The Blaise's Diner (食堂「トラレンス食堂」, Shokudou "Torarensu Shokudou") is a location in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.


Recipe Bread

Title Price
Medicine Bread 160G
Cooking Bread 200G
Weapon Bread 350G
Accessory Bread 300G
Farming Bread 450G

Cooking Appliances


The first clicking this option, Blaise will give Micah a kitchen counter for free. After purchasing all basic appliances, Micah will be able to purchase the advanced appliances.

Level Name Price
Basic Hand 0G
Knife "The knife is the most basic of all kitchen utensils." 1200G
Frying Pan "The Frying pan is a must-have item in your kitchen." 2600G
Mixer "You can make all sorts of juices if you have the mixer." 500G
Advanced Oven "Ovens are a necessity in the kitchen if you're going to do any baking" 10000G
Steamer "The steamer is a cooking appliance you should definitely have in your kitchen." 5600G
Pot "You can cook a lot of interesting dishes with a pot." 8800G

Expand Refrigerator

Expanding the refrigerator allows more food to be stored. It costs 30000G.



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