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Calamity's Edge (フィンブルの境界線, finburu no kyōkaisen) is a location in Rune Factory 5.

It is unlocked after completing the SEED Sky Fortress 3F and progressing story events. Like Cloudheim, Lucas will open a portal in your backyard at the Rigbarth SEED Outpost.

This area is very linear and has no tricky puzzles to solve or treasures to find. Additionally, you are not allowed to bring a human companion(until you clear it and see the credits roll) to this particular area, so be sure to prepare appropriate gear and healing/recovery items. Bring your strongest monsters.

It is literally a plain darkened pathway that puts you into a series of monster fights. It is has 3 or 4 monster barriers that come down after eliminating the difficult monsters in each fight. Beware of the Hell Ghosts at the third gate they can defeat you in one swing regardless of level.


Calamity's Edge is available after completing the Seed Sky Fortress 3F. The area after Calamity's Edge has the showdown with the First Final Boss. Afterwards the following area has the Second Final Boss.

After you complete the two bosses you can enter phase 3 of the game. Which allows the extra directives to become unlocked.


This is one of the more challenging areas of the game and is full of difficult monsters to defeat.

Garmr - They are Level 95.

Pinkula - They are level 95.

Shining Panther - They are level 95.

Leoplicant - They are level 95.

Hell Ghost - They are level 95.