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Blessia Island (, Romaji) is a location in Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.

The dungeon's season is Summer, and it's the second-easiest dungeon in both generations. Many enemies here are attuned to the Fire element. As such, Water magic and Water weapons work well here, and it's a good place to farm materials for equipment that has the Fire element.


Blue Tablet

In the second generation, Aaron and Aria must solve all the mysterious statues and defeat the dungeon's boss to progress. Each statue gives one Tablet Fragment, and the boss also drops one.

Statue Location Riddle Answer Reward
South Beach A Summer fruit. It's thorny and difficult to hold. Bring me 6 of them. But I'll only take them at night. 6 Pineapples, deposited after 6PM Blue Tablet Fragment
Center Answer 4 questions correctly.
  1. What is the name of the event in the fourth week of Summer?
  2. Which of these cannot be grown in Summer?
  3. Fireflies can be seen in summer. What time at night do they normally come out?
  4. Two monsters can be found at Blessia Island - Cliff Top during the day. They are Flower Lion and...?
  1. Dance Festival
  2. Onion
  3. 10 PM
  4. Goblin Don
Blue Tablet Fragment
Dense Undergrowth Go to Blessia Island - North Beach and defeat 3 Death Stalkers. They can be found there at night. Defeat 3 Death Stalkers at the North Beach Blue Tablet Fragment
Cliff Top This spring flower grows by soaking up the moon's rays. Bring me 6 of them.

A bright pink flower. A cat, yet not a cat. Bring me 5 of them!

6 Moondrops

5 Pink Cats

Blue Tablet Fragment
Ruined Shrine Defeat the Octopirate A Recipe for Protein Boost

A Recipe for Mental Supplement

A Recipe for Vital Gummi

Blue Tablet fragment

Tropic Underground Shrine

After defeating Fiersome, Aaron and Aria must defeat the Shrine's guardian to gather the Ancient Stone Tablet fragments. Each level has two pedestals, one of which does nothing, and one confers healing. The Chimera awaits at the bottom, and drops the second Tablet Fragment when defeated.

Level Monsters Recovery Pedestal
1 2 Ignis East
2 1 Troll East
3 2 Flower Lions, 1 Troll East
4 1 Shadow Panther, 1 Blood Panther East
5 1 Goblin Pirate, 1 Goblin Gangster East
6 1 Goblin Captain, 1 Goblin Don West
7 2 Death Stalkers, 1 Scorpion West
8 2 Hammer Trolls West
9 2 Giant Beetles, 1 Hercules Beetle West




Inner Locations

In the first generation, only areas A-E are available. On the map below, an S marks the location of a statue, while green marks a farming field. Blue indicates fishable water.

Blessia Island keyed.png

A. Summer Isle Port

Summer Isle Port.png

There is a save point here. The difficulty sign is also here, and Yue has her shop next to the sign on Tuesdays, unless it's raining.


B. South Beach

As well as a 2 x 2 farming field, there are two mining rocks in the southwest corner, partly-hidden by trees. To use Inquisitive Waltz, stand at the west edge of the northwest pool while accompanied by a flying monster.

The statue here requires six Pineapples to pass. They must be placed after 6PM.

Monsters Fishing Mining Inquisitive Waltz

C. Center

There are mining stones and a 1 x 2 farming field here. The mining stones are in the southwest corner, on the pavilion. This is also the trigger location for Inquisitive Waltz. The farming area is in the northeast, and has two Rune Flowers near it which can be cut for RP.

The statue in the Northwest corner gives Aaron and Aria a quiz.

Monsters Fishing Mining Inquisitive Waltz

D. Altar/Old Ship

An Orange tree grows at the western entrance, producing three Oranges every three days. There is also a save spot here below the entrance to the Boss's lair. There are also two Rune Flowers to the right of the stairs.

The Northwest search location is under the Orange tree. The Northeast one is where the Rune Flowers grow.

Monsters Fishing Inquisitive Waltz

E. Old Ship Deck

In the second generation, this is the boss arena. Inquisitive Waltz can pillage the hold from the Northwest corner.

Monsters Inquisitive Waltz

F. Southeast Beach

There is a 2x2 field at the western entrance, with two mining rocks above it. Inquisitive Waltz triggers on the east edge of the area, on the grassy patch.

Monsters Fishing Mining Inquisitive Waltz

G. Sandy Path

There are two Rune Flowers at the end of this sandbar, and Inquisitive Waltz triggers where the Gate is.

Monsters Fishing Inquisitive Waltz

H. North Beach

There are two Rune Flowers at the entrance to this area. Inquisitive Waltz only triggers on the Western edge of the beach.

Monsters Fishing Inquisitive Waltz

I. Silent Cave

Like most caves, this is a good mining location. It has Rune Crystals that restore RP in the Northeast and Southeast corners. It is one of few areas with no Inquisitive Waltz triggers at all.

Monsters Fishing Mining

J. Dense Overgrowth

There are two Rune Flowers, nearly hidden behind the foreground trees in the southwest corner. There's also an Orange tree across the stepping stones in the north edge of the area. Inquisitive Waltz can trigger either in the Western area near the Rune Flowers, or in the Northeast on the sandy patch of path.

Monsters Fishing Inquisitive Waltz

K. Southwest Beach

There are some Rune Crystals to smash for RP near the central Gate. Inquisitive Waltz triggers on the far West edge of the screen, by the low palms.

Monsters Fishing Inquisitive Waltz

L. West Beach

There are two Rune Flowers near the southern entrance, in the Southeast corner. In the Northwest, near the northern entrance, there are two Orange trees. The Inquisitive Waltz location is on the West side of the area, where the Flower Lion gate is.

Monsters Fishing Inquisitive Waltz

M. Cliff Top

There are two Rune Flowers in the Southeast corner, almost hidden by the foreground. Inquisitive Waltz triggers on the cliff in the Northwest corner. The statue at the northern exit requires 6 Moondrops and 5 Pink Cats to pass. It's one of few areas on the island where you can't fish.

Monsters Inquisitive Waltz

N. Ruined Shrine

The well-guarded entrance to the Tropical Shrine. You need a flying monster to search above the shrine entrance with Inquisitive Waltz.

Monsters Fishing Mining Inquisitive Waltz