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Byron (ブライ, Burai, Blye[1]) is a character in Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



Byron the mayor of Alvarna. He is polite and cares about the well-being of all his citizens. He takes pride in the town, and has a refined, gentlemanly personality. Also in his house is the local lost and found, where the main character can find anything important that was lost.


Byron has light gray hair and blue eyes. He wears a thin pair of spectacles and dresses formally, accenting his dress shirt and red greatcoat with an embroidered Scarf, which is pinned with a golden brooch. He is somewhat overweight.


Byron is the father of Barrett (and grandfather of Leonel in the second generation). He and his son don't get along very well in the first generation, but seem to get along better in the second generation, as his son, daughter-in-law, and grandson all live in the same home with him.

He gets along reasonably well with the rest of the villagers, helping Herman run the festivals and handling out-of-town fashion orders for Rosalind.


Byron gives Kyle his official welcome to Alvarna, even giving him a special quest to make sure Kyle gets a chance to make friends with everyone. He also helps Kyle develop the farm by handling the Barn-building and facilitating the construction of Alvarna Academy, though he points out that in a town this small, children are usually home-schooled.

Second Generation

Byron's role in the second generation is unchanged. Aaron or Aria can approach him to expand the barn, and he maintains a friendly but formal relationship with the townsfolk.


Gift Preferences
Birthday "Well, this is a coincidence! It's actually my birthday today! This is a great present. Thank you!"
"Oh, this looks wonderful! What's brought this on? It isn't even my birthday! This would mak ethe perfect birthday gift, though, wouldn't it? Hah hah hah!"
Seafood Doria
Loved "Ah, is that AUTUMN GRASS? They make lovely decorations, don't you think? Thank you, [Name]."
Autumn Grass
Liked "Oh, is that for me? Wow, thanks. I do love EGGPLANT. Thank you. I'll look forward to eating it."
Eggplant, Miso Eggplant
Neutral "Is that for me? Thank you, [Name]."
All other items
Disliked "Oh, I don't know about this... I don't really like the smell. I don't know what I'd do with this, even if I took it from you."


During the first generation, Byron is usually in Mayor's House 1F. On holiday/special event days, Byron can be found at the docks.

In the second generation, he spends his afternoons in the De Sainte Coquille dining hall with Egan and Herman. When not there, he can usually be found standing next to the Bulletin Board in De Sainte-Coquille Park.