First Generation

Super Training Plan: Strength!

Reward : Toyherb Seed

Super Training Plan: Luck!

Reward : Tomato Seed

Super Training Plan: Memory!

Reward : Pineapple Seed

Super Training Plan: Etiquette!

Reward : Corn Seed

Super Training Plan: Graduation!

Reward : Charm blue Seed

Second Generation

Let's Have a Contest!

Reward : Ice cream or Toyherb

A Request From: Cammy

Let's have a contest to see who can collect more things!

Cammy: Oh, what are you doing here, Aria? Kanon-2
Aria Aria: I saw you message on the bulletin board. Did you need something? Kanon-2
Aria Cammy: Ah, that's right! KanonHappy
Aria Cammy: See, right now, I'm really obsessed with collecting RED GRASS. Kanon-2
Aria Cammy: But it's not much fun collecting them alone. So, I was wondering if you'd like to play a game to see who can get the most. Kanon-2
Aria Aria: Me against you? Kanon-2
Aria Cammy: Yep! Starting now, let's see who can collect the most RED GRASS! Kanon-2
Aria Cammy: The rules are easy: Just find as much RED GRASS as you can! KanonHappy
Aria Aria: Okay! I'll bring you all the RED GRASS I can find! KanonHappy
Aria Cammy: Ready? Let's go! KanonHappy

To get the best results you need to bring Cammy 9 Red Grass, in one group. Red Grass can be bought at the Clinic or found in the spring time, either in you field or Trieste Forest. If you give her less than 9:

Cammy: Great! You brought back some RED GRASS! Kanon-2
Cammy: Sorry to tell you this, but I got 6 of them! KanonHappy
Cammy: You'll have to do a little better than that, Aria! KanonHappy
Cammy: Here's a consolation prize, though! KanonHappy

You got: TOYHERB!

Cammy: That was fun, Aria!♪ See you later! KanonHappy

Give Something to Someone for Me

Reward : Heart Pendant

I Have a Secret Plan

Condition : Play as Aaron. If not, a similar request would be asked to you by Roy.

I Want to Go Somewhere

Condition : Play as Aaron.

Come and See Me!

Condition : Play as Aaron. Reward : A wedding's play with Gordon.