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Blaise (グルテン, Gluten) is a character in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.

He is a peaceful man who works as the chef in the town's diner. He has two children (Collette and Rusk) whom he loves very much. He has a sweet tooth that he shares with his son. He serves his constantly hungry daughter food with a smile. He has a dislike of wine because of an incident where he got drunk during a festival. He also has been told that he's emotionless, but it's just his normal expression.


Unity Festival

Before Annual

Blaise: Unity Festival is tomorrow. I shall cook something for them.

Proposal Joke

Blaise: Micah? I can't accept this.

Battle Information

Techniques: Tri-star Chef

Blaise rushes at the enemy while dealing combo-hits up to 4-hits combos then combined with the Dual Blades dash attack. Blaise will also starts attacking non-stop and reapeating the same tactic. He can also use the Dual Blades ultimate attack after some combos and also using it in barrages.

[Melee]>Cartering Scoop (regular attack)

[Melee]>Cross-chop[Dual Blades dash attack] (sparingly and quickly)

[Melee]>Tornado Rinse[Dual Blades ultimate attack] (sparingly)

Special Skill: Food Lore

  • Throws food for the party to heals HP and RP.
Blaise Battle Level Health Attack
20 324 35
Defence Magic Attack Magic Defence
0 0 0
Strength Vitality Intelligence
55 38 18
Default Weapon Thief Knife
Weapon Type Dual Blades