレンダー0❾
is over.
All of the vegetables
look perfect for stew.{end}

It's almost summer!
Summer's my favorite!{end}

I got a new swimsuit
for the

It's so fun. Oh, you've
got a pretty nice body!
Nothing compared to
Carlos, though.{end}

Carlos likes to pose in
front of the girls.{end}

What should I do...?
He's so embarrassing...
Heh heh.{end}

No, not really...{end}

Getting interested.{end}

Not interested!{end}


Truly uninterested!{end}

If you insist...{end}

Fished Item: ❾数字0❾ Gold{end}

Sparkly Item: ❾数字1❾ Gold{end}

Mystery Item: ❾数字2❾ Gold{end}

No, thank you.{end}







Do you want to choose

Come by my shop.{end}

You have to because
you're my apprentice!{end}

We're still getting
Come back again.{end}

Yay, I sold a lot.
Well, I do get a lot
of practice at work.

Welcome to
"Carmen's Paradise"!{end}

What is that?{end}

For ❾カレンダー0❾,
our store opens a stall
that we like to call
"Carmen's Paradise"!{end}

I carry unusual items
I found while fishing.
Take a look!{end}

You'll pay me up front,
and then you get to
find out what you've
just bought!{end}

You might find a real
bargain. What do you
think? Getting
interested, right?{end}

Come on, be a sport!{end}

Ouch! Ouch!
Okay, fine!
I'm interested!{end}

Why didn't you just
say so.
You're so stubborn

Are you sure...?
You might regret it for
the rest of your life.{end}

I see...
Well, okay then.{end}

I won't pester you like
my brother!
Come back if you change
your mind!{end}

I knew you'd get it!{end}

Well then, you get to
pick one of these.{end}

You only get one pick.
So pick carefully.{end}

Something ❶fished❶, OK!
I fished this myself!
It's ❾数字0❾ gold.
Is it what you want?{end}

❶Something sparkly from
the bottom of the lake❶!
It's ❾数字1❾ gold.
Is it what you want?{end}

Oh, the mystery item? That's a
brave choice! It's ❾数字2❾ gold.
You're sure that's what you want?{end}

It's a special price
just for
So no take backs, OK?!{end}

Come back next year!{end}

❾アイテム0❾ is
❾数字0❾ gold!
Is that OK?{end}

Then here you go!{end}

you don't have enough

Too bad.
Please come again.{end}

I'm all sold out
thanks to you!
You're the best!{end}

❾カレンダー0❾ is
coming up. Ah, I wonder
what I should wear.{end}

I think you can wear
what you normally do.{end}

Ah, I'm so nervous.{end}

It's almost
I bet it's gonna be
lively this year, too.{end}

Today's ❾カレンダー0❾.
I knew I should've worn
something more formal.{end}

the ❾カレンダー0❾.
I wonder if I can talk
about fishing again.{end}

The ❾カレンダー0❾'s
started. I'm a little

That's usually the case
when you've never done
something before. I mean,
I'm nervous, too!{end}

I still can't get over
the fact that you got
everyone together like

I'm a uniter, not a
divider. What can I say?{end}

The ❾カレンダー0❾
is really great this
year, too! I've been
talking about fishing!{end}

Everyone's so nice.
I hope we can all
stay friends.{end}

The ❾カレンダー0❾'s
started. I'm a little

That's usually the case
when you've never done
something before. I mean,
I'm nervous, too!{end}

Well, I guess it's
nice to know I'm not
the only one...{end}

Ahem! I'm Kuruna, the
univir elder. Nice to
meet you!{end}

G-Good to meet you!
I'm Carmen!{end}

I run a fishing resort
with my brother. It's,
uh, nice to meet you.{end}

...And that's all
I got.{end}

Anyway, stop by our
resort, Horn Chick!{end}

I'll...consider it.{end}

And just like that, it's
over! Can't believe I had
so much fun fishing with a
buncha horn people!{end}

It was fun this year.
Can't wait for next

The year's almost over.
That was quick.{end}

Let's see...
A lot happened
this year.{end}

I guess I need to
clean the store for the

And after that, have
some udon!
To treat myself.{end}

you did a lot for me
this year.

It's a little sad...
Like saying goodbye to
the last year.{end}

Obtained ❾アイテム0❾!{end}

Received ❾数字0❾

Received ❾アイテム0❾!{end}

Great! You came quick! Awesome!{end}

So, what did you want to see me
about today, Carmen?{end}

Hey, did you even READ the bulletin
board? I'm your "master" when it
comes to fishing now!{end}

Uh... I think I missed that part,

"Missed that part"? Oh, you have much
to learn, apprentice...{end}

Well, I'll let you off the hook for
today! Now, let me teach you
basics of fishing!{end}

The basics?{end}

Yes, the basics! Are you ready,

First, we need to find a fishing spot!{end}

You can see ❶shadows❶ where fish are!
Not all bodies of water have fish,
though! Got it?{end}

Now, you'll have to keep this a secret!
Guess what?! You can find some fish in
❶the sand❶! Isn't that amazing?!{end}

What? In the sand?!{end}

Yes, but it's a secret as to where you
can find these fish! You'll have to
find them yourself!{end}

Wait, can't I get a hint or...{end}

Anyway, let's move on!{end}

When you find a fish, press ❶Ⓑ❶ to
cast your line! The fish will come
near your lure!{end}

Next, the fish will poke at your lure
for a bit. However, just be patient!{end}

Then, suddenly, the fish will bite!
When it does, push ❶Ⓑ❶! PUSH IT!

Um... A-Are you okay?{end}


  • pant pant*... Sorry, I got a bit

carried away! Well, that's pretty
much the basics of fishing!{end}

I think I got it...{end}

Anyway, the better you get at fishing,
the more fish you can catch! So keep
working at it!{end}

Just remember to be patient! Fishing
isn't easy to master!{end}

I... I can tell...{end}

Now, let me give you this old rod of
mine! Take good care of it!{end}

Hey, your backpack is full! I can't
give you the fishing rod!{end}

Make some room in your backpack, and
then talk to me again, okay?{end}

Hey, ❾ヒーロー❾! Is there something you

Uh... You said you'd give me a fishing

Oh, that's right! I was teaching you
❶how to fish❶, right? Jeez, I'm so

You have room in your backpack now?
Then here you go!{end}

Usually, you'd have to buy a fishing
rod from Gaius!{end}

But you can't start fishing without a
fishing rod! You should be thankful
you have such a kind master!{end}

Anyway, do you have any questions?{end}

Uh, not in particular, no...{end}

Great! Then why don't you go catch
something?! How about...❾数字0❾ fish?{end}

Yeah, that sounds good... Go catch
❾数字0❾ ❶spring fish❶!{end}

Since it's spring now, you can catch
them around our store!{end}

You can even go to ❶Privera Forest❶
to catch them! Oh! But be careful
of the monsters!{end}

You can go to ❶Privera Forest❶ to
catch them! Oh! But be careful
of the monsters!{end}

Well, good luck!{end}

Uh... You mean you want me to catch the
fish right now?{end}

That's right! Now hop to it!
Off you go!{end}

Ow! She's so strict...{end}

I look forward to seeing what
you can catch! See ya!{end}

Y-Yeah... See ya...{end}

So? Did you catch anything?{end}

Since it's spring now, you can catch
them around our store!{end}

You can even go to ❶Privera Forest❶
to catch them! Oh! But be careful
of the monsters!{end}

You can go to ❶Privera Forest❶ to
catch them! Oh! But be careful
of the monsters!{end}

Remember, your task is to catch
❾数字0❾ ❶spring fish❶! Now get to it!{end}


Looks good! Well done, apprentice!{end}

It looks like you've got what it takes
to be a fisherman!{end}

Good work! Here's a special treat
from your master!{end}

Thank you!{end}

Just keep on practicing! You are
now dismissed, apprentice!{end}

Yes, master!{end}

Oh, wait a sec!{end}

Uh... Yes?{end}

Have you been looking in your ❶mailbox❶?{end}

My ❶mailbox❶...?{end}

Yeah! You know, the mailbox next to
your front door!{end}

As you get to know the people around
here better and better, they'll
send letters to your mailbox!{end}

Oh, really?{end}

Yep! So be sure to take a look in
your mailbox sometime!{end}

Someone might be looking for your help,
and you wouldn't even know it! So be
sure you don't ignore them!{end}

Okay! I'll be sure to look!{end}

Great! Dismissed then, apprentice!
This time for real!{end}

Have you been fishing?
How's it coming along? {end}

Yes, thanks to you,
I've been able to
fish pretty well. {end}

Very good then!
So why don't you show
me how you've improved. {end}

I'm sure you're still
pretty bad, so...
You can just bring me
❶2❶ types of ❶summer fish❶. {end}

Since it's summer now,
you can catch them
around our store.{end}

Or you can get them
in the ❶Sol Terrano
Desert❶. Just be careful
of the monsters.{end}

You can catch them
in ❶Sol Terrano Desert❶.
But be careful of the

That's all!
Now get to fishing!{end}

What?! Already? {end}

Of course!
Your master's words
are absolute!
Now hop to it!{end}

Okay... {end}

I look forward to seeing
how much you've
See ya!{end}

I really feel pressured.{end}

Did you catch any?
That's ❶2 types❶ of
❶summer fish❶. {end}

You've already given me
Bring me something else
other than that.{end}

Since it's summer now,
you can catch them
around our store.{end}

Or you can get them
in the ❶Sol Terrano
Desert❶. Just be careful
of the monsters.{end}

You can catch them
in ❶Sol Terrano Desert❶.
But be careful of the

Don't make me keep
explaining it to you.
Now, get to it!{end}

Let me see... {end}

Alright! OK!
Now, one more!{end}

Let me see... {end}

This one's OK, too!
Good work!{end}

Let me see... {end}

Hey! I said two types.
You already gave me
❾アイテム0❾. Go
bring me something else!{end}

You're not bad!
I guess you weren't
lying about being
able to fish. {end}

Good work!
Well, here's a treat
from your master! {end}

Thank you. {end}

Keep on practicing!
Now, dismissed!{end}

(Ha ha. What a
scary master...) {end}

What's the matter?
Your knife won't cut? {end}

Yeah. My important
❶sashimi knife❶ is dull.
It hasn't been sharpened
lately. {end}

I want to ask
but we've been getting
swamped at work. {end}

I'm sorry,
but could you go for me?{end}

Okay. I mean,
you are my fishing
instructor after all.
I'd be happy to help.{end}

That's my student!
I knew I could count
on you.
Well, then...{end}

Wait, your backpack
is full. You need to
make some room if you're
going to take my knife.{end}

Make some room and
come back, OK?{end}

Good luck!
Bring it back to me
when ❾キャラ0❾ is
done with it.{end}

What's the matter?
Your knife won't cut? {end}

Yeah. My important
❶sashimi knife❶ is dull.
I've been using a
different one instead.{end}

I want to ask
but we've been getting
swamped at work. {end}

Could you go for me?
You should already
have the knife. You
didn't forget, did you?{end}


  • gulp*.{end}

O-Okay. I mean,
you are my fishing
instructor after all.
I'll help.{end}

That's my student!

Whew, I'm so busy...{end}

Thanks for doing this
for me. Bring it back
when ❾キャラ0❾
is done with it. {end}

Thanks! I was looking
forward to it.

Hey! This is still dull.
Hurry up and take it
to ❾キャラ0❾!{end}

Ow! Ouch!

Oh! My ❶sashimi knife❶!
It's all shiny!{end}

Yes, this is it!
Now I can go back to
making tasty sashimi.{end}

Thank you, ❾ヒーロー❾.
Now let me offer you

You're kind.{end}


Uhh...hope I can count
on you again!
See ya!{end}

Thank you for coming!
Blonde hero!{end}

What are we playing

Oh, you! The atmosphere
is really important...
Oh, well.{end}

I just need you to
answer some simple

(I wonder what this is?){end}

Well, here we go.{end}

A tomboy or a girly
which do you like


Girly girl.{end}

Don't care.{end}


Long hair or short hair,
which do you like

Don't care.{end}

Why do you ask?{end}

Short-hair girls.{end}

Long-haired girls.{end}

Slender or plump girl,
which do you like

Should you ask that?{end}

Slender girl.{end}

Plump girl.{end}

I don't care.{end}

Younger or older girls,
which do you like

Really wanna know?{end}

Younger girls.{end}

Older girls.{end}

I don't care.{end}

Girl who likes or
hates fishing,
which do you like

Don't care.{end}

Have to fish first.{end}

Who likes fishing.{end}

Who hates fishing.{end}

A girl who has a brother
or doesn't have one,
which do you like

The brother...{end}

Girl with brother.{end}

Girl without bro.{end}

Don't care.{end}

You just get it!{end}

??? {end}

I-I see...{end}

(Did I say something

Oh, I see.{end}

You have a big heart.{end}

What's that?
You're weird.{end}


Don't treat me like a
That really makes me

Ha ha...{end}

What's wrong with the
You say some funny

... {end}

Okay. Don't answer.{end}

Really? {end}

What are you
fishing for?!{end}

(I guess she didn't
get the joke...){end}



Uh huh...uh huh...
All done!{end}

15 percent match...
But do not give up.
There is always still a

50 percent match...
He may be reliable, but
he may have a weakness?{end}

99 percent match...
You two were meant to
be together, and can
overcome any obstacle.{end}

...I see.
I got a good idea
about you now.{end}

We're done here now.
Good work!{end}

Um, what are you using
these answers for? {end}

What? J-Just as
reference. You know,
it's good to learn about
your enemy and stuff...{end}

I'm the enemy...?{end}

Stop probing!
Here's a present for
taking the time to do
this. Well, dismissed!{end}

What was that about?{end}

You saw the bulletin

Are you free now?{end}

Yeah, I don't have
anything to do. {end}

I see.
Then let's go on a
❶date❶! {end}

What?! ❶Date❶?!
You're pretty direct,
Carmen. {end}

Well, the magazine I
always read had a
feature. {end}

Said that mountain
stream fishing is all
the rage! So let's go!
It'll be fun. {end}

Oh, you just want me
to go fishing.
My heart skipped a beat
for a second. {end}

Ha ha. But I can't tell
Carlos about it.
So it's our secret! {end}

Well, off we go!
Let's go to

You must have seen the
bulletin board.
Carlos has been
acting strange.{end}

How so?{end}

He's been in a bad mood
lately. And he suddenly
said he wanted to invite
you to our home.{end}

Do you have any idea
what it could be?{end}

Well...I suppose I might
have an idea.{end}

Oh, then could you
come to our house around
❶8PM❶ to ❶11PM❶? {end}

I'll cook you up some
of my special fish.
What do you think?{end}

Okay. I'll be coming
hungry then.{end}

I'm sure Carlos
will be happy.
Don't be late!{end}

Come to our house around
❶8PM❶ to ❶11PM❶.
Don't be late!{end}

Wake up Carlos!
This is no good,
he won't wake up
'til morning.{end}

did you read my letter?{end}

I would be happy to
accompany you.{end}

Th-Thanks! Now we can
go stream fishing!{end}

I got permission from
Carlos this time,
so now we can go to

I want to catch a big
one today.{end}

Yeah, that's the spirit!
Let's go then!{end}


Y-You read my letter?!

Um, are you free now?
Could you make some

Let's see...{end}

Oh! It's okay!
It doesn't have to be
Really, it's fine!{end}

It's okay.
Why are you so
flustered, Carmen?{end}

This is all your
fault! Honestly!{end}

Well, let's go somewhere
quiet and talk about it.{end}

Y-Yeah, OK.
Well, follow me.{end}

Thank you for your

I have to tell you


Could you come to
❶Privera Forest❶'s
with me?{end}


Did you see the
bulletin board?
I wanted to ask you

I want you to deliver a
fish to ❶Blaise❶.
❶1❶ ❾アイテム0❾.

Um, so where's the fish?{end}

What are you saying?!
You're getting it
yourself, silly.{end}

It'll be good fishing
practice, and you'll be
helping me out.
What a great idea!{end}

That's ❶1❶
for ❶Blaise❶.
Now get to it!{end}

That's ❶1❶
for ❶Blaise❶.

You got it to Blaise?
Good work!{end}

Well, here's for your
trouble. I'll ask you
again if I ever need
anything. See ya!{end}

Ah, my job is so

I'm really never in the
mood to cook.

  • mumble mumble*.{end}

You seem really tired.{end}

Sashimi would hit the
spot. Yeah, sashimi.
It makes everything

So, could you bring me
❶1❶ ❾アイテム0❾.{end}

That's my job as your
apprentice, right?
Oh, fine.{end}

Heh heh, thanks.
I'm counting on you.{end}

That's ❶1❶ plate of
Ah, I'm so hungry...{end}

Thanks, you're a
lifesaver. I knew I
could count on you.{end}

Well, here's for your
trouble. Hope I can
count on you again when
I'm hungry. See ya!{end}

My beloved apprentice!{end}


Don't think so!{end}

So, what is it?
(She loves plays.){end}

When I went to ❶Oddward
Valley❶ the other day,
I got attacked by a

You shouldn't try to
go so deep into a place
like that.
It's dangerous.{end}

Well that thing got in
the way of my fishing.
Argh! How infuriating!
Those ❶❾キャラ0❾❶.{end}

So, could you go take
them out?{end}

Take care of about ❾0❾
❶❾キャラ0❾❶ from
❶Oddward Valley❶.
Make them pay.{end}

Is this an
apprentice's duty,

Yes, of course!
Here, let me fire you
Go get 'em!{end}

Take care of about ❾0❾
❶❾キャラ0❾❶ from
❶Oddward Valley❶.
Make them pay.{end}

Hm, by your look...
you got them.

Here's your reward.
I'll let you know if I
need anything else.
See ya!{end}

I feel like I've spread
the word enough.
I should get back to
the general store.{end}

What'd you want?{end}

Oh, Carmen.
Is there anything
that's ailing you?{end}

Hmm, not that
I can think of.{end}

I'm just so fit!{end}

I see...{end}

Why are you


Do you have a cold?★{end}

Ha ha...
I lost track of time
fishing, and ended up
staying up late.{end}

Target acquired!★{end}


Toss it in!{end}



  • cough cough*!{end}

W-What are you doing?!{end}

Now, let's move on
to the next one!{end}

Hey, nothing happened!{end}

W-What's going on?{end}


Oh, Carmen.
Seems like the general
store is selling some
unusual items.{end}

Oh, really?!
Like sardines or pike?{end}

I don't think they have
anything like that...{end}

Then you mean
fried fish?{end}

No, I don't think so...
(She's taken the bait,
but I don't think I'm
going to reel her in.){end}

Hey, Carmen.{end}

Oh, Sofia.
What's the matter?{end}

Have you noticed
anything ❷normal❷
about Evelyn lately?{end}

That's a good
When I called to her
when I went fishing...{end}

She said that if I
caught a big one, she
could use it as clothes.{end}

So, nothing strange.{end}

I see.{end}


Have you ever thought
about wearing ❷lame❷
clothes, sometime?{end}


But I'm sure it wouldn't
look good on me...{end}

Then you should come to
my home. Evelyn is never
picky about anyone
wearing her clothes.{end}

In the ❷good❷ sense.{end}

I-I see...{end}

You're looking for

A fishing master quietly
faces fish and water.{end}


And ignores everything
else around her!{end}

Happy New Year!
Hope you have a good

Today's Carlos'

I always make him his
favorite ❶snapper❶.
He loves it.{end}

You should say something
if you see him.
As a favor to his

Tadaa! Today's my
❶birthday❶! So anyway,
give me a ❶present❶!
I know you have one!{end}

Well, I guess I won't
force you...
But I hope you do.
See ya!{end}

Today's Daria's
❶birthday❶. I got her a
❾アイテム0❾ since she's
been asking for one.{end}

Daria said she ❶likes❶

Really, ❾アイテム0❾?{end}

She especially likes
it because of the word

I...I see...{end}

You know, she has a big
affinity for rainbows.
She's like an artist
in that respect.{end}

There's a ❶raccoon❶ in
❶Privera Forest❶?
Well, I'm not really

I usually never
go over there.{end}

Not bad, ❾ヒーロー❾!
It's all over town how
you got that raccoon.{end}

I guess Daria's
really happy.

You got that stupid
hungry lion thing,
so you must be
really strong.{end}

Oh, I don't know...
Maybe I only beat them
because they were
still hungry.{end}

Don't be so modest.
Just take the

Everyone's talking about
what you did in
❶Vale River❶!
Pretty amazing.{end}

What is it?
You look a little

Oh, I was just thinking
about something...{end}

Hmmm, I see.{end}

I'm not asking you to
go into details...
Carlos said that men
have their own world.{end}

Thank you.{end}

So you were the wooly
I saw once in a while!{end}

I had no idea.
You didn't
see me do anything
strange, did you...?{end}

So the ❶Unity Festival❶
got a date.
You were really cool.{end}

Thank you.{end}

I wonder if anyone from
the settlement likes to
fish. Well, that's what
I'll be talking about.{end}

That door opened?!
I was always curious
about it, ever since
I was a kid.{end}

So she's in the ❶ruins❶,
I'm sure.{end}

Hey, have you heard
this before?
It's an old legend.{end}

You know the Sharance
It grants you a wish
when the flower blooms.{end}

I've never seen it yet.
I'd like to see it
once with you.{end}

The Sharance Tree grew
again. I wonder if it's
going to bloom soon.
I can't wait.{end}

Have you heard of the
"don't feed the fish
you've caught"?{end}

What? Where is this
coming from?{end}

No reason...Seems like
somebody's focused on
other fish,
so I thought I'd ask...{end}


  • gulp*.{end}

You go on playing
around and I'm gonna get


She seems like a very
lovely and mature lady.
I really admire her.{end}

❾アイテム0❾ are in
season right now!{end}

Do you eat fish? You should! The fish
around here are so good, it'd be a
waste not to!{end}

Remember, if you ever feel like
fishing, just come on down to
❶Carlos' Resort❶!{end}

Our fish are always super-fresh!{end}

And you can find some rare
fish too! Stop on by! You
won't be disappointed!{end}

When I was a kid, I used to go to the
ocean! It's reaaaaaaally big! Way
different from the lake here!{end}

It had a big effect on Carlos, too!
That's why our store has a lot of
items you'd find around the sea!{end}

Feel free to take a look! Carlos might
tell you more about them!{end}

I can catch fish underwater, too!
I'm great at swimming deep

Sometimes I go too deep and get all
dizzy, though! Heh heh!{end}

That can be dangerous, Carmen...{end}

Yeah, I always push myself a little
too hard! I need to work on that!

I recommend the
❾アイテム0❾ now.
You should catch the
fish that are in season!{end}

Broiled, steamed or raw,
fish is so delicious!{end}

I'm actually good at
cooking. When I get
married, I'm going to
cook for my husband.{end}

But I still haven't
found a guy better than
my brother. It's a
serious problem.{end}

I've never been lonely, because I've
always had Carlos!{end}

But Carlos is probably going to get
married some day...{end}

Hey, ❾ヒーロー❾! Do you cook?{end}



Yes, a little bit...{end}

Nice! It's just awesome preparing
a fish you caught yourself!
I highly recommend it!{end}

Sashimi is really easy to make!
You should give it a try!{end}

Well, I've been meaning to, but I just
don't have the time to...{end}

Don't have the time to?! What a lame
excuse! Come on! You should at
least try to cook SOMETHING!{end}

Try making sashimi! It's easy to make,
and it's good for you! Give it a try!{end}

Hm? Are you staring at me? It's
rude to stare at a lady's
face, you know!{end}

Or were you just admiring how pretty
I am? Just kidding! Ha ha ha!{end}


Hey, I just heard

There's an island in the
sky that's shaped like
a whale!
How cool is that?!{end}

Really? A whale?
That must be a big

I told Carlos about it! He said that
that's where the King Fish must

Ah, I want to go there
at least once.
My fishing master blood
is stirring!{end}

The other day,
I got in a fight with

She said she didn't
like fish!
I don't care if she's
a little kid!{end}

I'm going to make her
change her mind!!{end}

So passionate...{end}

Are you a restless

I'm not sure...
I've never thought
about it.{end}

When I can't sleep, I
usually play games
with Carlos.{end}

And then Carlos usually
falls asleep first.
Which makes me a little

Got a big haul of
❾アイテム0❾ today!
I feel like singing a

With a fishing rod
in one haaaaand.♪{end}

Heading off to the
distant coast.♪{end}

That's some song.{end}

Carlos made it up.
It's a song we sing
when we get a big catch!
Pretty good, isn't it?{end}

❾アイテム0❾ is in
season now.
So you should be
catching a lot of them!{end}

Has Carlos taught you
the "legendary

I don't think so.{end}

Well, here is one of
❶Charge fishing❶!{end}

That's not really a
special technique is it?{end}

Just press ❶Ⓑ❶ to charge
up and release.
It's pretty much
like a weapon.{end}

If you ❶charge❶ with a
quality rod, distant
fish will gather around,
making life easier.{end}

I see, that's handy.{end}

But it's more taxing on
your body. So careful
not to pass out.{end}


You won't be able to
❶charge❶ crummy rods,
so good luck in making
your own!{end}

Did you know?
There are some fish
that are ❶poisonous❶ or
can cause ❶seal❶.{end}

The ❶poisonous❶ ones are
❶blowfish❶ and ❶poison
rainbow trout❶. Be
careful cooking them.{end}

❶Seal squid❶ has the
effect of ❶seal❶.
If you eat it, you won't
be able to use magic.{end}

I'll need to be careful.{end}

But if you throw it at
a monster, they'll be
the ones poisoned or

But it's not the fish's
fault. That's just one
of their many defense

We're all just trying
to survive this
crazy world.{end}

I see, you know a lot
about fish.
I'm impressed.{end}

Flattery's not gonna
get you anywhere!
Ha ha!{end}

The other day, I was
talking in Gaius' store
and Raven yelled at

She told me that I
should go home if I
wasn't going to buy

But I was totally
going to!{end}

Seems like I'm really
loud. I guess I don't
know how to adjust my

I wonder if I can get
married. I'm a little
worried because of the
strict criteria.{end}

What kind of criteria?{end}

I can't marry any guy
who doesn't eat fish!
That's non-negotiable.{end}

Carlos eats his fish
clean! It's great!
You should take note.{end}

Why is that?{end}

What?! Why...?
Because eating them
clean will make you
popular of course!{end}

Although maybe it'd
just be with me...{end}

Did you say something?{end}

It's nothing!
Ha ha.{end}


  • sigh*...{end}


I recommend the
❾アイテム0❾ now.
You should catch the
fish that are in season!{end}

I got sunburned again.{end}

I guess it's unavoidable
when you fish outside
all year-round.{end}

Yeah, I got pretty
burnt myself.{end}

I'll need to cover it
up with makeup later.{end}

Oh, what's that look?
I take care of my skin,
you know.
See how nice it is?{end}

(It is pretty...){end}

I heard an interesting
rumor the other day...{end}

This girl married a man
who caught a giant
lover snapper!{end}

And they are so hard to
It'll really make you
popular with ladies!{end}

Although I can catch
them myself, so I'd
rather be given
something else. Heh heh.{end}

When I was a kid, I
liked playing in the

I'd be in the boat and
Carlos would wave from
the shore, telling me
it was time for dinner.{end}

Ah, they are
such good memories.{end}

I can't recommend the
❾アイテム0❾ enough.
You should catch the
fish that are in season!{end}

Hey, have you ever
fished in the rain?{end}

Just cast the line and
stare at the sky. It'll
make you feel you're in
your own world.{end}

The sound of rain is
just very relaxing.
I highly recommend it.{end}

That sounds nice.
I'll give it a try.{end}

Oh, but be sure to take
a warm bath afterwards.
Along with a hot drink.{end}


Sofia's entire family
likes to fish.
That's so great!{end}

It'd be nice if our
fishing community just
grew and grew. All we
need is love & fishing!{end}

I try to study during
my breaks at work.{end}

Good for you.
What kind of books are
you studying?{end}

"Monthly Fishing".
It's a guide to improve
fishing techniques.
I gotta stay current!{end}


Do you fish?
❾アイテム0❾ is in
season now.
Keep that in mind!{end}

Sometimes when you fish,
you catch ❶cans❶ or
❶boots❶. You've had that
happen, haven't you?{end}

Ha ha...I have.{end}

People shouldn't be
throwing garbage in
rivers and lakes!
It makes me so mad.{end}

That's why whenever I
snag trash, I think that
it's at least that much

See? Not so infuriating
to catch garbage, right?
I think it's a pretty
good way to look at it.{end}

Yes, I think it is

You know, I'm sure
Carlos has bothered you
about me, but please
forgive him.{end}

Ha ha...
I'll let it go.{end}

Carlos has been looking
after me since I was a
So he's like my dad.{end}

I know he can be
careless, but I hope
you can get along.{end}

There's nothing better
than fish and rice.
I could eat it
every day.{end}

Carlos and I eat a lot.
I can eat three bowls
of rice.{end}

Carlos can eat six.
So we end up spending a
lot of gold on food.
It can get tough.{end}

The Paradise Bathhouse
is so nice.
It really warms you up.{end}

Makes you feel all
I'm so grateful for it.{end}

The other day, Shara
gave me some nice

Really, perfume?{end}

What do you think?
Do I smell nice?{end}

Oh, I'm sure it must
have worn off by now.{end}

Oh, you! Forget it!
(He could've come a
little close...){end}

Once, I got in a big
fight with Carlos, and
I ran away.{end}

I paddled that boat hard
enough to travel the
world, but I only made
it to the other shore.{end}

Well, I thought it was a
big adventure at the
time, but Carlos got so
mad. It's funny now.{end}

I want to catch some
There should be lots of
them now.{end}

Do you remember I told
you about fishing in
the rain?{end}

Yes, it sounded
very nice.{end}

Night fishing is
pretty serene, too.{end}

Fishing under the
moonlight, listening to
the owl's hoot.
Romantic, isn't it?{end}


Isn't it?
You really do get it,
don't you?{end}

Carlos has started to
get wrapped up in his

I wonder if there's a
girl he likes.
I'm really curious.{end}

Really? Carlos?{end}

He poses in front of
the mirror every night.
It makes me want to gag
but I try to hold it in.{end}

❾アイテム0❾s in
season now, but...
There's so many other
good fish...{end}

I usually take trips on
my days off.
Of course, to go

Like ❶Privera Forest❶,
❶Sol Terrano Desert❶,
❶Oddward Valley❶ and
❶Vale River❶...{end}

I recommend it if you
want to catch fish that
aren't in season.
Give it a try.{end}

But careful, there are
lots of monsters if you
go in too deep!{end}

Isn't it?
You totally
get it!{end}

What's with the
sudden comment?{end}

Huh?! Oh, I was just
thinking of something...{end}

You were just in front
of me, so I guess I just
started talking out
loud. How embarrassing!{end}

Ha ha, that's okay.{end}

Ah, I give up.{end}

What is it, Carmen?
You seem down today.{end}

I haven't been able to
catch any fish lately.
Maybe I'm getting worse.{end}

Once I think that,
I can feel the fish
slipping away.
Which gets me more down.{end}

You shouldn't try to
force it.
It doesn't make it
any more fun.{end}

You always look so happy
when you're talking
about fishing. Maybe you
could relax a little.{end}

Yeah, you're right.
I might have let it get
to my head.{end}

You know, thanks!
I think I'm feeling

You know, I've known
Carlos for a long
time, but...{end}

He is so lazy!
His room's a mess, and
he won't pick up his

Are all boys like this?!
What about you?!{end}

I'm clean.{end}

Not really.{end}

Okay! Good.
Glad to hear it!
I wish Carlos could
learn from you!{end}

Oh, I don't know...{end}

What?! Let's see.
I do have a hard time
picking up trash.{end}

Ah, honestly.
You won't get
any girls like that!
Trust me, I know!{end}

I go out in the woods to
go fishing, so I get a
lot of scrapes.
Well, Carlos, too.{end}

That's why we always get
plenty of medicine from
Marjorie. Along with
her comments. Ha ha.{end}

Marian's shots are so
I enjoy living.{end}

When I was a kid, I
didn't like fried fish.
Hard to imagine, right?{end}

Then one day Carlos
asked me, "why do you
think fried fish all
have their mouths open?"{end}

Come to think of it,
fried fish do all have
open mouths.{end}

He said it's because the
fish are telling you to
eat them and get

After that I tried
really hard to eat fried
fish. Then I started
really liking them.{end}

It's all thanks to him
that I enjoy fish now.
I'm so grateful.{end}

The other day, I was
just catching everything
in the inn's pond.{end}

But keep it a secret...{end}

Pia looks really
scary sometimes when
she sees me.{end}

My fishing meister blood
starts to stir
I can't help it...{end}



  • gasp*! Bad Carmen!
  • shake shake*.{end}

You better not tell
Pia about this!
I'm not kidding!{end}

D-Don't worry,
if it comes down to it,
I'll be sure to
stop you!{end}

The Sharance flowers
bloomed... It's my first
time seeing them.
They're so pretty.{end}

Oh, I just can't stop

I patched up the hole
in your sock.{end}

You're a lifesaver.{end}

Ah, my shoulder's
killing me!
I can't fish like this!
What am I gonna do?!{end}

Okay, okay, you want
me to massage it?{end}

Oh, you saw right
through me!
I'm looking forward
to it!{end}

Ah ha ha.
Oh, fine...{end}

Hey, listen!
It's amazing!{end}

There was this rumor and{end}

blah blah blah blah
blah blah blah blah
blah blah blah blah
blah blah blah blah{end}


...can you believe it?!
Awesome, right?!{end}

What? Oh, yeah.
That's great.{end}


You weren't listening,
were you?{end}


  • gulp*.{end}

How could you?!
You! Little!{end}

(How does she
always know...?){end}

Hey, what happened to
that thing yesterday?{end}

Oh, I put that

Oh, okay...heh heh.{end}

What's the matter?{end}

I just really felt that
we were married.{end}

Isn't it crazy that
we knew what we were
talking about?{end}

Yeah, that's true.
Well, do we still have
yesterday's thing?{end}

What?! Was there
something else...?
Sorry, I forgot!{end}

Ha ha, I'm kidding.
Sorry, sorry.{end}

Honestly! You meanie!!
Ha ha.{end}

It's the season for
Maybe I'll go catch one.{end}

You've got bed head.{end}


Behind your right ear.
It's always there.
Ha ha!{end}

❾アイテム0❾ is in
season now. I want to
catch one...but I'll
need good tools to fish.{end}

Hey, ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

What is it?{end}

I just can't
give it up!
There's something I
really want!{end}

Hmm, that's...
From before?{end}

I want the super special
master rod!{end}

But it's expensive.{end}

But I can catch
anything I want!
We can eat fish every

And it's leopard
pattern is so cute,
Please, can I have it?!{end}

If you're a true
fishing master,
you can catch a lot
of fish with any tool.{end}

Well, that's true,

  • mumble mumble*.{end}

You'll always be my
Maybe I'll never be
a match for you.{end}

I mean,
you just caught a fresh
fish, didn't you?
I can't wait.{end}

Ha ha, ❾ヒーロー❾!
Flattery won't get you

Let's see,
I just caught a...{end}

(Dodged a bullet today.
But I'm sure she'll
bring it up again.){end}

(I promise that I'll
buy it for you one
day, so I hope you can
wait until then.){end}

How's it coming along?
If you're tired,
go to the apothecary and
get a checkup.{end}

You can get plenty of
rest at home, and I'll
take good care of you!{end}

Okay, thanks.{end}

Oh, that's right.{end}

What is it?{end}

Has a "Monthly Fishing"
arrived for me?{end}

I'm not sure.
I don't think so.{end}

I see.
When's it gonna get
here? They're always
late. *mumble mumble*.{end}

You really love

Hey, ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

What is it?{end}

I'm going to go clean
Carlos' room up soon.{end}

It's such a mess!
The whole second floor
is just terrible!{end}

It's really just a
pig sty at this point.{end}

Carlos says he's fine
without me, but...
How does he expect to
find a wife like that?!{end}

Ha ha, I got it.
Go help your brother
out. I'm sure he'll be
happy to see you.{end}

I'm gonna get it
squeaky clean!{end}

Hey, ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

are you happy?{end}

I'm happy.
What about you, Carmen?{end}

I'm soooooooo happy!
Deliriously happy!{end}

(I love you.
I want you to know...){end}

It's the season for
Maybe we should have it


What's the matter?{end}

This must be what
happily ever after
is like...{end}

I mean it was nice
before we were married,{end}

but I'm just so
happy now.
Heh heh.{end}

It was your right
one again.{end}


The hole in your sock!
There's always a hole
in your right sock!{end}

Ha ha.{end}

That's weird...{end}

You can catch a lot of
❾アイテム0❾ during
this season.{end}

I wish we could go
fishing together.
Think about it.


What's the matter?{end}

I'm not in a good mood.
Leave me alone.{end}


Oh! I got it!
I'm just hungry!{end}

I should be OK once I
get a snack!
I've got just the
sashimi for the job!{end}

La la la la.♪{end}

You're so fickle.{end}

Wait, I don't think
you should have raw fish
that's just been lying
around all day...{end}

I'm sorry for
saying that before,{end}

It's fine.
I'm sorry, too.
I mean, of course
you'd get mad.{end}

Oh, thanks.
Well, let's kiss and

I love you,

  • smooch*.{end}

I love you, too.{end}

Aw, shucks.{end}

I guess the more we
fight, the closer we
get. There's nothing we
can't overcome.{end}

I can't wait to spend
the rest of my life
with you.{end}

Me, too.{end}

Ummm, that and that...
I'll need that, too.

  • mumble mumble*.{end}

Oh! No!
Don't talk to me!{end}

I'm making a shopping
list. You'll confuse me
if you start talking.

  • mumble mumble*.{end}

Okay, okay.{end}

La la la la.♪{end}

You're in a good
mood today.{end}

I found an extra cookie
in the fridge today!
I bet something good's
gonna happen today.{end}

Like someone will buy me
a nice fishing rod...{end}


  • glance*.{end}

Well, I'm not really
sure if that'll happen.
Oh, man.{end}

(*scribble scribble*){end}

What's the matter?
What are you writing?{end}

I'm writing down
my own essentials for
fishing that even Carlos
doesn't know about.{end}

We're gonna pass it
down for generations!
Ha ha.{end}

That's quite a plan...{end}

Ah! It's hot!
But that's summer!{end}

What do you think,
How's my swimsuit?{end}

Hmmm, do I catch the
fish underwater or
use a harpoon?{end}


I think my swimsuit's
a little small here.
It used to be just the
right size.{end}

Oh, long time no see.
How you been?
We should go fishing

You haven't talked to
me at all lately.
You gotta greet your

It feels like we haven't
talked in a while. Even
though we're busy, we
should talk once a day.{end}

That should be enough
We can go back to the
apothecary whenever.{end}

(I'm glad.
Everyone's really been
accepting of Kuruna.){end}

(I'm sure that will put
Ondorus at ease,
I should get back soon.){end}

That ❷shouldn't❷ be
Let's go back home and

Good morning.{end}

Good morning.{end}


Good evening.{end}



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