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Carlos (カルロス, Carlos) is Carmen's older brother, and the co-owner of the lake resort. He is a fisherman by trade. He can be quite intense at times, and extremely competitive regardless of the contest. He believes there is a "King Fish" in the lake, and his ultimate goal is to catch this fish, which he claims tears up his nets and lets fish free.

He is also extremely protective of his younger sister Carmen, at times appearing almost as a father figure rather than a brother. If Carmen and Micah develop a close relationship, Carlos will object, saying he's not ready for Carmen to date anyone. He will challenge Micah to prove his worthiness by catching two Lover Snappers.

Eventually, he will invite Micah to dinner at the resort, where he proceeds to get drunk and embarrass Carmen by telling Micah that she used to wet the bed. He will pass out eventually, but not before finally admitting that he can accept Micah dating his sister.

Micah sometimes mistakes Carlos's comments for interest in some of Sharance's maidens, such as admiring Raven's reflection in a blade Gaius forged, and Shara's superior salesmanship, but Carlos denies interest and says that he could never be tied down to one woman.

Carlos has claimed to be able to wield 18 poles at once. Whether or not this is true goes unverified, but he does wield a spear.


Carlos is rather flirtatious, judging by his behavior at festivals like Beach Day. His sister Carmen finds his narcissism embarrassing, as he spends far too much time in front of a mirror. Carlos is very good at fishing, but has a touch of overconfidence in his skills. Like his sister, he's very easily excited. He shows a somewhat softer side for Carmen, shown by his worrying about her and wondering what she'll do if she goes to follow her own path in the future.


Unity Festival

> Before Annual

Carlos: Tomorrow's Unity Festival, huh? I wonder what they're like.

Proposal Joke

Carlos: Oh, don't use me as your guinea pig! Rub it in my face that I don't have a girl...

Battle Information


  • Water Spear (Spear)

Spoken quotes: General

  • "Bro, scope out that moon!" (Night-time)
  • "Check out the sun, dude."
  • "Leave it to me, bro."
  • "Whoa yeah!"
  • "Oh."
  • "Sigh."


  • "Sorry, bro."
  • "Later, Buddy"
Carlos Battle Level Health Attack
17 258 52
Defence Magic Attack Magic Defence
0 30 5
Strength Vitality Intelligence
35 40 26
Default Weapon Water Spear
Weapon Type Spear