"A delicate, sweet older woman who runs the general store. She took in Doug when he came to live in town and has seen a remarkable improvement in her health since, as she views him like a troublesome but wonderful grandson."
―Website Description

Blossom (ブロッサム, Burossamu) is the elderly owner of the Sincerity General Store. Having grown up in Selphia, she's happy to see all the young villagers moving in, particularly Doug, who she thinks of as a son, and wouldn't mind seeing a grandchild from. The two have a close bond, and whenever he gets himself into trouble Blossom in one of the first to come to his rescue or defense, as well as being the first to chew him out once the problem is resolved.

As she's up in her years, Blossom have a number of health problems. These worry Doug, and the various ways he tries to help her cause Blossom a good deal of concern. She doesn't appreciate him putting himself in harm's way for her sake, but in her youth she was no less reckless than him. The two even pulled the same stunt decades apart when climbing a roof. Not that she hesitates to get on Doug's case for his behavior. While his gestures are appreciated, she'd appreciate it more if he practice a bit more self preservation.

Due to her health, Blossom isn't enthusiastic for festivals that require too much activity, but she can still get competitive when it comes to things like catching the most fish or raising the best crops. Although Blossom doesn't take her health lightly, she's not that serious about her medication. She prefers healthy foods to medicine. She also maintains as active a lifestyle as she can, running the store when she doesn't have to visit the clinic and doing most of the upkeep in the house, including handling almost all of the cooking. Her attitude towards the store is laid-back, and a number of her wares were selected on a whim, giving her a wide variety of random things to sell.


Favorite Gift: Risotto, Dried Sardines

Likes: Milk Porridge, Relax Tea, vegetables, Vegetable Juice

Dislikes: medicine


  • Good morning.
  • Oh dear!
  • If I were a little younger, I'd be all over you!



  • Blossom has the same birthday as Tanya from Rune Factory 2.
  • Porcoline shares her dislike for medicine.