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Boot (ながぐつ, Nagagutsu) is an item in the Rune Factory series.


Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

RF3Boot.png A boot, lost in the water somehow. Very battered and old.
Category Trash Sell 30G Buy 60G


Boot, like all trash, is disliked by everyone excluding Sofia.

Liked Sofia Icon.png Sofia
Disliked Shara Icon.png Shara Collette Icon.png Collette Marian Icon.png Marian Karina Icon.png Karina Pia Icon.png Pia Sakuya Icon.png Sakuya Carmen Icon.png Carmen Raven Icon.png Raven Wells Icon.png Wells Monica Icon.png Monica Gaius Icon.png Gaius Blaise Icon.png Blaise Rusk Icon.png Rusk Marjorie Icon.png Marjorie Hazel Icon.png Hazel Sherman Icon.png Sherman Evelyn Icon.png Evelyn Shino Icon.png Shino Carlos Icon.png Carlos Kuruna Icon.png Kuruna Ondorus Icon.png Ondorus Zaid Icon.png Zaid Daria Icon.png Daria

Rune Factory 4

RF4Boot.png An old boot that was found floating in the water. Worn-out and useless.
Category Trash Sell 2G Buy 8G


Disliked Forte Icon.png Forte Arthur Icon.png Arthur Xiao Pai Icon.png Xiao Pai Doug Icon.png Doug Dolce Icon.png Dolce Jones Icon.png Jones