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Carmen (イオン, Ion) is a bachelorette in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



Carmen (, Ion) is a very energetic and sometimes bossy girl. She lives with her older brother Carlos at their fishing resort. Just like her brother, Carmen loves fishing.

She also loves her brother very much, and the both of them can get quite carried away when it comes to either of them. She can be a little bossy to Micah when teaching him how to fish.

She admits that she's very loud, and should tone her voice down a little. 

Mostly by appearance and her tomboyish looks, Carmen is an indeed both very energetic and strict to-the-art of fishing. She always seems to be blushing when people know that she always let the words slips her mouth. Like her brother, Carlos, she's very easily to be excited about things, especially fishing. She always gives out about the fishes in the season and pointers about fishing. She is always seen with Carlos by the Diamond General Store.





I'm your master! I'll teach you how to fish.

Location: Bulletin Board
Unlock: Completed Gaius' request (Need some help).
Objective: Give Carmen a fish that can be caught in Spring.
Reward: Cheap Pole, Sardine

Requests 2: You better?

Come when your master tells you! I want to test you.

Requests 3: Need some help

I'm so busy! But my knife needs sharpening...

Requests 4: Can I ask

Answer your master! And don't lie!

Requests 5: Date!

Your master wants you! Just come see me.

Requests 6: About Carlos

Carlos is acting weird. I think he wants you to come to our home.





  • Default: Intermediate Pole
  • Gift Weapon Type: Fishing Pole

Techniques: Cautious Steps

Usually approaching the enemy slowly, but always ready to strike when need and counter vigorously

Special Skill: Rod 'Bait'
While attacking, there is always a chance to stagger the enemy

Carmen Battle Level Health Attack
6 114 25
Defence Magic Attack Magic Defence
0 28 0
Strength Vitality Intelligence
13 20 20
Default Weapon Intermediate Pole
Weapon Type





  • Of all the bachelorettes, Carmen has the most dialogue. She mostly has an extended dialogue during her proposal and multiple dialogues when she is a party member.
  • Carmen'sback
    By looking at her field model on the party status screen, Carmen actually has shoulder length hair that is tied into a ponytail. However, whenever you're talking to her, her sprites have her facing forwards so her ponytail can never be seen.
  • Carmen has the same birthday as Rita from Rune Factory: Frontier.