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Butter (バター, Batā) is an item in the Rune Factory series.


Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

File:RF3Butter.png Churned milk. Unlikely to be eaten alone, generally used as an ingredient in recipes.
Category Mixer Sell 310G Buy 620G
Effect HP Rec RP Rec HP Max RP Max STR VIT INT
3hrs +20% +15% +4


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Mixer Butter 9 Small Milk - - - - -
Mixer Butter 18 Medium Milk - - - - -
Mixer Butter 27 Large Milk - - - - -
Frying Pan Donuts 35 Oil Flour Butter Medium Egg - -
Frying Pan Donuts 37 Oil Flour Butter Large Egg - -
Oven Chocolate Cookie 22 Chocolate Cookie Butter - - -
Oven Corn on the Cob 28 Butter Corn - - - -
Oven Apple Pie 36 Flour Butter Honey Apple Apple -
Oven Butter Roll 36 Flour Butter Small Egg Small Milk - -
Oven Butter Roll 38 Flour Butter Medium Egg Medium Milk - -
Oven Butter Roll 40 Flour Butter Large Egg Large Milk - -
Oven Yam Dessert 44 Yam Butter Sweet Powder Medium Milk - -
Oven Yam Dessert 48 Yam Butter Sweet Powder Large Milk - -
Oven Doria 51 Butter Cucumber Rice Onion Medium Milk -
Oven Doria 53 Butter Cucumber Rice Onion Large Milk -
Oven Seafood Doria 58 Butter Butter Shrimp Squid Rice Medium Cheese
Oven Cake 59 Flour Strawberry Butter Pink Cat Medium Milk -
Oven Cake 60 Flour Strawberry Butter Pink Cat Large Milk -
Oven Chocolate Cake 62 Flour Butter Chocolate Medium Milk - -
Oven Chocolate Cake 64 Flour Butter Chocolate Large Milk - -


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Forge Lollipop 60 Apple Apple Butter - - -


Neutral Ondorus Icon.png Ondorus

Rune Factory 4

RF4Butter.png Made by churning milk. Usually eaten with other food for taste. Sometimes eaten alone, by the stick, in shame.
Category Mixer Sell 300G Buy 1500G


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Mixer Butter 15 Milk (S)
Frying Pan Donut 46 Oil Flour Butter Egg (M)
Frying Pan Risotto 48 Rice Wine Butter
Oven Butter Roll 43 Flour Butter Egg (S) Milk (S)
Oven Apple Pie 36 Flour Apple Butter Egg (S)
Oven Yam of the Ages 47 Sweet Powder Butter Milk (S) Yam
Oven Cookie 38 Flour Sweet Powder Egg (S) Butter
Oven Choco Cookie 45 Flour Butter Sweet Powder Chocolate Egg (S)
Oven Cake 54 Flour Butter Sweet Powder Strawberry Milk (S) Egg (S)
Oven Chocolate Cake 48 Flour Chocolate Butter Sweet Powder Milk (S) Egg (S)


Neutral Amber Icon.png Amber Dolce Icon.png Dolce

Rune Factory 5

Category Sell G Buy G