Rune Factory Wiki

Good morning.{end}

Good morning.{end}


Good evening.{end}

Hey bro', I heard it
was your birthday.

This is from me.
Just take it.{end}

Don't be so down, bro'.
I'll help, too.{end}

By the way, your
bride might've gone
towards the ❶ruins❶.{end}


Yeah. There's a harbor
just beyond the lake...
Not many people go by
or talk about it.{end}

So, I saw someone
around there when I was
putting some things

It was a little far,
but I thought it looked
like ❾キャラ0❾.{end}

I'll be sure to keep an
eye out on the lake.
She might just
come back.{end}

Carmen...What happened
to her...?{end}

Bro', about Carmen,
she might have gone
towards the ❶ruins❶.{end}


Yeah. There's a harbor
just beyond the lake...
Not many people go by
or talk about it.{end}

So, I saw Carmen
around there when I was
putting some things

I thought she was
taking a walk at the
time. But why would she,
before the wedding?{end}

I'm going to keep an eye
on the lake. She might
just come home like
nothing happened.{end}

If only I'd said
something then...{end}

This wonderful scent...?
Is it you?{end}

It's so relaxing.
Why does it remind
me of Carmen?

Welcome to Carlos' Resort, where
you can catch yourself plenty
of rare fish!{end}

I've come to talk.{end}

I've come to fish.{end}

What fish are in season?{end}

Never mind.{end}

What fish are in season? Umm...{end}

Well, in ❶spring❶, you can catch
Masu Trout, Gibelio, Needlefish,
Lover Snapper, Cherry Salmon,
Squid, and Lamp Squid!{end}

In ❶summer❶, you can catch Sardine,
Char, Chub, Turbot, Sunsquid, Shrimp,
Crucian Carp, Lobster, Lover Snapper,
and Squid!{end}

In ❶fall❶, you can catch Skipjack,
Salmon, Squid, Mackerel, Pike,
Snapper, Fall Flounder,
and Lover Snapper!{end}

In ❶winter❶, you can catch Tuna, Flounder,
Glitter Snapper, Poison Rainbow Trout,
Blowfish, Yellowtail, Girella, Taimen,
Squid, Lover Snapper, and Pond Smelt!{end}

That's all of 'em! In town, the
fish you can catch changes with
the ❶season❶.{end}

You can catch ❶squid❶ and
❶lover snapper❶ no matter
what season it is, though!{end}

If you ever need to catch a fish
that's out of season in town...{end}

...You can go fish for them outside
of town! Convenient, right?{end}

But it can be a little dangerous, bro',
so be careful!{end}

It costs ❾数字0❾ gold to enter!
Is that okay?{end}


Never mind.{end}

All right. Well, see ya later, bro'!{end}

You don't have enough money, bro'!
Come back when you do!{end}


Thanks! Well, let me
take you back to the
fishing area.
2 people, coming in!{end}

Follow me to the lake in back!{end}

Oh, thanks!{end}

Thank you! We can even
take on requests.
Are there any fish
you want to catch?{end}

Make request.{end}

Not really.{end}

Well, I'll show you to
the fishing area.
2 people, coming in!{end}

Well, I'll show you to
the fishing area.
1 person, coming in!{end}

Here's the request menu.
Pick a type from the

❾アイテム0❾ ❾数字0❾G.{end}

❾アイテム1❾ ❾数字1❾G.{end}

❾アイテム2❾ ❾数字2❾G.{end}

❾アイテム3❾ ❾数字3❾G.{end}

❾アイテム4❾ ❾数字4❾G.{end}

❾アイテム5❾ ❾数字5❾G.{end}

❾アイテム6❾ ❾数字6❾G.{end}

❾アイテム7❾ ❾数字7❾G.{end}

❾アイテム8❾ ❾数字8❾G.{end}

Never mind.{end}

❾アイテム0❾ is fine?{end}



You want to choose

no request this time?{end}

Thank you!
Well, I'll show you to
the fishing area.
2 people, coming in!{end}

Thank you!
Well, I'll show you to
the fishing area.
1 person, coming in!{end}

Hm, you don't have
enough money...{end}

Thanks for the request!
I've released the fish.
Have fun!{end}

Thank you!
Well, I'll show you to
the fishing area.
2 people, coming in!{end}

Thank you!
Well, I'll show you to
the fishing area.
1 person, coming in!{end}

Huh? Where's your fishing rod, bro'?{end}

You gotta bring one from home,
or buy one from Gaius.{end}

You done fishing, bro'?{end}

Keep going.{end}

Never mind.{end}

Oh, thanks!
Come back some other


Hey! You're new around here, aren't ya?
What's your name?{end}


❾ヒーロー❾, eh?
I'm Carlos!{end}

I run a fishing resort with my sister!{end}


That's pretty neat!{end}

You're right! It's awesome! You got
good taste, bro'!{end}

I think we're gonna get along great!{end}

You think so...?{end}

I KNOW so, bro'! By the way, have
you met my sister? If not, you
should introduce yourself!{end}

But no funny business, though!
You got it?!{end}

I... I got it...{end}

Anyway, I'm looking forward to
getting to know you, bro'!{end}

Oh, taking a bath, too?!
Feels good, right?
Ha ha ha!{end}


Ah, nothing like a cold
glass of milk after a

I take a bath after
making my delivery to
the inn. They really
love our fish.{end}


Oh, don't use me as
your guinea pig!
Rub it in my face that
I don't have a girl...{end}

Oh, bro'.
That's enough for today.
I can't take any more.{end}

A present for me?{end}

Bro', you better
not make me angry.{end}

Sorry, I ❶hate❶ these.
It gives me heartburn.{end}

I would've liked
something with

Oh, for me?
I see.{end}

But I would've liked
something with fish

But I ❶like fish❶

Oh! it's my ❶favorite❶!
You know me too well.{end}

Whoa! ❾アイテム9❾!!!
I ❶love❶ these!
I can't stop drooling.{end}

I'm so happy I could
Well, I'm gonna be
sure to savor this.{end}

Oh? Drink this?
Let's see.{end}

Hm...? What...?
I feel weird.{end}


  • glance*.{end}


Sorry...I don't
really like this.{end}

Sorry to be so picky
even though you got it
for me for my

I might've kissed you
if you'd brought
something with ❶snapper❶
in it instead. Ha ha ha!{end}

Oh, for me?

It's actually my
❶birthday❶ today.
Hope to get something
next year, too! Ha ha!{end}

I like anything with
❶fish❶, really. Maybe
I'll make a request!
See ya!{end}

Oh, ❾アイテム9❾!
This for me?{end}

You knew it was my
You just made my day.{end}

Heh heh, I guess I've
been doing something
right to deserve this.

Whoa! This is

You got me a
❾アイテム9❾ for
my ❶birthday❶...{end}

You got good taste!
That's weird, my
eyeballs are sweating...
This is awesome! Thanks!{end}


Can I kiss you,

I'll pass!!{end}



Remove from party.{end}

Never mind.{end}

Carlos, would you
mind coming with me
for something?{end}

Sure thing!
I was just feeling
like letting off some

(He's more enthusiastic
than I am...){end}

Roaaaaaaaaaaaar. Zzzz.{end}

Fried fish...
for 100 people...
Bring me...{end}

Hrm, my body feels
weird all of a sudden.
You have any medicine?{end}

Ha ha ha!
I'm invincible!{end}

This is harder than I
thought. Mind slowing
down the pace a bit?{end}

Alright, I think they've
had enough. I need to
get back to the resort.
See ya!{end}

Oh? That it?
Well, guess I'll go
home then.{end}

Oh, what is it?{end}

Leave it to me...
Wait, you already
have someone!{end}

I'm in the middle of
something right now.
Maybe next time!{end}

Dang, I forgot my
lunch... I can't fight
hungry! You have food,
don't you, bro'?{end}

Careful, bro'.
Don't be scared to
retreat if you think
it's dangerous.{end}

It's not that
I'm scared or anything!{end}

I'm thinking about
opening a second
resort when I get

Oh, I guess this
isn't the time to be
talking about it.
Forget it.{end}

Hm? What is it?
You lost?{end}

Real men have
enemies everywhere.
So watch your back!{end}

Good morning!{end}



Morning, bro'.{end}

Hey, bro'.{end}

Hey, bro'.
It got pretty dark.{end}

How you feeling?{end}

Sun's pretty high.{end}

Oh, hey.
The night's just begun!{end}

Oh! A wooly!
Maybe it wants me to
pet it?{end}


Oh, nice weather!{end}

It's raining... Rain or shine, I'll
still go out fishing!{end}

I-It's cold...
It's tough when you
wear as little as I do.{end}

some storm!
Makes me wanna yell.{end}

Whoa, it's cold!
Too cold!{end}

It's cloudy...
It looks like it's
gonna rain.{end}

Oh, I won't hold back!
I'm not gonna lose!{end}

I won!{end}

Raaaaaaaaar! I lost!
I loooooooooost!{end}

Heh. Of course.
You see me, Carmen?!
This is who your brother
is!! King of fishermen!!{end}

I lost?!

Today is
I'm so excited.{end}

And I bet there are
some who are only
thinking about presents.
Ha ha ha.{end}

It's almost time for the
I'm so excited I can't
even sleep!{end}

Wow, it sounds like you're
really into it!{end}

Really into it? Of course! Who
WOULDN'T be? If anything,
you're not into it enough!{end}

Today's the ❾カレンダー0❾!
This is gonna be awesome!{end}

I gotta make sure to hold back a
little to give everyone else a
chance to win, though!{end}

Carlos, maybe you shouldn't
be so overconfident...{end}

Hm? You say something, bro'?{end}

N-Never mind...{end}

I won! Sweet!{end}

The ❾カレンダー0❾ is over.
Man, I think I pulled something...{end}

How's your stomach?
❾カレンダー0❾ is
coming up, you know.{end}

I'm fine, my gut is
made of iron.
Ha ha ha!{end}

I'm gonna eat and
eat and eat some more!{end}

I usually eat three
times more than normal
Ha ha ha!{end}

Awesome, bro'!
You don't look like
you'd eat a lot...{end}

Thank you.
I ate more than I

I won!{end}

Ah, I'm full!
I feel like I'm gonna
get a good night's sleep

The ❾カレンダー0❾, huh?
My mach punch is gonna knock all its
wool off in one blow!{end}

That's got to be some punch!{end}

Mach punch thunder strike go!
Whoosh! You see that? You see that

(That wasn't so impressive.){end}

Today's the ❾カレンダー0❾,

Look at these beautiful pecs! There's
no way I'm gonna lose!{end}

(I don't think this is a muscle

Hm? You say something?{end}

Uh, nope.{end}

Not bad, bro'. I'll get ya next time!{end}

Ah ha ha. We'll see.{end}

I won!{end}

Did you see me today? I was a little
off my game...{end}

I'm a little nervous
with the

You look very pumped.{end}

Ah, I just love it.
My blood is boiling!{end}

you seem excited!{end}

All you do is hit
the turnips.{end}

But that's why
it's awesome...{end}

Congratulations on
winning! Looks like lady
luck was on your side.{end}

Heh. I won!
Looks like lady luck
was with me.{end}

Whew, why does time
fly when you're having
It's over already.{end}

Why is it sad when
a festival ends?{end}

Look at my hands.
They're all blistered
from my training for the

What are you throwing
that gets your hands
like that?{end}

It's ❾カレンダー0❾!
I'm going to throw
turnips at the speed of
light. Ha ha ha!{end}

(I hope no one
gets killed...){end}

❾カレンダー0❾, huh?
Gotta make sure I don't
accidentally kill anyone.{end}

Please be careful!
There are some girls

Oh, I completely forgot.
But I'm gonna throw
it at you as hard as I
can. Ha ha ha!{end}

Oh, thanks.
Heh heh.{end}

Congratulations on
winning! Seems like lady
luck was on your side.{end}

Heh. I won!
Seems like lady luck
was on my side.{end}

Maybe I threw too
hard because now the
girls are giving me a
cold stare.{end}

I guess us guys have
gotta handle the ladies
with care.{end}

The ❾カレンダー0❾ is

I'm a pro fisherman, so I gotta win!
Hold me back, ❾ヒーロー❾! I'm
already rarin' to go!{end}

E-Easy there, Carlos...{end}

This day has finally come... I will
go all out to win this contest,
even if it costs me my life!{end}

I'm the only one who can defeat me!{end}

And I won't be holding back on myself!{end}

Just like a tuna will expend all of
its energy to crush a sardine...{end}

Uh... Are you all right, Carlos...?{end}

I guess you must've been
fishing a lot lately...
I can't let my guard

Maybe it's time I
unleash my secret
fishing technique...
Watch yourself now.{end}

I'm even more

You should be worried, ❾ヒーロー❾!
You'll need to give it everything
you've got to even have a chance
of beating me!{end}

(Boy, he sure gets competitive when
it comes to fishing...){end}

How the heck did you win?! I don't
believe it! There's no way you
could've beat me!{end}

I won't forget this humiliation! You're
going down next time, bro'!{end}

I knew I'd win! Oh, yeah! Hail to
the king, baby! Hail to the king
of all fishermen!{end}

Man, I caught a bunch of fish today!
I can't believe I didn't win! Well,
I won in my mind, at least!{end}

Whew, it's the second
fishing contest of the
year. We're competing
for size this time.{end}

Since I'm a fisherman,
this is my reputation on
the line. I gotta set a
good example for Carmen.{end}

Sounds tough.{end}

Raaaaaaaaar! My
blood is boiling!{end}

You probably already
know that I'm gonna win!
You can just suck your
thumb and watch. Ha ha!{end}

Catching the biggest
fish is what real
fishing is about!
And fishing is my life!{end}

It's time to give it
everything I've got!
I won't let anyone get
in my way!{end}

You should be worried.
You'll need to give it
everything you've got
to beat me!{end}

That's a little over
the top, don't you

I lost...
No way.{end}

No, it's not too late!
I won't lose next time!
Don't forget, bro'!{end}

Heh. Of course.
You see me, Carmen?!
This is who your brother
is!! King of fishermen!!{end}

Big haul today!
You need skill and
experience to be a
great fisherman.{end}

Today's ❾カレンダー0❾
starts and ends with
Witness my domination!{end}

Your whole family
really loves to fish.{end}

Of course!
I'm not holding back!{end}

Grrrrr! The squid hunter
has awakened!
I'm gonna catch
a monster of a squid!{end}

I think you know that
victory is mine! You can
have fun catching
❶cans❶! Ha ha ha!{end}

You should be worried.
You'll need to give it
everything you've got
to beat me!{end}

That's a little over
the top, don't you

Whoa! You won?
Defeating me, the
❶squid❶ master...{end}

No, it's not too late!
I'll win the next one!
You remember this!{end}

Heh. Of course.
You see me, Carmen?!
This is who your brother
is!! King of fishermen!!{end}

Big haul today!
This was like taking
❶squid❶ from a baby.{end}

You mean candy...{end}

Try to catch as many
different types of fish.{end}

Maybe I'll take warm
drinks around to
everyone then. Fishing
in the winter gets cold.{end}

It's started.
I'm feeling a little

Maybe I'll take it
easy this time...{end}


That's not me!
Raaaaaaaaar! I'm not
gonna lose!{end}

Ha ha.
I knew you hated to
That's the spirit!{end}

Today is

You might already know
this but whoever catches
the most different types
of fish wins.{end}

Although men are
better at aiming
for just one thing,
it's time to step it up.{end}

You should be worried.
You'll need to give it
everything you've got
to beat me!{end}

That's a little over
the top, don't you

I don't have the words.
I lost. I guess there
really is always someone
better out there.{end}

No, it's not too late!
I'll win the contest
next year for sure!
Now I have a rival!!{end}

Heh. Of course.
You see me, Carmen?!
This is who your brother
is!! King of fishermen!!{end}

Big haul today!
I really go all out when
it comes to fishing!{end}

❾カレンダー0❾ is
getting close.
You going to enter

I don't really have a
lot of time to grow
much. I can't wait to
see the other veggies.{end}

It's a nice day out.
Perfect for

All the vegetables look
good... All I can think
about is eating them.
Ha ha ha!{end}

Awesome, bro'!
When did you grow
something that nice?{end}

Ha ha.
That's a secret.{end}

Give me some, would you?
I'll let you fish for

Wow, I didn't think
I'd win!
Must be beginner's luck.{end}

is over.
They all looked good.{end}

❾カレンダー0❾, huh?
Summer is the perfect
time to showcase my

My brawny arms
swinging down a hoe!{end}

The flying sparks!{end}

My glistening chest!{end}

Well, that's about
how I grew my vegetable.{end}

(Carlos in the summer
is a little crazy...){end}

Ah, this heat means
summer is here!
Perfect for

Ah, I worked up a good
sweat! I feel good about
my vegetable this
season! Look!{end}

It's very avant-garde.
Ha ha.{end}

Awesome, bro'!
What's the secret to
making such a
spectacular vegetable?!{end}

Ha ha.
That's a secret.{end}

Share the knowledge!
It'd be great for curry.
Just thinking about it
makes me drool.{end}

Wow, I didn't think
I'd win!
Must be beginner's luck.{end}

❾カレンダー0❾ is
So many good looking
vegetables today.{end}

❾カレンダー0❾ is
coming up. The food
around this time is the
best. Ha ha ha!{end}

I'll give a voucher to
my resort for anyone
who offers me some of
their vegetables!{end}

Ha ha, you like
eating just slightly
less than Sherman.{end}

This breeze feels good.
is about to begin!{end}

All the vegetables look
I just want to eat them.
Ha ha ha!{end}

I guess you don't have a
giant farm for nothing.
You just slaughtered
the competition!{end}

Ha ha.
Oh, you're exaggerating.{end}

Oh, was that too much?
Ha ha ha!{end}

Wow, I didn't think
I'd win!
Must be beginner's luck.{end}

❾カレンダー0❾ is
They all looked good.{end}

❾カレンダー0❾ is
getting close.
You look fired up.{end}

This is the last harvest
festival of the year.
What kind of vegetable
did you grow?{end}

All the vegetables look
good... All I can think
about is eating them.
Ha ha ha!{end}

I'm sure that'll
make you a pretty penny
next year.{end}

Yes, I hope to grow
more delicious
vegetables next year.{end}

That's the spirit.
That's how you
grow good vegetables.{end}

Wow, I didn't think
I'd win!
Must be beginner's luck.{end}

❾カレンダー0❾ is
They all looked good.{end}

Heh heh heh...
It's summer.
Summer is just around
the corner!{end}

Around ❾カレンダー0❾
time is when I get the
most customers.
It's gonna get busy!{end}

❾カレンダー0❾ is
finally here!
It's like I live
for this day!{end}

you just love the
Ha ha.{end}

It's the day when
all the girls in
bikinis fall for me.
Ha ha ha!{end}

Is that it?{end}

Oh, bro',
you better not be
staring at the ladies!{end}

Stare at me instead.
Ha ha ha.{end}


Not interested.{end}

Don't mind if I do.{end}

Not interested.{end}

Don't mind if I do.{end}

Truly uninterested.{end}

Don't mind if I do.{end}

Really uninterested.{end}

Don't mind if I do.{end}

Special Gift: ❾数字0❾ Gold{end}

Token Gift: ❾数字1❾ Gold{end}

Top Gift: ❾数字2❾ Gold{end}

No thank you.{end}







You want to choose
something else?{end}

I'm thankful for

It's a chance to sell
overstoc--I mean

I wonder what
everyone else is

Oh, bro'.
I'm still getting ready.{end}

Welcome to
"Carmen's Paradise".{end}

What is that?{end}

For ❾カレンダー0❾,
our resort opens a
stall we call
"Carmen's Paradise".{end}

Pay up front, then
you get to see what
gift you've bought!{end}

You might find a
real bargain!
How about it?
Interested, right?{end}

Not really...{end}

Well, don't sweat
the small stuff!{end}

Just means it's a
day you can find our
souvenirs for cheap.
You want one, right?{end}

You'll regret it.{end}

Are you really sure?
It only happens once
a year.{end}

This is the last time
I'll ask...{end}

You really, really sure?{end}

I see...
Oh, well.{end}

Come back if you
change your mind!
I'll be waiting.{end}

(He's really

I see...
Oh, well.{end}

Come back if you
change your mind!
I'll be waiting.{end}

That's more like it.{end}

Well then, you've got
three choices.
Which do you want?{end}

You only get to pick
So pick carefully.{end}

❶Special gift❶? Most
of them are sweets.
It's ❾数字0❾G.
You want this?{end}

❶Token gift❶? You'll
remember this forever.
It's ❾数字1❾G.
You want this?{end}

❶Top gift❶? This is...
This is really good!
It's ❾数字2❾G.
You want this?{end}

It's a special price
just for the
so no take backs!{end}

Thank you!
Come back next year!{end}

Whew, done for the day.
Turned out better than
I thought.{end}

Welcome to
Carmen & Carlos' Shop!
Which one do you want?{end}

❾アイテム0❾ is
❾数字0❾ gold.
That okay?{end}

Then here you go!{end}

You don't have enough

Oh, come again!{end}

We're all sold out
thanks to everyone!{end}

❾カレンダー0❾, huh?
I wonder what they're

Tomorrow's the
❾カレンダー0❾, huh?
I wonder how great
it'll be this year.{end}

Today is the
Now, what is going to

Today is the
How about it?
How do I look?{end}

Same as usual...?{end}

The ❾カレンダー0❾'s
started, bro'!
I'm getting a little

Really? You always
seem so laid-back!{end}

So who's Horn Babe?{end}

Ahem! I'm Kuruna, the
univir elder.{end}

Cool. 'Sup, elder?
I'm Carlos.{end}

I run a fishing resort
with my sister.{end}

Bring your horn on down
and get to fishin'!{end}

I will, uh, take your
suggestion under

The ❾カレンダー0❾'s
started, bro'!
I'm getting a little

Really? You always
seem so laid-back!{end}

But you gotta be the most
nervous, bro'! All this color,
all this pageantry was YOUR

Yeah, I could barely sleep
last night! But it turned
out even better than I

So many people this
year! I feel like
we're really unifying.
It's a good thing.{end}

What do you usually
talk about, Carlos?{end}

Fishing mostly.
That's what I do every
Everyone's so great.{end}

I guess fishermen are
drawn to other

Yeah, and they come by
the resort. The lake's
popular since they don't
have a lot of water.{end}

Can't believe that some
of those horn dudes
love their fishing, bro'!
Totally rad!{end}

Things got pretty fun
this year, too!
I'm looking forward to
next year's.{end}

The year is coming to a
close. I gotta clean out
the shop...
It's for business.{end}

I guess I'll just take
it easy then.
That should be nice.{end}

❾カレンダー0❾, huh?
The year just flew by.{end}

The year is about to
change. I hope Carmen
and I have another good
year. Oh, and you too!{end}

Obtained ❾アイテム0❾!{end}

Received ❾数字0❾

Received ❾アイテム0❾!{end}

So I heard you started fishing, bro'!
That's awesome! Hey, hold on, I got
something for you that'll help you
out when you're fishing!{end}

(Uh... I wonder what it could be...){end}

Hm? Your backpack is
full, bro'.
Go make some room.{end}

Alright, you're okay
Here, take this.{end}

Fishing's a pretty extreme activity,
you feel me? This drink'll help you
get fit, and quick! I mean, check
out my muscles, bro'!{end}

Yes... They're pretty impressive,

Think of this as a toast to your first
step into the world of fishing!
Congratulations, ❾ヒーロー❾!{end}

So from now on, I expect you to be
a regular customer!{end}

Heh... You're quite a salesman, Carlos!{end}

Oh, good timing!
I was just talking
to Carmen about you.{end}

About me?{end}

Oh. Seems like you've
gotten pretty good
at fishing under
Carmen's guidance.{end}

Ha ha. Master...I mean,
Carmen said that
about me? I'm so happy.{end}

Yeah and I couldn't just
do nothing.
Here, take this.{end}

Whoa, you've got so
much stuff with you.
Lighten your load and
come back.{end}

Alright, you're okay
Here, take this.{end}

Is this...silver?{end}

Yeah. Silver is used to
make fishing rods...
A real fisherman will
make his own tools.{end}

And you will be able to
❶charge❶ a good rod.
It's child's play to
us fishing masters.{end}

I see.

As you know, you hold
❶Ⓑ❶ to charge, and then
release. It's similar
to a weapon.{end}

If you ❶charge❶ with a
good rod, it'll attract
far off fish, and you'll
get tons of bites!{end}

Oh! That's amazing!{end}

Right?! But not with a
beat-up rod. Just be
sure not to pass out
from fishing too much!{end}

Keep at it, bro'.{end}


You saw the
bulletin board?

I'm sorry about how
I acted before.
Really sorry. {end}

that's over and done

To be honest, it's a
little complicated for
me...because I can tell
from the way she acts.{end}

You don't need to hide
it from me any more.
You're close to Carmen,
aren't you?{end}


You're a good guy. But,
I don't know if you're
worthy of my sister.{end}

That's why I'm giving
you this test.{end}

Carlos, I...{end}

Please, let me finish.
Just humor me.{end}

Catch ❶2 ❾アイテム0❾❶.
It might sound crazy,
but I want to know what
kind of man you are.{end}

You'll do it,
won't you, bro'?
I'm serious here.{end}



It's a bro's promise
I'll be waiting.{end}

How about it? You catch
them? It's ❶2
❾アイテム0❾❶. You can
catch them in any season{end}

I'll be waiting for
some good news.{end}

You got a
That's ❾色❾❾数字0❾❾黒❾ now.{end}

Just ❾色❾❾数字1❾❾黒❾ left.
I'll be waiting.{end}

You did it, bro'.
You're quite a man.
You really caught them.{end}

I can't trust a guy
who would give up on my
sister. But you're not
like that.{end}


I know what kind of man
you are!
You are worthy of my

I have nothing more
to say.
Take care of Carmen.{end}

Thank you.{end}

Now, with my sister off
my hands, I can focus
on picking up some
nice ladies!{end}

Ha ha ha...{end}

Oh, thanks for coming.{end}

The innkeeper asked
for 1 ❾アイテム0❾.{end}

Oh, ❶Shino❶.{end}

Yes. We're really known
for our fresh fish.
Ha ha ha!{end}

So, bro'. You mind
making a quick delivery?
I'm a little too busy to
do it myself.{end}

So, where is the squid?{end}

Good question, bro'!
I actually forgot to get
one. You understand
what I'm trying to say?{end}

I have to go get one.{end}

I'm counting on you!
That's ❶1❶ ❾アイテム0❾
for the innkeeper.
Good luck!{end}

That's ❶1❶ ❾アイテム0❾
for the innkeeper.
Good luck!{end}

Oh, good job!
Was the innkeeper happy?{end}

Yes, very.
She was very grateful.{end}

That's good.
Here, this is for you.

Oh, bro'.
I wanted to ask
you something today.{end}

You think you could
bring ❶1❶ ❾アイテム0❾?
I forgot to buy one

You will, won't you?
We gotta help each
other out,

You're so forceful.{end}

Well, thanks.
That's ❶1❶ ❾アイテム0❾.
Good luck!{end}

❶1❶ ❾アイテム0❾,
could you bring that
to me?
Good luck!{end}

Oh, good job!
Oh, great.{end}

I got something for you.
Hope I can count on you

Hear me out, bro'!{end}

Carmen gets attacked
a lot in Oddward Valley.
It really makes me

So I wanted to ask.
Could you go take care
of the ❶❾キャラ0❾❶
in the valley?{end}

They usually attack her.
I'd like to go myself,
but I've got a resort
to run.{end}

I'd love to help.{end}

Thanks, bro'!
Well, that's ❾0❾
❶❾キャラ0❾❶ in
❶Oddward Valley❶.{end}

Take care of ❾0❾
❶❾キャラ0❾❶ in
❶Oddward Valley❶.

Oh, good job!
Now my sister can
fish in peace for a

Thanks, here's your
Hope I can count on you


  • sigh*...{end}

Why so glum?
You got something on
your mind, bro'?{end}

Well, actually...{end}

No, you don't have to
say it!
I understand!{end}


It's about Carmen,

She's the cutest in
this town, no, the
I totally understand!{end}

No, that's not...{end}


I won't forgive
anyone who lays a hand
on my sister!
You understand me?!{end}


  • sigh*...{end}

Hello, Carlos.★{end}

Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾.
And behind you is...{end}




Gave me strange
medicine again--{end}


Nothing happened?
Y-You're kidding.{end}

Oh, bro'.
You out for a stroll?{end}

Oh, um, well...{end}

And behind you is...{end}

(Ah. This is bad.){end}

H-Hey, Carlos.
I just ran into
❾ヒーロー❾ right now.{end}

We were just talking
about fishing.
Ha ha.{end}

Oh, is that right?
Yeah, I guess he does
get how great fishing

Well, we'll just be
going over there!{end}

Over there?
Just the two of you?{end}

Yes. "❶Just over there❶".
We'll be right back.
See ya!{end}

(Now! It's our chance!){end}



Oh, you're going out?
How far are you going?{end}

We're going to
Oddward Valley.
There's a good fishing
spot there.{end}

See ya, Carlos.{end}

Be careful.
If you think it's

It'll be fine.
❾ヒーロー❾ will
be with me.{end}

Y-Yeah, you're right!
Ha ha ha...{end}

Hey, bro'.
Oh, and I see Carmen's
with you, too.{end}

What's the matter, bro'?
You seem serious.{end}

Do I...?{end}

Carmen's been really
mopey lately, did
something happen with
you two?{end}

Y-You're just
imagining things!
L-Let's go,

You're right.
You're not a kid.
I guess I'll just mind
my own business.{end}


Just be careful!
I trust you.{end}

I feel like I've spread
the word enough.
I should get back to
the general store.{end}

I heard the general
store is selling some
unusual items.{end}

Unusual items...?
Carmen might like
some unusual fish.{end}

Well, it's not fish...
It's like accessories
and clothes.{end}

Accessories and

Carmen's so cute,
new outfits might
just draw some unwanted

Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾!
What am I supposed to
do?! What should I do
for Carmen?!{end}

I'm more worried
that I don't know what
you're going to do.{end}

Oh, what is it?{end}

It's about Evelyn.{end}

I don't know!
I only look at Carmen!{end}


What about him?{end}

Well, umm...{end}

Gaius' a good guy.
He's good at his job
and even sharpens our

Plus he doesn't hit
on my sister!{end}

Hmmm, I...
think she's a nice lady.{end}

A lone flower in the
Heh. I'm pretty poetic

Oh, Happy New Year!
I look forward to next

It's Carmen's ❶birthday❶
today. Be sure to wish
her a happy birthday!{end}

By the way, she really
likes anything with
❶fish❶ in it. You see
what I'm saying?{end}

Today's my ❶birthday❶!
It's so great to be
alive! {end}

Happy Birthday,
Carlos. {end}

Men have enemies
everywhere. {end}

I need to live long
to be able to fight
them off.
You get it, bro'...?{end}

(Carlos is pretty

That raccoon hasn't come by
our shop... I bet he's
afraid of me!{end}

Heard you took care of
that raccoon.
I would've taken
care of him myself...{end}

Take me with you next
time! We'd be the
ultimate tag team!{end}

Ha ha.
I'll ask you next time.{end}

So you were the one
wandering around before.
Honestly, I'm shocked.{end}

Hm...? Wait, you didn't
do something funny to
Carmen did you?!
Or the ladies here...{end}

I-I didn't do anything!!{end}

That was really
beautiful what you said.
I'm glad you got a date
for the Unity Festival.{end}

Thank you.{end}

Now to get ready.
We gotta clean up our

Heard the doors opened.
She's through it then?{end}

Yes, most likely...{end}

I see... I hope she's
okay. If you find any
weirdos, just give them
a good beat down!{end}


When I was a kid, I
heard that the flowers
from the Sharance Tree
bring happiness.{end}

I also heard that
proposing under the tree
brings true love. It's
just a beacon of happy.{end}

Oh, the tree grew.
It could bloom at any
time now.{end}

❾アイテム0❾ are in
season right now!{end}

Delicious fish and a happy sister!
That's all I need to be satisfied!{end}

Now, if I only had a cute...
Actually, never mind!{end}

I used to dream of sailing the seas
when I was younger.{end}

The smell of the ocean breeze,
fishing in the open sea...
Sounds great, right?!{end}

Well, I ended up becoming a fisherman,
which isn't so bad. I mean, I can
still fish, right?{end}

❾アイテム0❾ is
in season now.{end}

Come by the resort
if you want the
latest fishing

We've got it up by the
Oh, you should buy some
of those, too!{end}

I don't run this fishing resort just
for the tourists, you know...{end}

There's a King Fish in this lake...
I can feel him...{end}

"King Fish"? That sounds neat!{end}

I know, right? It's so epic! I'm
gonna catch him one day! It'll
blow everyone's minds!{end}

I take a lot of walks by the lake
in the back.{end}

Sometimes I see the nets around
the Resort ripped. I think the
King Fish is behind it.{end}

He costs me a lot in
repairs, not to mention
the fish escaping. He's
really hurting business.{end}

Did you know that there
are some fish that are
❶poisonous❶ or can cause
you to be ❶sealed❶.{end}

The ❶poisonous❶ ones
are ❶blowfish❶ and
❶poison rainbow trout❶.
Cook them carefully.{end}

❶Seal squid❶ has
the effect of ❶seal❶.
If you eat it, you'll
get sealed.{end}

I'll need to be careful.{end}

But you can throw
them at you enemy
to seal or poison them.{end}

The fish aren't at
fault. They're just
trying to survive in
this harsh world.{end}

We've all got a right
to be here. The best
thing to do is try to
live in harmony.{end}

I see, you know a lot
about fish.
I'm impressed, Carlos.{end}

Flattery won't get
you anything!
Ha ha ha!{end}

I went to get an item
I ordered from Gaius,
and Raven had it.{end}

Her reflection on
the blade was so

Carlos, do you...
like Raven...?{end}

Gaius is amazing.
He's just so talented.
The blade was like a

Hm? What's the matter?
You thought I liked
Raven? No way!{end}

I won't be tied down by
one woman. I'm nobody's.
That's right,
I'm a bad man...{end}

I really thought for
a moment there...{end}

It's the best season
to catch ❾アイテム0❾.{end}

You might wield
dual blades, but I
can wield 18 rods.{end}

You have much to learn!
I'm still training

Men need a place to
be alone.
Don't you think so?{end}

I do.{end}

I don't.{end}

You totally get it!
A man's got a lot on
his mind.{end}

I know.
You don't have to
say it...{end}

I'm always getting
treated for nicks and
bruises at the apothecary.{end}

Sometimes I get
scratched when I
fight with Carmen.
Ha ha ha!{end}

You catch any
I got a big haul this
year, too.{end}

I have a lot of free
time with my job.{end}

Although, sometimes
groups come, and I'm
really busy.{end}

Carmen keeps complaining
that we're in the red,
but this is just right
for me. {end}

My room is a mess,
but you should come by

Are you sure?
Thank you.{end}

But my sister's room
is off limits.
Got it?

Ha ha ha...{end}

I'm always here if
you need to talk. {end}

But our walls are thin.
Ha ha ha!{end}

I bought some flowers
from Shara the other
day, and she gave me
some special cologne.{end}

Her polite manner,
kind voice.

Carlos, do you...{end}

Got a lot to teach
me as a salesman.

Hm? What's the matter?
You like the cologne?
Come get a closer smell.{end}

Ha ha...
You scared me.{end}

This town is full of
great people. I'm always
getting taken care of by
someone. {end}

So I try to repay them
by giving them a nice,
relaxing fishing
experience on the lake.{end}

I'd like to go on a
nice fishing trip, but
I'm too busy with work.{end}

Why don't you ask
Carmen to look after
the shop?
I'll help, too.{end}

You're right.
Carmen's not a kid
any more, maybe I'll
ask her.{end}

But I'm still worried!
Ah, what should I do...?{end}

With a fishing rod
in one haaaaand.♪{end}

I-I think I've heard
this song...{end}

Heading off to the
distant coast.♪{end}

That's some song.
I felt it in my soul.{end}

Oh, you get it?!
I feel great! I just
caught a big one!{end}

I drank too much
My head is all dizzy.{end}

You like our store?
I want to have some
boats in the future.{end}

And an aquarium, too.
That's the dream!{end}

But we're always in the
red. Maybe I'll raise

(That would be a

I took Gaius out
fishing with me,
since all he does is
bang metal!{end}

Oh, that's nice.
Did you catch anything?{end}

Yeah! A big one!
And we gutted it on
the spot. It was a big
lover snapper!{end}

But then he said my
knife wasn't sharp
enough, and took off to
sharpen it for me.{end}

He must've been going
through withdrawal. I
guess he just calms down
when he's striking iron.{end}

Makes sense...{end}

The flowers finally
bloomed. It's quite a
sight. I should come by
and see them more often.{end}

Summer's here!
I love the heat.{end}

Everyone seems like
they're having fun.
Ice is really selling
like hot cakes.{end}

Heh heh heh. All the
ladies are looking at my
hot body! Ah, I'm such
a bad man...{end}

Oh, long time no see.
How've you been?{end}

You been busy lately?
Why don't you talk to
me more?
Don't be cold, bro'.{end}


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