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The Blacksmith "Meanderer" (鍛冶屋(たんやや)『のらりくらり』, Tanyaya "Norarikurari") is a location in Rune Factory 4.

Where Bado works and lives. Here the protagonist can buy weapons, armor, accessories, and farm tools; you may also get the forge and crafting table here once you unlock them. Bado will also start selling some items as bargains once ordered at the Order Symbol, however these are not actually "bargains" as the prices listed are the same as the normal price.

The protagonist can buy items even if Bado is not currently in the building, by going to the front table.


Gold Lumber Material Stone
Forge 3000 30 25
Crafting Table 3000 50 10


Name Cost Unlock
Platinum Sword 95730G
Bio Smasher 105000G
Heavy Lance 96800G
Mage's Staff 120000G
Gigant Hammer 134980G
Demon Axe
Platinum Edge
Fists of Water
Platinum Mail
Platinum Shield
Strider Boots
White Ribbon