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Mai Is Me Mai Is Me 12 September 2021

Character Expression Chart


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Minibit X Minibit X 16 August 2021

Reading Too Much Into RF2 Characters

As I play the game again, paying closer attention so I can help populate this wiki, I noticed subtext about some characters that I hadn't noticed before.

  • 1 Julia Has an Eating Disorder
  • 2 Roy Has ADHD
  • 3 Dorothy is Autistic
  • 4 Rosalind Has Anxiety
  • 5 Barrett Struggles against Toxic Masculinity

Even before you get to know her very well, it's easy to tell that Julia is insecure about her appearance and is obessed with a low-calorie diet. Her response to a birthday gift of seafood pizza is that she can only indulge so (a single slice of pizza - wow) on her birthday. She tells Kyle that she likes Carrots and Salad because you can eat as much as you want without getting fat, etc.

As you get to know her better, Julia confides that her outgoing personality is a …

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Mai Is Me Mai Is Me 19 November 2020

November Famitsu

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Steven Bomb 17 Steven Bomb 17 19 September 2020

Rune Factory 5 trailer thoughts

Just thought I'd write a blog about my thoughts on the recent trailers.

First thing of note is the dragon with the farm on its back, it's a lot like Whale Island in that regard. Also, in early pictures, we see a whale with a mountain on its back and in the trailer we see a volcano and we see what looks like the bones of a giant dragon so I'm thinking we're going to learn more about the living islands.

Next up we're shown protecting the Kitsune Girl from a scary Wooly, we're not in our ranger uniform yet so she's probably the first person we meet. The question is: is she a kitsune or a half monster? I'd like to see more half monsters however, like Venti, this could simply be her human form. Raven and Micah didn't display anything from their m…

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Mai Is Me Mai Is Me 18 March 2020


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Jactinglim Jactinglim 2 December 2019

Completing Rune Factory 4

So far I completed the shipping lists for Crops, Medicine, and Fish. I am currently completing the lists for Weapons, Armor, Crafts, Food, and Other.

I aim to craft the following next:
Weapon: Magic Shot
Armor: Ice Skates
Accessory: Proof of Wisdom
Food: Meat Dumpling

As for Other, I am farming Sharance and have finished the first maze so far.

My character happily married Prince Arthur and they have just started trying for a baby. I hope for a son!

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Snowsiren Snowsiren 22 October 2013

World Map (RF4)

This page is still under works. The following locations have no or incomplete...

Maps: Floating Empire (Main)

Treasure Chest Details: Selphia Plain - West / Autumn Road, Leon Karnak, Maya Road, Idra Cave, Sechs Territory, Floating Empire, Rune Prana (1-6)

  • 1 Selphia
  • 2 Selphia Plains
    • 2.1 Cluck-Cluck Nest
  • 3 Yokmir Forest
  • 4 Bonus Areas
    • 4.1 Sharance Maze
      • 4.1.1 Garden of Light
      • 4.1.2 Smoldering Prominence
      • 4.1.3 Deepwater Shrine
      • 4.1.4 Dragon Ruins
      • 4.1.5 Challenge to Fantasy
      • 4.1.6 Banquet of Nightmares
    • 4.2 Dungeon Flowers

See: Selphia


|Black chest items will be in the room when you open it with a normal crop. Grey chest items will be in the room when you open it with a golden crop. |}

These are additional dungeons with no plot relevance. They do not have set designs, and are inst…

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HalcyonEvening HalcyonEvening 27 July 2019

Not sure what is going on here

It seems to me that this wiki used to have a lot more information, organized a lot more intuitively, than it does now. I'm not sure what happened? I used to use this wiki all the time a few years back. Now I struggle to find what I'm looking for half the time, if not more. It seems to me that this would be an issue, as I'd expect more people coming to this wiki in the near future due to the upcoming releases of RF4 Special and RF5. I would be willing to help, but I can't make any sense of the current organization. It seems arbitrary and capricious to me, and I can't help if I don't understand it.

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Mai Is Me Mai Is Me 17 May 2019

Item Parameters

Lv.%d ,%d (UNUSED) Sell: %dG Buy: %dG [Growth] %d days [Harvested] %d [Value] %dG Water left: %d [Size] %d.%dcm HP %+d HP %+d% RP %+d RP %+d% [Effective] %dh HP max %+d HP max %+d% RP max %+d RP max %+d% STR %+d STR %+d% INT %+d INT %+d% VIT %+d VIT %+d% ATK %+d M.ATK %+d DEF %+d M.DEF %+d STR %+d INT %+d VIT %+d [Atr] %s%s%s%s%s%s%s Diz %+d Crit %+d% Knock %+d% Stun %+d% Psn Atk %d% Seal Atk %d% Par Atk %d% Slp Atk %d% Ftg Atk %d% Sick Atk %d% Faint Atk %d% Drain %d% Fire Res %d% Water Res %d% Earth Res %d% Wind Res %d% Light Res %d% Dark Res %d% Love Res %d% No Res %d% Diz Res %d% Crt Res %d% Knock Res %d% Psn Res %d% Seal Res %d% Par Res %d% Slp Res %d% Ftg Res %d% Sick Res %d% …

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Kirby kirby yt 2 Kirby kirby yt 2 10 August 2018


me: thanks for the storm warning porcoline......... wa i t... DOES HE GET THIS BY HEADACHE!!!???? IF SO WE SHARE TALENTS! OI I DONT WANNA PORCO! aiai but i need my headaches. they warn me about storms. i dont even need the weather channel. i just need attention to how bad the headache is! oi! had a bad headache yesterday! my internet could go out any minute!

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Kirby kirby yt 2 Kirby kirby yt 2 31 July 2018

funny video i found

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SnowyForestFox SnowyForestFox 13 February 2018

Violet + Kelsey

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Xabbynip09 Xabbynip09 27 December 2017


Xabby's POV;

"Is this thing on?" I ask myself. Since I have finish the first arc, I decide to join on a fan site about the game was playing. I login to my computer and enter the website for the game. It's like the wikipeadia, but decribe more detail about that game. For example, If you want to know chance your pokemon will be a girl, it'll says it right there. Want to learn more about Kaito? It's says it ALL about him. Normally, I would be just a guest account, but since I connect my facebook account to an fandom account, I decide to do it. "Huh?" I said, as I was supprised that for that appeals in the summer harvest festival section, Kiel correct appeal is BLANK. "Someone must forgot about poor Kiel" I thought myself, as I copy the right o…

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Mai Is Me Mai Is Me 10 December 2017

Rune Factory 4: Character Pages

This wiki really needs a re-work. I find it frustrating trying to edit here. Here's what I'm thinking for the character pages of Rune Factory 4.

Character (キャラクター, kyarakuta) is a [character/ bachelorette / bachelor] in Rune Factory 4.

[A short description]

  • 1 Personality
  • 2 Appearance
  • 3 Plot
    • 3.1 Pre-Game
    • 3.2 Main Plot
      • 3.2.1 Post-Marriage
      • 3.2.2 Post-Children
  • 4 Relationships
    • 4.1 Relatives
    • 4.2 Friends
    • 4.3 Others
  • 5 Gifts
  • 6 Requests
  • 7 Events
  • 8 Battle
  • 9 Schedule
  • 10 Spoken Dialogue
  • 11 Etymology
  • 12 Trivia

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Mai Is Me Mai Is Me 16 September 2017

Dream Comic

The story was released here.

[1] [2]

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Brinonymous Brinonymous 11 August 2017

On the Isles (Part 2)

“Axel Disaster!”

Kaiden stopped just before the two orcs and raised his spear, spinning it in front of him. Both orcs were sent sailing several yards away when the spear connected with surprising force. Only one got back up, but it was up quickly and ready to strike. Kaiden stopped the spinning attack and readied a defensive pose, preparing to counter whatever the orc had to throw at him. Meanwhile, the monsters tasked with sealing the gates were on their last one.

Both Kaiden and the monsters dispatched their targets at the same time. Kaiden grinned, but before he could relax he was forced to dodge roll hard to the right, coming down hard on his shoulder. That pain seemed small compared to what could have been had he not dodged the hammer t…

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Johncarter012 Johncarter012 5 April 2017

Rune Factory Wiki Blog

This wiki has everything I need! But there's still a lot of missing parts in the Marriage Requirements Page...

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Historyland Historyland 8 March 2017


Guys, I'm just here for the badges.

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Foxfire26 Foxfire26 17 December 2016

playing around

This is my first blog so it might be a little disjointed and confusing.I have being playing rune factory 4 which I bought because I was bored with all my other games and became addicted . I love being able to cultivate relationships and farm. If I could I'd show my mom but I'm a little scared she would fight a monster and get frusterated and demand my help. I love her but she can't even reset the remote without help. She called once during my collage break so I could help her do that. Well I look at the sight a lot when I get stuck right now I am having fun getting my butt kicked my the crystal mammoth! (sarcastic tone) I am very odd so don't take what I say to hurt.

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Mai Is Me Mai Is Me 18 September 2016

Rune Factory's 10 Year Anniversary

This is an official post from Rune Factory's producer in celebration of the game's ten year anniversary. The original can be read here.

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Alcool007 Alcool007 16 September 2016

Rune Factory : Official publicity (A Fantasy Harvest Moon)

Hello! There is some official pulicity's or comic about Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.

Page1/2 • Page 2/2 (02/07/2006 by Gamekyo)

Page 108 Page 109 Page.110 Page 42 Page 43 Page 44 Page 45 (Source : Nintendo Dream / Famitsu)

Page 38 Page 39 Page 40 Page 41 (Source : Nintendo Dream)

[1] [2] (publié le 27/11/2005 à 18:01 par Gamekyo)

Page 8 Raguna and Mist [3] [4] (publié le 09/11/2005 à 12:33 par Gamekyo)

Page 46


Feel free to add content to this page ;)

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Alcool007 Alcool007 15 September 2016

Tide of Destiny - Official Comic

Hello! I've found a nice parts of a comic for Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny. If someone else find some nice links, we could share them all in one place : Tide of Destiny Official Comic. [1] (A personal blogs by Heath Sensei. Powered by WordPress & SimpleX theme.)

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Wildheart970 Wildheart970 6 September 2016


(can someone please make a gallery, I don't know how to)

1.Volkanon : Help I've fallen and can't get up!

  • This is a clear reference to the Life Alert commercial

2.Arthur : You're like a tiger! You're grrrrrreat.

  • This is a reference to frosted flakes (cerial).
  • On a date with him, on the Airship

3. Arthur: one glasses. Two glasses. Red glasses. Blue glasses.

  • A clear reference to "Cat in the Hat" "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish"

4.Eager Bash: Dungion crawling? I'd love to go along, but a few years back I took an arrow to the knee...

  • Skyrim

5. ???: Yes! And I would've gotten away with it two if it weren't for those meddling kids and their dragon!

  • Scooby Doo villians
  • Durring a festival, if she loses

6. Amber : "Detective work? Are you a Gunshoe, pal…

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It's Gabby It's Gabby 4 September 2016

Rune Factory 4 Secrets!

As we all know, Rune Factory 4 has a ton of unrevealed secrets. Let's reveal them by guessing and theories.

  • 1 Dougs Diary
  • 2 How does Doug know about Dylas?
  • 3 Was Pico always in town?
  • 4 Did Venti kill Dougs tribe?

From the beginning to the end of Rune Factory, you're are unable to read Dougs diary. When he's in the room he will stop you, but when he is not in the room you will stop yourself. Wonder why is is only for Dougs diary? It possibly has secrets about the Sech and where he has been taking notes about the town. Doug is a spy sent from the sech as they have told him Venti had killed his tribe. I'm guessing that the diary was a mistake made by the producers and had contained spoilers which would give them a low …

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Alcool007 Alcool007 18 August 2016

Discover Trampoli with pictures(RFF)

Hello! I've learned about this marvelous town that is Trampoli, from website and video. I took so much nice pictures that I din't know which one should I chose to describe the village. Doing so I got the idea of Creating this Blog Showing he city's one landscape at at time :)

Try the image-map extension to navigate by clicking on the picture

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Alcool007 Alcool007 15 August 2016

HTML, wikitext, css, xml, java trick I've learned so far


See also :

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Alcool007 Alcool007 7 June 2016

Nices Links & pictures found on internet

  • 1 External links
  • 2 Arts

Fogu (Forum)
Rune factory and Innocent life
Neoseeker (Forum)
Rune factory 4 forum
Natsume (Forum)
Rune factory series
GameFAQs (boards section)
Boards Rune factory 4
Xseedgames (forum)
Rune Factory Series

Devian Art

Accessories I would Like to own


  • Blogs and secrets
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Midnightkitten821 Midnightkitten821 23 March 2016

The next Rune Factory??

I have some ideas about Rune Factory 5, what I'm hoping for, and what not....

- First off, We need something like that Nintendo wifi thing except we should have like a trading place, where we can chat, play together, out give each other items.

-Since there are already the four elder dragons roaming Norad kingdom, there should be a baby dragon you need to gaurd

- The Sechs are all gone, but monsters can come in and out of the town

- Dating like Rune Factory 4

- Request board, but it doesn't trigger events. It might boost someone's LP, though

-events are totally random

-most of all, play as boy or girl, and wide variety of canidates with multiple personalities.

Note that none of these things might be added, and it's 100% percent my opinion! 💙

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EllieNee EllieNee 10 February 2016

For Reference - Item Upgrade Effects

My desired format is a little different from the Items (RF4) current list (I want to separate the stats to search for specific ones) so I took it and rearranged it with the intention of eventually separating out each stat... once I'm more familiar with RegEx this will go a lot faster, but eventually I hope to be able to sort them by individual stats to see which items give the most of each.

  • 1 Monsters Drops and Mined Items
    • 1.1 Minerals
    • 1.2 Jewels
    • 1.3 Crystals
    • 1.4 Sticks and Stems
    • 1.5 Liquids
    • 1.6 Feathers
    • 1.7 Shells and Bones
    • 1.8 Stones
    • 1.9 Strings
    • 1.10 Shards
    • 1.11 Furs
    • 1.12 Powders and Spores
    • 1.13 Cloths and Skins
    • 1.14 Claws and Fangs
    • 1.15 Scales
    • 1.16 Misc.
    • 1.17 Medicine
    • 1.18 Grasses

Items used as materials that are nessesary for forging, crafting, and pretty much everything el…

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SleepsyMudkip SleepsyMudkip 1 January 2016

Opinion On Series

I find this series to be rather nice and that it gets better and better each time. What are you guys opinions?

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RuneMoon00 RuneMoon00 6 December 2015

How to get Cecilia

Cecilia, the pretty red head is definintly one of my favorite bacherloettes. It's pretty easy finding her from nine am on you'll find her working at the mansion, at night she'll be at the far west dock by Jake's (your rival) job, on holidays you'll find her along with Manna, and Roy's sister Alicia At the North Square. Sometimes she'll be in Manna's room this is usually on rainy days.

Best gifts to give our emeralds and rubies for getting these you need a hammer. The hammer is a quest from 

Gordon the priest dude, he'll give you a hammer in return for a stone found on Blessia island. Also found on the island are rubies which are one of Cecilia's favrorite along with emeralds found in Trieste forest. (I've yet to find diamonds).

Makes sure to do all he…

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Rune factory angel Rune factory angel 11 October 2015

My favorite marriage candidates that I have married

My favorite guys are Leon, Dylas and Doug. Of the girls I like dolce, Meg, forte , clorica. Amber is okay I've married her and every one but xiao pai of the girls.Of the guys I like vishnal and have married him. The only guys I have not married yet are Arthur and Kiel but I'm working on it. I loved the marriage events for Leon ,Dylas and Doug for the guys the best. For the girls Meg was my favorite event.forte's was good but hard , same with clorica's.i also loved dolce's event a lot .amber's was nice. I also plan to marry xiao as well.

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Brandon o o Brandon o o 24 August 2015

Chances of a future release for RF5

There have been many rumors regarding character development processes, but they can drop the idea at any time. The most we can do is hope. But, if there was going to be a release, what would YOU want in the new RF. I would want a larger variety of clothes, I mean... like ALL the RF4 guys have the same swimsuit but a different color, having just one pair of clothes, pajamas, and a swimsuit is rather boring. Also, hairstyles. Also I really like everyone's personalities like Xiao, Doug, and Dylas. (Don't forget Leon). Something NEW. BIG. We got seperate dimensions in 4 a floating empire in 4 floating island in 2 I like the unique maps. Also more of the Half-Monsters I, personally, really enjoyed Raguna and Raven as characters. Raguna is an aw…

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Wäsch Wäsch 29 June 2015

Work in progress

Work in progress:

Both can be purchased in Bados shop.

A forge costs 3000 Gold, 30 Lumber and 25 Stone Material. It will allow to create weapons and farm tools.

A crafting table costs 3000 Gold, 50 Lumber and 10 Stone Material. It will allow to craft armor and accessories.

All items in the game, armor and weapons included, count as materials and can be used in creating new gear.

Each Weapon/Accessory item can be made by the use of 6 materials, but at least one material is specified.

After that, another 9 materials can be used to upgrade to level 10 with no restrictions.

Therefore a maximum of 15 materials are possible to use for creation and leveling.

Every item that is used as material in the process contributes some information to the finished r…

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Dragonloverlord Dragonloverlord 20 June 2015

My first blog post.

This is my first blog post and I just want to say that I am glad to join this wiki and can't wait to start making it even better!

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NoradianMarine NoradianMarine 21 March 2015

What's up with the Editor?

The Editor has been taking so long to load, that is, if it's even loading, I've been using the Classic Editor ever since? Is it a problem from the wiki or my computer... I'll check it out....

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ShadOfSwad DeSmuME ShadOfSwad DeSmuME 20 March 2015

Thank you loads, NoradianMarine!

Thank you, man! You've helped me loads! Now i've been able to get a much more better understanding of Forging, Crafting and Cooking, thanx to you, buddy! I will be able to pass this knowledge to my friends, and you will be in mind when i do! Thanks for being an awsome friend!

We can be friends, yes?

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NoradianMarine NoradianMarine 19 March 2015

Been Working Hard this week!

Man, I made tons of edits to the Rune Factory Oceans sections! I sure am pooped! Also made two new pages from scratch! Woot! I guess I should relax a little, eh?

Nah, too much work still to be completed! My monkey wrench is on fire!

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NoradianMarine NoradianMarine 25 February 2015

I made an RF Map, Need Correctors!

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Pinoyriccochet Pinoyriccochet 9 February 2015

Recent Inactivity

Apparently I've been slacking off on this site because I've been busy with real-life problems getting in the way, which are track and field, studying for the ACT, and a bunch more things that I'm not going to say. However, I might add more pictures of weapons for RF4, and RFToD as soon as I can.


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Oakleigha Oakleigha 30 January 2015

first blog post ! aka original title

i've started a new save in Rune Factory 2, and I'm probably going to marry Dorothy bc i kind of regret not doing so. it feels so weird starting over, though, because i'm so much poorer and i dont have everyone's hearts up ??? damn it's strange.

anyway, i'm kind of just making this post so that my blog doesn't look so empty lmao.

but ciao !

- fain

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MeganeEarthmate MeganeEarthmate 12 December 2014

Doug Being Cute!

So I made an audio recording of Doug's answer to "What do you love the most about me?". It's crap quality but you guys may appreciate it!

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Pinoyriccochet Pinoyriccochet 10 December 2014

Personal Hints, Tips, and Tricks - How to Be Successful in RF4

Struggling on increasing your crafting levels? Having a hard time finding items that are too rare? Is there a monster boss that seems like it is impossible to defeat? Well I have some answers and advice for such scenarios.

  • 1 Battling Tips
  • 2 Farming/Mining/Foraging/Fishing Tips
  • 3 Regenerating/Conserving Rune Points
  • 4 Forging/Crafting Tips
  • 5 "Rage Quit" Prevention Tips

  • It is best to carry weapons of different categories, as each weapons is designed specifically for different battle situations. For example, shortswords, fist, and dual blades are used for close-quarter combat, while spears, staves, and longswords are used at long distances. As for hammers and axes, they are designed to inflict heavy damage upon your oppenents. Also, doing this allows you…

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Teamblunuz Teamblunuz 7 December 2014

First blog XD

This is my first and hopefully not last blog! It's pretty short, but in the future I will be writing much larger things. Like fanfictions, and other stuff! My blog theme will mostly be about the Rune Factory series. Particularly, Rune Factory 3 and Rune Factory 4. Also a bit of rune factory 2. So yeah basically that's it. ( Don't know how to end this lol ) 

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NoradianMarine NoradianMarine 6 December 2014

A Burning Question

There's been a question that has been on my mind for quite a while...

Are Earthmates just advanced humans (i.e, greater magic potential) or an entire species seperately?

I really didn't find any conclusive evidence on either case.

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Pinoyriccochet Pinoyriccochet 20 November 2014

Forbidden Magna: The Next Rune Factory Game

As we all know, Neverland filed for bankruptcy late last year and had us ask this question to ourselves: "Will there ever be a Rune Factory 5?". Until yesterday that I found this:

The game is called Forbidden Magna developed and published by Marvelous and was released in Japan on October 2, 2014. What is interesting is that even after Neverland closed, Marvelous took key staff that used to work for Neverland to finish work on this game. Currently, the game is released only in Japan and has not been announced in other areas, but XSEED Games has announced interest on the title.

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AdeleSama AdeleSama 13 November 2014

Hope you don't mind!

Hey i hope ypu don't mind me eediting some pages its just when i find wrong infromation i just have to fix it i'm probaly being pretty annoying with it sorry

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AdeleSama AdeleSama 12 November 2014

Otaku's Corner

*Otaku's Corner*

Hey everyone welcome to my little corner! Incase you don't know me i'm Adele! This is a new thing i'm trying (Because its a challenge i got from online) it's called Otaku's Corner! The Point of this is to create diffrent weekly challenges to test the best of the best of Otaku's; incase you don't know an otaku is i will tell you now, an Otaku is someone obsessed with something, heres an example i'm an anime, manga and video game otaku what about you! Are you ready for your first challenge!

Challenge 1:

What type of Otaku are you? (P.S type it in comments Thank you very much!)

Well i hope you enjoy! Thank You Very much for Your Time!


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AdeleSama AdeleSama 10 November 2014

Harvest Moon Rune Factory 4

Hi guess what i just captured a new pokemon called Leon (Lol sorry pokemon joke). In case you don't understand i finally got him to date me! He really is the handsomest (Sorry im a semi bad speller) of all the bachelors don't you agree! Heres another important update i'm an the sech's floating empire and its just TOO hard! Can you guys give me some tips for deafting the sechs like best weapon types, armour ect.! Well thats all i got to say! P.S Click Below!

Heres the link for leons wiki
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Xmoondark Xmoondark 20 October 2014

Make Rune Factory Anime petition

Hey if anybody is interest on seeing Rune Factory into an Anime use these two online petition site I just found and I have no idea if this petition will succeed? But if these 2 petition get support then maybe it possible to see Rune Factory become an Anime. And this is not spam I just want to see if Rune Factory will be an Anime if we support these 2 petition in the future. I don't want to bother you guys sorry.

Here Link

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