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Cammy is a character in Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



Cammy is more adventurous than any of the other kids and villagers in Alvarna. She often sneaks out to Trieste Forest to have adventures. Despite the cute pigtails, she is tomboyish. At the Flower Festival, she says she'd rather climb the cherry trees than look at them, and she has the less-than-dainty habit of collecting insect skins.

Cammy is a brave, outgoing, and energetic girl - exactly the opposite of her sister Dorothy. Though she is totally different than her sister, they have a good relationship with each other.


Cammy has a light complexion with pinkish-orange hair tied in pigtails and blue eyes. She wears a red and black tunic with shorts and long sleeves. She has red slip-on boots and long black stockings tied with ribbons. Her tunic's front resembles a cuirass, hinting at her adventurous nature.


She is the second daughter of Gordon, and the younger sister of Dorothy. Cammy's recklessness often causes Dorothy stress, but Cammy doesn't do this on purpose and does her best to reign it in when Dorothy summons the nerve to say that she's bothered.

Her best friend is Roy, and the two are seldom apart during their childhood in the first generation. As she gets older, Cammy becomes more responsible and earns the adults' trust. She runs the bathhouse for Julia, who is too busy to work after getting married. She's also the first to know about Aaron or Aria going into the dungeons, and becomes a sort of guardian over their adventures.


First Generation

Cammy is a child in the first generation, around 5-8 years old, and spends most of her time playing with her best friend Roy. She decides that Kyle isn't tough enough, and tries to help him train.

Second Generation

In the second generation, Cammy is more mature and takes on a guardianship role for Aaron/Aria, promising to watch out for them. When you first enter a cave/dungeon, Cammy will warn you of the dangers, but she won't tell any of the adults. She has also grown more responsible, and takes care of the bathhouse in Julia's place.

Mock Wedding

Cammy is a romance option for Aaron. She can be courted according to the Love and Friendship rules.


Cammy's favourite food is Strawberry, and she likes almost all Strawberry-related foods. She's also a bit of a tomboy, and collects Insect Skins.

Birthday Hot Chocolate

"Oh, you brought me INSECT SKIN. I'm collecting these! Thanks, [Name]♪!"

Insect Skin

"Oh, wow! Strawberries!♪ I love them! Thanks, [Name]♪!"

Strawberry, Strawberry Milk, Strawberry Jam

"Is this for me? Thanks! *giggle*!♪"

Trash, Fruit, Vegetables, Fish

"What's this? Didn't you know that I hate GREEN PEPPER? Yuck, I don't want this!"

Green Pepper


First Generation

Cammy is usually either in the church (rainy days) or playing with Roy in De Sainte-Coquille Park. Some evenings, she goes to Wisdom Bathhouse to wash up.

Second Generation

Cammy helps out in the school on weekdays during Mana's classes (9:00 AM - 12:00 PM). After that, she heads to the bath house, which opens for business at 3:00 PM, and stays there until closing. She's still too young to live on her own, though, and walks back to the church after closing up.




  • Although she promises not to go into Trieste Forest anymore during Dorothy's request "It's About Cammy...," she is still venturing there in the second generation.
  • If Kyle marries Dorothy, Cammy will be Aaron/Aria's aunt in the 2nd generation. Despite this, she is still a bachelorette option for Aaron.