A full and complete version of Rune Factory 4's calendar, complete with birthdays and festivals. For more information on the festivals, go to the Festival page.


Date Event
Spring 1 New Year's Day
Spring 4 Ventuswill's Birthday
Spring 6 Cooking Contest
Spring 8 Lin Fa's Birthday
Spring 10 Bean Toss Contest
Spring 12 Clorica's Birthday
Spring 15 Fishing Frenzy Contest
Spring 19 De-Fluffing Festival
Spring 21 Margaret's Birthday
Spring 23 Illuminata's Birthday
Spring 26 Amber's Birthday
Spring 28 Spring Harvest Festival


Date Event
Summer 1 Beach Day
Summer 4 Arthur's Birthday
Summer 6 Volkanon's Birthday
Summer 9 Leon's Birthday
Summer 11 Turnip Festival
Summer 15 Big Catch Contest
Summer 19 Firefly Festival
Summer 22 Forte's Birthday
Summer 24 Buddy Battle
Summer 26 Xiao Pai's Birthday
Summer 28 Summer Harvest Festival


Date Event
Fall 4 Eating Contest
Fall 6 Doug's Birthday
Fall 9 Dylas' Birthday
Fall 12 Valentine's Day
Fall 15 Fish Variety Contest
Fall 17 Vishnal's Birthday
Fall 19 Handicraft Contest
Fall 21 Porcoline's Birthday
Fall 23 Nancy's Birthday
Fall 25 White Day
Fall 28 Fall Harvest Festival


Date Event
Winter 2 Kiel's Birthday
Winter 5 Turnip Flurry
Winter 7 Jones' Birthday
Winter 10 Bado's Birthday
Winter 13 Quiz Contest
Winter 15 Squid Catch Contest
Winter 18 Dolce's Birthday
Winter 21 Blossom's Birthday
Winter 25 Christmas
Winter 28 Winter Harvest Festival
Winter 30 New Year's Eve

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